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SASS  All the history you knew but forgot, and all the booze you need to forget it again. 🍹👓📚🎓🍺 Events every 2nd Tuesday in Brooklyn New York!

Tonight, we're celebrating the special exhibition "Roots of The Dinner Party” with our evening of wine, beer, and lighthearted art history lectures! Free, 7pm - 9 pm! #ArtHistoryHappyHour #BrooklynMuseum

Art History Happy Hour happening tonight at the Brooklyn Museum! $25 gets you some Egyptology edification plus your first drink is on us 🍻

NYPD stops traffic for mama cat with kittens, 1925. The backstory: Harry Warnecke, a photographer for the New York News, got a phone tip that a cat trying to carry its kittens home was tying up traffic because a policeman had stopped the cars on a busy street (Centre Street) to allow it to cross. Warnecke arrived after the event was over, but he convinced the policeman and cat’s owner to allow him to recreate the scene. Despite the policeman’s initial reluctance, the cat’s inclination to cross the street diagonally instead of in front of the cars, and furious honking motorists, Warnecke finally got his shot — after three attempts.

Next SASS is going to be siiick. "Gross History" ft talks on The Gross History of Ambergris, Gross Incompetence: Congress’ Response to the AIDS Epidemic and Superfund USA: Hazardous Waste and Harmful Politics. Tuesday June 13 at The Bedford!

Art History Happy Hour is back at the @BrooklynMuseum this April 27th at 7pm, celebrating #NastyWomen with free lectures, wine/beer, and prizes!

Actual photo of NYC on Easter 1956...or black metal album cover??

JFK and Jackie O, the weekend they were engaged in 1952. Photos by Life. He was about 36, she was 24. Think he was already cheating on her, or did he wait until marriage?? 🤔🤔

No SASS tonight due to snow! And speaking of snow... this photo from the Blizzard of 1888 shows a lone person walking across the Brooklyn. Bridge as trains pass by on either side

Mr. First President George Washington was actually against the formation political parties. In his farewell address, he predicted they would lead to "inter-political conflict, divide the nation, and give rise to cases of tyranny."

Tomorrow we're hosting a V-Day history party at SASS! 💘Drink specials, candy, and talks on "The Scandalous Henry Ward Beecher Adultery Trial," "A Radical Story of Existential Romance," and "Valentine's Day History: The Mixtape."

Anti-fascist rally, Philadelphia, 1939

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