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NICK WOODS  Honcho w/ @directhitband; Dad & Husband w/ @katemke; Writer w/ #whoeverpaysme

Hey pals, I'm in Vegas tomorrow for less than 24 hours at @punkrockbowling. Come hang after you're done watching Iggy!

Inspiring words from the Far East at dinner last night

Have I told you @devonkayhasnowiener and I are in love? We're in love. Thanks for the proof, Connor. #dudesbelike


Came home from tour to find my wife and child huffing gas

You sensing a theme with these photos of me onstage yet? 📸:@gormanbobby #pouzzafest

Tight view. Nearly 40 hours in this machine over the last 3 days. Death creeps closer every day.

V tight #pouzzafest

Hey I'm in Montreal tonight playing @pouzzafest at 1:15am!

Come watch this guy's pants disintegrate before your eyes at @bovinesexclub in Toronto tonight. We'll be late.

It's Mom's Day, and because Dad's Day is all about cleaning up the mess Dad created by trying to honor Mom on Mom's Day, my dumb friends and I adequately prepared for my occasion by building @katemke this deck that didn't dry in time for what was supposed to be her return-home grillout after a 6am flight home from New Orleans. 150 likes k?

Dot spent most of yesterday day drinking before the Brewer game and then had a few too many shitty margs once we were in the stadium. She's feelin it this morning. Good thing mom comes home tomorrow.

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