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This weeks Special...... GETTA GRINGO
CHICKEN!!! We haven't done a chicken burger for a while so we have pimped this one Mexican style. The patty is a blend of chicken thighs, breast and bacon. Also added some Mexican spices too. You will find a bed of guacamole on the bottom with lettuce, tomato and red onion. Top of the patty is cheese, corn chips, salsa, hot sauce and sour cream. Very good burger!!!
- Mexican chicken patty - Cheese
- Corn chips - Salsa
- Sour cream - Hot sauce
- Guacamole - Lettuce
- Tomato - Red onion
#gettaburger #burgersmadethehardway #allaboutthemeat

Yep you read it right chicken this week, done Mexican style. Let me tell you about these pattys. A mixture of chicken breast, thighs and bacon combined with Mexican spices to give that little hint of spice. Special will be posted tomorrow!!!
#gettaburger #burgersmadethehardway #allaboutthemeat #chicken

This weeks Special...... GETTA PEPPERED PIG

Ripping burger this one, freshly ground pork patty with a pepper sauce mixed thru. Great flavour going on here and with the bacon for salt and cheese for creaminess your half way home! Fried mozzarella sticks add the crunch and USA mayo and Scriracha hot sauce to pop the burger. Lettuce and tomato cut thru and give freshness. Great burger that ticks a lot of boxes.
- fresh ground pork patty - Double cheese - Bacon - Mozzarella sticks
- USA mayo - Sriracha sauce
- Lettuce - Tomato
#gettaburger #burgersmadethehardway #allaboutthemeat #burger #brisbane

This week's Special...... GETTA BEEFED UP!

Great combination of flavours going on here, our beef patty, made from rump steak and nothing else with double cheese and bacon, that in itself is a cracking start! Add that BBQ sauce, white onion and jalapeños to add sweet n spice then a mound of onion rings and USA Mayo on top to bring it all together.
Don't miss out, it's a great burger.
- 200 gram beef patty - bacon
- double cheese
- onion rings
- white onion - jalapeños - that BBQ sauce
- USA Mayo
#gettaburger #burgersmadethehardway #brisbane #allaboutthemeat

This week's Special...... GETTA MOUTHFULL!!! Wrap your laughing gear around this one!!! You are going to need a shower after eating this one, that's if you can finish it!

Get your mouth around 2 x 200 gram beef pattys, ground from beef rump fresh in house. Double cheese on both pattys with a slice of streaky bacon and a stack of onion rings!
To bring it all together there is That BBQ Sauce, white onion, pickles and Mayo.
Your going to get messy trying to beat this one!
- 2 x 200 gram beef patty
- 4 x sliced cheese - bacon
- onion rings
- pickles - white onion
- that BBQ sauce - Mayo
All stores, all week.
#gettaburger #burgersmadethehardway #allaboutthemeat

#Repost @lownslowmeatco ・・・
All your burger making and fight day meat needs!!!!
Fresh pattys, @robbinsislandwagyu steaks, @capegrimbeef OP rib steaks, bacon, cheese, Mayo..... pure meat porn. #lownslowmeatco #themeatnheattraders #porkribs #bbq #brisbanebbq #lownslowmeatco #lownslowbrisbane #robbinsislandwagyu

It's go time at Carina, Friday night burgers coming up!!!
#gettaburger #burgersmadethehardway #allaboutthemeat #carina

This week's Special.... GETTA MAX.

Our star pommy patty presser Max has finished up this week so as a tribute to him this week's Special is Max's favourite burger combo!!!
Smoked pulled pork sitting on garlic aioli topped with That BBQ Sauce, double cheese, grilled onions, bacon and mozzarella sticks then some more garlic aioli. Great flavour combo!!!
- pulled pork - Garlic aioli - That BBQ Sauce - Grilled onion - Double cheese - Bacon - 3 mozzarella sticks
#gettaburger #burgersmadethehardway #allaboutthemeat #lownslowmeatco

Are you Brisbane's best burger builder?
Here's your chance to prove it!!!
For some time there has been a burger off brewing on Insta about who is the burger boss? so we thought we'd bring them all together and have it out. @lanesbbqau @bearsbbq @9fingersforge @countryboysbbqaustralia plus 1 more wild card team.
It will be held @lownslowmeatco August 26th from 10.30am
How can you be involved?
We have 1 wild card entry into the competition, and 2 spots judging the burgers along with Founder of Getta Burger/creator of the Getta Pig Out... Amy Poulter and Chef Dave Bick. We will post exact details on how to get the chance to join in later in the week.
It will be a huge day of burgers with free samples strait from the teams as well as the full range of burger building products on offer at the Low N Slow Meat Co. @bisqotti #lownslowmeatco #lownslowbrisbane #lowandslow #burgers #brisbaneburgers #gettaburger @gettaburger #burgersmadethehardway

Nothing like a BBC!!! @hangrybroz with @repostapp
Introducing the Getta BBC!! My kind of 🍔 Well done @gettaburger Northlakes #gettaburger #northlakes #bbc #burger #doublepatty #doublecheese #sogood #protien #brisbane #brisbanefood #brisbanefoodie #hangrybroz

Make this your Sunday!! @sammie_myles with @repostapp
Hell to the yes #gettaburger #filthyfries #burgersmadethehardway

This week's Special...... GETTA BEFFY

A very simple yet dam tasty burger here. The star of the show is Cape Grim Beef. We have ground a mixture of Brisket and rump. Both cuts ground seperate thru different sizes grinding plates and blended at the end. You will experience a very beefy flavour that has a different texture on the bite to our normal patty. Simply matched with tomato ketchup, diced white onion, double cheese and USA Mayo. Just a great burger and only $10. Have it on out traditional seeded bun or milk bun.
- 200gram Cape Grim beef patty - Double cheese
- Tomato ketchup - Diced white onion - USA Mayo
#gettaburger #burgersmadethehardway #allaboutthemeat #lownslowmeatco

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