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C H E L S E A⚡S C H M I D T  🌟FEELING GOOD▶️LOSING WEIGHT🌟 🥑Using Keto as a tool not a diet 🥤Sippin’ on KETONES 🌀Leading with speed @fusionflykc 🤘🏽Wild momma of 3 😝



Threw together Rory’s plate today bc current life status is curled up in a ball trying not to get sick 😭

But she really liked the cream cheese and carrots...beans, not so much 😂

Get on your bikes. It’s time to fly!
Ready, set, let’s GO! ⚡️ @fusionflykc


Allow room for flexibility.
Eat the veggies.
Eat the pizza.

What matters most is that you enjoy. Enjoy the people surrounding you, the food in front of you, the health that is within you right now. 💯

The magic is inside all of us.
@justpruvit is just the vehicle that has allowed me to blossom into my full potential 🌟

100% accurate 😶

👇🏽👇🏽Give me some 🥑🥑🥑🥑 if you need some coaching on keto macros!! I don’t have a gallbladder, but I still keto. At first the transition was not so easy, but with ketones and gently easing myself into a lower carb lifestyle, my body feels the best it’s ever felt. I feel stronger, leaner, and my brain is LIT. 🔥Energy for DAYS.
I enjoy my doughnuts and special occasion treats. I love tacos and can get TF down on some sushi! But I always come back to reset here. 👩🏽‍🍳 I’m happy to coach you for no charge on how I keto and what that lifestyle is like! My time is limited so if your heart is calling you to change now is your chance! Post now in the comments! 👇🏽

When I stopped doubting myself, I started seeing results. 💯
When I stopped spinning my wheels I started seeing opportunities. ⭐️ When I started appreciating what I had, my blessing began to multiply. 🙏🏽
When I started loving myself, my results followed. ❤️ Ketones may have been the catalyst to start all of this, or maybe it was the community of people I met when I started drinking them. Either way I’m not mad about it. 🤙🏽

In a crystal glass 😌✨

I fast and drink ketones, and get myself back on a paleo/ketogenic diet when I start feeling puffy. But it’s not just for my body, it’s for my brain. If I can take care of my brain, I can control the cravings. It’s science. 🤓

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