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GettinComfywithCannabis 👽🤘💨🌲🏨  Gettin Comfy with Cannabis, is here to get you Comfy w/the changes in Cannabis, products and the industry 🍁#gettincomfywithcannabis #mmjlv #weedinfo

I found more in the carpet! This stuff is FIRE 🔥

When you spill it and still want to smoke it.... Vacuum it up! Something you might not know... you will if you watch this. Thanks to @mannamolecular for the T-Shirt, to Hover for the Vacuum and my son for being my slave. Hope I gave credit to all... oooo to Drew for the weed. #gettincomfywithcannabis #cannabiscommunity #vacuumitup #greatreview #manna #weed

Pretty little bud!

Love Lookin 👀 through the trees!

The strawberry was good and so is my @moxielv @moxie710 waiting for another@thesourcenevada special

Should signal Mother’s get the special deals this Father’s Day at Dispensaries and vice versa? YES OR NO?

@select_cbd is a beautiful thing on a beautiful day! Enjoy 😉

Love! Is all they need until you burn them. That’s what they live for

Home and happy from the DMV! 90% PASS! I now have an errand boy and a new bill. I need to lit up!

Been at the DMV so long my Vape is almost gone.@moxielv @moxie710

High from the DNV parking lot.

The Flower Bunch! There was a fella his name was Cannabis He had three boys that we discarded. Now they are dead and gone. There was a lady who had three lovely ladies of her own. All of them had lovely trycombs with hairs of gold and red. They were on their own. So they cloned 3 more lovely ladies and became the flower bunch! The flower bunch in a few more weeks we will be smoking them at lunch. Haha Puff on this! #gettincomfywithcannabis #thebradybunch #theflowerbunch

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