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Get Shorty  EPIX Original Series starring Chris O'Dowd & Ray Romano. Watch Free episodes now on

‪It’s the end of a season... 😓‬ ‪The season 2 finale of #GetShorty airs Sunday 9/8c on @epix.

“She’s angry at her mom, she’s angry at her dad…stuff goes down, IT’S BAD.” @CakeDodd dishes on everything you need to know about her #GetShorty character Emma Daly.

When it comes to Sunday's #GetShorty finale, we share this sentiment. 😓

“Yago finally gets to a point where he gets the recognition that he wants...” Here’s what @GoyaRobles has to say about his #GetShorty character Yago.

Never forget this. And if a tattoo helps, by all means. 💪🏼 #TuesdayThoughts

If you want to get the job done, Ed is your man. 💯 #GetShorty

Season 2 of #GetShorty is drawing to an end. Catch up on the series before Sunday's finale!

Amara is more savage than you. #GetShorty

The standoff between Miles and Katie is pretty intense. 👀
Are you #TeamMiles or #TeamKatie?

Welp. Okay, Amara. 😶

“Louis finds out he’s going to be a father and he wants to maintain his relationship with Gladys…” #SeanBridgers breaks down the inner workings of his #GetShorty character Louis Darnell.

Succinctly put, Miles. #GetShorty

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