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C H E L S E A⚡S C H M I D T  🔩Fitness is my MF witness 🍳Paleo-ish 🥗MFP @chelseanpeck

CHICKEN WANGS🙌 marinated in dill pickle juice and non-salt seasoning. Tumeric rice. Blueberries 💙

“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize we only have one.” -Tom Hiddleston...or Confucius? #quoteoftheday
I’m so fired up by this quote! Every single one of us has a decision to create our own energy. Stay stuck in your sad story or step into a more powerful one 💕💕💕

You know when you find a superfood and it just makes a huge difference in your performance and metabolism? These are IT y’all!! Sardines sardines the magical fish the more you eat the more you lift. The more you lift the stronger you feel so let’s have sardines at EVERY MEAL 🤪#wackywednesday #sardines

Loving these omega 3s in the extended Kansas winter. Thank you @seasonbrandofficial for the BEST quality!


For this recipe check out my story! 😋
But ima hit you with some truth bombs right here 👇
Loving yourself sometimes means stepping out of social media for a while and getting in touch with your REAL life #realtalk
I’m glad to be back to Insta to share my cooking with you guys but if you’ve never taken a social media hiatus then I encourage you to try it because it’s quite a breath of fresh air 🌸Now let’s cook some shit! April is an awesome month to get your body in gear for summer bathing suits 🙌

Hangover Cure
Who’s great idea was it to buy a Bota of Sauvignon Blanc? 👀😭

Southwestern Baked Chicken Salad🥗 ▪️Baked chicken crusted with my fave taco seasoning (in my story!) ▪️Green leaf lettuce
Sliced sweet mini peppers
▪️Red onion ▪️Apple cider vinegar
▪️Olive oil

Day 60/90 PALEO
It’s no #greeneggsandham but it’s as close as it will get today! 😂

Day 58/90 PALEO
“When you come to a puddle, what will you do? Will you go around? Or ride right through?” The Bike Lesson-The Berenstein Bears
This is just from a kids book, but it might be my favorite quote ever. Okay. So let’s talk about the bullshit we tell ourselves. You know, the same old sad story in our heads. The ones that hold us back, keeping us in our safe place.
We cannot go forward if we are keeping that sad shit on repeat. We have to change the way we talk to ourselves.
Literally all week long this has been my narrative:
“You’re not good enough.”
“You’re fake.”
“You’re a failure.” “You’ll never figure your mess out.”
“You’re going to miss out on everything because you’re at home with your kids.”
“Your finances are in shambles because you’re not responsible.”
Feeling sorry for ourselves keeps us warm and snuggled up with our issues, surprise surprise, it doesn’t fix anything! NADA!
Let’s find a new story. A more powerful one! One that is going to set us up to kick some serious ass!!! LETS GROW THROUGH WHAT WE GO THROUGH, and then let’s move on because we have bigger fish to fry 👏👏👏👏👏

Tumeric burgers and avocado sprinkled with cayenne and pink Himalayan salt.
Paleo doesn’t have to be boring. Have fun using different spices and flavors! Cooking is crazy simple these days as I do NOT have the time to mess around with complex recipes.
Whenever people ask me for a recipe, I almost 100% of the time do not have one to give because these dishes are stupid easy.
Grab you some meat (get your mind out of the gutter) Grab you some veggies, grab you some fat, grab you some spices and herbs, and throw it all together and wish for the best 😂😂😂

Yeah buddy!
I can’t stress enough how much belief can make or break your future.
Dream big for yourself and truly accept all the awesome shit coming your way 🖤⚡️🖤

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