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C H E L S E A⚡S C H M I D T  🤘🏽Wild and not sorry about it 🔩Fitness but also d🍩nuts 🚀Biohacking with ketones 🌀Full speed ahead @fusionflykc

TOTAL FALL VIBES🍁🌳 📷cred my 7 yr old 💀😝

Our time on this planet is short.
Fill it up with filling other people up.

My sister is probably THE kindest coolest babe on this planet. Always filling up my cup so I can go fill up someone else’s ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for the sweetest surprise @lacipeck 💋 AND wth @snowhiterogue for having the COOLEST FREAKING ARTWORK EVER 👀🤟🏽 Hand painted sticker? Um. Yes please! I will buy all of your artwork FYI 💜🖤

Low carb Aldi haul!!! 👀🥑🥓🥦 Live video on my FB wall of everything purchased!! Go friend me and check it out 💯🙌🏽

✌🏽things forever... @iamcardib and Ketones 😝🦄💋

I might just need to bust out the old windbreaker for class tomorrow!!😂🙌🏽 @fusionflykc 💚💙8:30AM RUSH HOUR💙💚 My favorite music decade BY far and I’m so down to ride 😎WHOS COMING?! Snag a bike via Mindbody!! 🤘🏽⚡️

Today isn’t just Tuesday.
🤘🏽💋🙌🏽⚡️💯 It’s a day to get your shit together.
It’s a day to love and be kind.
It’s a day to start over.
It’s a day to make a new friendship.
It’s a day to deeply inhale and smile.
It’s a day to celebrate your wins.
To let go of your losses.
To RISE UP and kick ass!!!!! But also it’s Tuesday.

Yep. That’s me. Your “health guru” 👀
Y’all. It’s been a long time since this photograph (10 years), so let me clear up the playing field on just how patient and persistent you need to be to become “healthy” and “fit”.
First of all, healthy/fit does not mean a size or a number on your bathroom scale. I was the same weight I was then as I am now. But I was incapable of just about everything physically that I now do on a daily basis.
Let me inform you of what has changed:
Smoking. 1-3 packs a day from 16 years old to 25 years old. I was literally paying to kill myself for 10 years. 🤯😖
Drinking. I’m just gonna go ahead and let all of you know I was probably not only a chain smoker but on the verge of becoming an alcoholic. I had an “addictive personality”. For several years I faced ALL of my pain and fear with cigarette and beer (or liquor) bottle in hand.
It was out of control.
Sex. This one is almost way too personal, but whatever, I’m way too deep in this post to embarrass myself.
Let’s just say as long as my feelings were drowned in some sort of high, I was fine. What a sad way to live. But this was normal for me. I lived this way from 2006-2010. 4 years of blinding myself to my reality. ☹️ Fast forward to getting pregnant (accidentally) 😳and getting the biggest wake up call in the history of wake up calls. I was now experiencing postpartum as a single mom in college. A lightbulb came on. 💡I WANTED TO CHANGE. This is where most people make a decision to get their shit together. And if you know me, When I make up my mind, there is no turning back. ⚡️
I started exercising, eating healthy, planning my life out. I was still smoking but hey, I inched my way forward. 🤗 I changed my degree. I started wanting to help people FEEL the way I felt 😃🙌🏽 I married Ben. 😍💋We had more kids. I continued working out, nourishing my body, AND EDUCATING myself.
YOU GUYS. This was 5️⃣ years after I made a decision to better my life. And I didn’t even know what the hell I was doing when I made that decision!😂 I just made a decision to take ACTION and move forward!

Fast Forward to TODAY. 8 years since the almighty decision to leap forward, if I can do it. SO CAN YOU!

Join me tomorrow at @fusionflykc if you a bad bitch 😝💅🏻💁🏽‍♀️💰

29% on my favorite BRAIN🧠JUICE 🌟Today only! 📲LINK IN BIO FOR DEETS

Thank you @creativesla for an amazing photo!!😘😘


Keto doesn’t suck😝
PLEASE tell me if you’d be interested in more recipes like this! 👇🏽 I made these BOMB ass keto crackers with☝️ingredient!
Kerrygold Dubliner cheese 😋

Literally sliced and baked on parchment paper for 5 minutes under the broiler🤗 so good with tuna salad.

Which of my friends haven’t had a chance to try Keto OS or MAX? 👀

Life is too short to worry about eating. 🙌🏽
Wanna feel good and less bloated? Great! Cut out some processed foods, maybe try Paleo or Keto for a month or two and see how you feel.
Wanna eat pasta and donuts? Hell yes, me too! 🍩💯😂 You don’t need to cut out everything FOREVER. 😝
Just stay in tune with your body and keep it REAL.
To be honest I find going paleo a couple of times a year brings me back to feeling great and and loving the taste of healthful food! 🥗🥑🥦
In the “in-betweens” I just drink my ketones and focus on moving my body and getting in 5 out of 7 days of healthy eating.
Don’t get so wrapped up in your meal plans that you forget to live your life 💯😎

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