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Gettysburg Nat'l Military Park  Welcome to the official Instagram account for Gettysburg National Military Park. Share photos: #GettysburgNPS #findyourpark

The monument to the 73rd New York "Fire Zouaves" looks away from Sickles Avenue during a recent sunrise. Part of Dan Sickles' Excelsior Brigade, the 73rd New York was known as the "2nd Fire Zouaves," due to the fact that it was largely composed of members of the fire department. The figure of a Zouave on the monument stands alongside the figure of a fireman. #Gettysburg #GettysburgNPS #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior

The Pennsylvania Memorial is the tallest and one of the more recognizable monuments on the Gettysburg battlefield. This hyperlapse video lends a fantastic effect to the already impressive monument. #Gettysburg #GettysburgNPS #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior #Hyperlapse

The sun sets over the Peach Orchard, silhouetting the monument to the 68th Pennsylvania. As part of the 3rd Corps under Major General Daniel Sickles, the 68th PA was engaged in fighting in the Peach Orchard on July 2, 1863. The regiment would suffer nearly 40 percent casualties at Gettysburg. #Gettysburg #GettysburgNPS #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior

We’re closing out our #ThenAndNow campaign with this final video featuring another image from Gardner and O’Sullivan’s Rose Woods series. This photograph depicts a group of Confederate dead gathered for burial. These men were likely from either Georgia or South Carolina regiments, which fought in and around the Rose Woods on July 2, 1863. #Gettysburg #GettysburgNPS #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior

The next video in our #ThenAndNow campaign features a photograph taken near the edge of the Rose Woods by Alexander Gardner and Timothy O'Sulllivan. This photo is part of a larger series of photographs taken of Confederate dead prepared for burial in this area. The dead soldier nearest to the boulder is lying in a shallow grave. #Gettysburg #GettysburgNPS #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior

The next video in our #ThenAndNow campaign depicts a photograph of two dead Confederate soldiers on the banks of Plum Run in the Slaughter Pen. The modern-day photograph reveals the summit of Little Round Top in the distance, a detail that was lost in the exposure of the original photo. #Gettysburg #GettysburgNPS #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior

The next video in our #ThenAndNow campaign features a photograph entitled “Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter.” Originally produced in “Gardner’s Photographic Sketchbook of the War,” this photograph has become one of the most recognizable images of the Civil War. While the gun propped against the rock would almost certainly not have been used by a sharpshooter, nor is it likely that the soldier fell in this location, this photograph nevertheless presents a powerful narrative of the struggle in and around Devil’s Den on July 2, 1863. #Gettysburg #GettysburgNPS #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior

The next video in our #ThenAndNow campaign features the same Confederate soldier from the last image. There were six separate images produced by Gardner and O’Sullivan of this “sharpshooter” on July 5 or 6, 1863. At a time when a single photograph required time and expensive materials to produce, there must have been something about this particular body which captured the photographers’ attention. Notably, the man’s youthful features and the lack of blood and gore present a somewhat sanitized and romanticized version of death at Gettysburg. #Gettysburg #GettysburgNPS #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior

The next video in our #ThenAndNow campaign features a photograph, taken by Timothy O'Sullivan, of a dead Confederate soldier on the western side of Devil's Den. This soldier, who likely died in this location, would later be moved by O'Sullivan and Gardner to a "sharpshooter's nest" 72 yards away. The photograph taken of the body at that location would become one of the most indelible images of the Civil War. #GettysburgNPS #Gettysburg #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior

The first video in our new #ThenAndNow campaign features a photograph taken in November of 1863. What may at first appear to be a group of dead soldiers sprawled across rocks in Devil’s Den is in fact a group of live men posing as dead bodies. The two men standing are doctors, posed as if inspecting the “bodies.” The summit of Little Round Top can be seen in the distance.

#GettysburgNPS #Gettysburg #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior

The statue of Brigadier General John Robinson and the monument to the 88th Pennsylvania Infantry stand along Doubleday Avenue on Oak Ridge. Robinson commanded the 2nd Division of the Union 1st Corps, of which the 88th PA was a part. #GettysburgNPS #Gettysburg #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior

This video of the statue atop the New York State Monument was taken during the monument's recent cleaning. The video is composed of a series of photographs taken from a 120-foot lift. #GettysburgNPS #Gettysburg #CivilWar #NationalParkService #usinterior

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