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Get YOUR Ass Into Nature  Inspiring all to be courageous, free themselves from judgment and unite with nature // #getyourassintonature // share your story on contribute ⬇️

"Free to let your wheels be your guide, free leave your worries behind, free to be yourself in your own skin." // @jenhudak by @moore1488 in Park City, UT // #getyourassintonature

"There is nothing to hide, no cover or masks, you are there just how you are!" // @gabrielechiquifranco + @chiaretta_dinapoli + @b_o_v_o + @andreamaresca99 + @joele_parolin + @luca.migliaccio + @simoneamoriello_ + @martina_monetti + @stefano_casillo // #getyourassintonature

"In that moment, it is quiet; there is only me surrounded by earth and sky. It is one of the most liberating feelings to partake in. Here, I part ways with whom I was, the depressed and defeated; and embrace a better me, a happier me." // @dcbentley in Glacier NP, MT // #getyourassintonature

"To keep it simple: the most free I've ever felt. I spent so long trying to think of something cool to say that I almost forgot the whole essence of getting you ass into nature. It's a unique and personal experience, and that can't always be put into words." // #getyourassintonature

"Making people laugh is pretty much the best part of being alive. Sometimes all you have to do is drop your pants." // @bodeymarcoccia // #getyourassintonature

"Two cheeks in two countries. Bringing Mexico and Texas a little closer together" // @miss_metzger by @_ash_griff_ in Big Bend NP, TX // #getyourassintonature

Getting ready for the weekend like... // @Lindseydennington by @Hglaw // Mt. Rainier NP // #getyourassintonature

"There's no better place to be free than the vast wilderness of Alaska." // #getyourassintonature

"As a society, we've become disconnected. We've forgotten that our home doesn't lie within four walls under a roof but rather the earth that supports every living thing. Immersing yourself in nature cultivates mindfulness and awareness of our connectedness. By shedding distractions and surrendering to your surroundings, you relinquish control and go with each moment, allowing the path to guide you rather than your thoughts. I believe that #getyourassintonature is connecting to a deeper understanding of our selves as humans and our role as caretakers of this beautiful home we call Earth." // @erinnhudson on Mount Mansfield, VT // #getyourassintonature

"When I posted the picture on my own Instagram most people loved it but some shamed me which is exactly why I kept it up - there is nothing more important than encouraging women to be comfortable in their body and skin and embrace their sexuality." // @emilyclaghorn in Hilo, HI // #getyourassintonature #waterfallwednesday

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