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Ross McLennan  Artist, Cinematographer and Analogue Photographer 🇦🇺🇬🇧 ICG IATSE Local 600. U.S. Agent: Artistry U.K. Agent: Wizzo&Co.

Parting Polaroid, May 21st 2018. Sometimes packing all your worldly possessions into boxes to be stripped back to the bare minimum is what’s needed to start a fresh. As a good friend kept reminding me, When life serves you up lemons, go make lemonade. Doing just that and heading off grid for a few weeks to find the guy I’ve been hunting furiously for months now. I need to say thank you to everyone who passed through my door and sat in this chair, before my camera and helped me on my way. In looking into others lives the person you seem to find the most seems to be yourself.✌🏼❤️ LA Hope to be back sooner rather than later . Thank you : @drlovelace @sophie___brooks @milankabrooks @ @chrisstrauser @idamayyy @wonderlandblog @wollice @shirleyoc @dylan_southern_ @raelamarjalen @yasquared @so_me_ma_sen @elliotrausch @mrmlawrence @penumbraman @sarahjchatfield @jenquinn @gunning8 @johnparson @valeska_miller @dante_the_dogue @matthewjlove @piwolf @salty_media_junkie @emiliepereira @arlenemcgann @ramshakles @thisisnotdavema @cjust @thelasttwinkie @greggdallesandro @mrkolegas @constructivekristin @abirdinla @natashabraier @seeing_i_dog @coreycreasey @sandtoeknee @dizzy__2 @justinholdsworth @elise__ward and all the people too cool for Instagram . #friendship #humanconnection #portraitphotography #wetplatecollodion #largeformatphotography #newstart #fp100c

Jaqueline Darakjy, May 18th 2018. This is a special photograph for me as this is a good friend who’s passion for photography and in particular the traditional large format film photography is infectious and intern has fed mine . Shot on the 8x10 Deardorff she pulled from the storeroom that was Samy’s own camera, on a Kodak Commercial Ektar 14”Portrait lens she also found from Samy’s personal store. An amazing woman who calls to check in to see how my photography is going, has visited my house to lend her own equipment and lastly to visit for a cup of tea great conversation and a portrait. So happy to have been able to have her sit for me. Another confirmation I’m heading in the right direction when people like Jackie come into my life. #humanconnection #portraitphotography #friendship #largeformatphotography #deardorff #kodakportra400 #kodakcommercialektar #oldschoolisthebestschool

Sion Michel ASC, May 13th 2018. 8x10 Wet Plate Collodion Aluminium Type. Sion came over to wish me safe travels this day and our mutual friend Johnny London Jnr was here too, who wanted to surprise him. When I first moved to LA I called Sion and asked for recommendations on crew and he told me about Johnny and I then remembered I’d worked with Johnny once on a travel job as an AC in Tahiti many years before and he’s been a close friend ever since, as has Sion who trained me as an AC back in Australia many years before that . Both here in my house for the last day of shooting wet plates before moving to both wish me well on this next journey. It’s interesting to me how these things pan out. I don’t believe in coincidence I believe we’re all on exactly the path we’re meant to be on, at exactly the right time, surrounded by exactly who we need to be near to learn the lessons we’re here to learn. Very grateful to have a friend like Sion in my life, he’s old School cool and always willing to share his vast knowledge with me. I remember asking why he always wore black when we first met and his reply has stuck in my mind ever since. “ I’ve been wearing all black since the day John Lennon died” as his AC he insisted I do the same when working. It was magic for me to sit next to him and see and feel him get moved watching his image we made develop in the fixer in front of us with Johnny right their too. Moments like that are confirmation I’m heading in the right direction. #humanconnection #portraitphotography #friendship #wetplatecollodion #artforartsake #deardorff #8x10

Thomas Kloss. May 13th 2018. 8x10 Wet Plate Collodion Aluminium Type. Admiration is something I hold for this man, here leaning against one of his hand rebuilt triumph vintage motorcycles in a homage to 1960’s photograph of Steve McQueen he showed me earlier that day. Thomas has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things classic which he’s very generous in sharing, including motorcycles, motorcars and cinematography and I must admit to feeling nervous shooting him knowing all he has shot over the years, he defused those nerves with his kind hearted generosity to make the plate you see here. Too old school for Instagram go check him out on IMDb , you’ll be scrolling. Very grateful to have had the opportunity to capture you in silver and metal. #humanconnection #wetplatecollodion #portraitphotography #artforartsake #largeformatphotography #deardorff #wollensak #triumph #classic

Robin Sheldon, May 14th 2018. 8x10 Wet Plate Collodion Aluminium Type. Robins’ portrait brought lessons in patience and acceptance as my old habits are dying hard. The first time I’ve taken the studio set up on the road which takes patients to say the least. This was the first of four plates and as is usually the case the best. I wasn’t happy with the flare bottom right or the lack of clarity yet her gaze piercing out through the chemical fog and directly into the viewer, a power she holds in spades, and a very fitting depiction of this amazing woman who happens to be one of the best agents in the game and owner of a family I’m very proud to be a part of. This process once again teaching me acceptance of what is and to let go of what isn’t as collodion and silver are cruel mistresses indeed. I love how these images capture every single element of the moment they were captured in wrapped around the sitters soul. So very grateful for the opportunity to have you sit for me, thank you Robin 🙏✨❤️ #humanconnection #portraitphotography #wetplatecollodion #artforartsake #friendship #deardorff#womeninfilm

Elise Van Meter. 8x10 Wet Plate Collodion Aluminium Type. May 15th 2018. When friends energy combines to bring magical humans like Elise in front of my camera it’s even a more satisfying experience than normal. I normally attempt to see past my sitters self perceived image to their real image once ego drops it’s guard, yet a three year old has no real guard and she had no real interest in a photograph either to be honest and only glanced at the camera very briefly without a contorted look on her face from all of our instruction on how to sit, where to look, and where to rest her head for focus. So happy to have caught her within the two inches of focus depth of field, love the expression on her face and the slight double exposure from multiple shutter openings before popping the strobe and love the fact that she will smile years from now looking at this Aluminium Plate of her as a little girl. Thank you @thelasttwinkie for bringing Elise over and thank you Johnny London Jnr for instigating the sitting and one and only exposure Elise allowed us before getting well and truly bored of playing the statue game, that was pure magic✨ #portraitphotography #wetplatecollodion #humanconnection #kids #largeformatphotography #deardorff

Kristin Gibler May 13th 2018. 8x10 Wet Plate Collodion Aluminium Type. So happy to have seen @mrkolegas again and even happier to see him so happy with @constructivekristin you guys have an amazing energy to witness and capture in silver on metal, hope to see you both again sooner rather than later and kinda wish this was in colour so you could see Kristin’s pink eyebrows coordinating with her blue eyes. Super fun afternoon guys thank you! #humanconnection #wetplatecollodion #friendship #portraitphotography #largeformat #artforartsake

Adam Kolegas 8x10 Wet Plate Collodion Aluminium Type Portrait May 13th 2018. One of the most enjoyable elements of pushing through my fears of even starting this project has been the gift of re connect with old friends I haven’t seen for far too long, Adam is one of those friends and it feels like it was just yesterday we were hanging out together, so good to see you again, thank you for coming over. ✌🏼❤️ #humanconnection #wetplatecollodion #portraitphotography #neverstoplearning #portraits #friendship

Gregg Dallesandro May 13th’18 8x10 Wet Plate Collodion Aluminium Type. The most instant Instagram post I’ve possibility ever done, shot ten minutes ago, developed, washed and scanned only to be varnished now. The plate has a lifespan of over one hundred years and is anything but instant after it’s created, I still get just as excited watching them appear from the fog of the fixer as the first, pure magic.Thank you so much @greggdallesandro for coming over on a Sunday and thank you for having my back all these years as my commercial agent for cinematography here in the U.S. The only advice I’ve not taken from you was to go meet some other agents when we first met, here’s to many more years buddy. ✌🏼❤️#wetplatecollodion #humanconnection #largeformat #deardorff #portraitphotography

Self Portraits, as painful as I once found them, I now find they can help clear states of mind at the time I didn’t understand. Stuck, confused, sad, take a photograph, lock it in time, move on. Self Portraiture as Medicine is a concept I learnt from @cjust who teaches it to people to help them move through difficult times amongst other globe trotting photographic adventures. Catherine Just is a true artist who expresses her art through analogue photography and alternative process capturing emotion in an ethereal fluid form from the heart at the deep end of the pool as she describes it. Here she is with her camera supported by my favourite books which is her process, sourcing the energy of mine through my books from the photographers I admire with an intuition card I pulled within that stack that supports the device that captures the image, as she would shoot her portraits on instant Polaroid 55 or new 55 positive/negative film and captured in a solid and tactile object. A rare Instagram connection that became a real one, which is a large part I why I’m shooting this series as the journey through creation is equally as satisfying and important as the sensation I get from looking back on the result of that journey. Thanks so much @cjust for coming over, so good to connect and confirm I’m on the right path with my art with an artist living her dream through her art. #humanconnection #selfportraitureasmedicine #neverstoplearning #largeformat #artisticprocess #wetplatecollodion #deardorff

What is art? Perhaps something that can take you out of your reality just long enough to see life from a different perspective, only to realise we are not all different but all one in the same.Thank you @thisisnotdavema for opening my eyes yet again to a deeper way of seeing all whilst having a good ol’ laugh. 🙏✨” He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!” 8x10 Wet plate Collodion Aluminium Type. May 8th ‘18 #jesuschrist #wetplatecollodion #humanconnection #largeformat #deardorff #thinkingofkurt #religiousart

Dave Ma. 8x10 Wet Plate Collodion Aluminium Type. May 8th ‘18. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of photographing a dear friends portrait who also happens to be an amazing photographer himself. I really enjoyed discussing the finer details of what makes an interesting, engaging and honest portrait. He perfectly described this as the man he sees in the mirror every morning.Thank you so much @thisisnotdavema for your time and friendship over the years, since 2010 back in London shooting your @foals music videos and other projects you’ve directed,both growing up around the corner from each other in Sydney all the way to capturing this here in LA, so much love and respect. ✌🏼❤️#humanconnection #friendship #portraitphotography #largeformatphotography #wetplatecollodion #deardorff #biggerthaninstagram

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