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It’s #workoutwednesday and you know what that means! We’re back for another #HIIT video that focuses on toning and strengthening the booty. Created in partnership with @AloYoga, this #workout will increase your heart rate and have you working up a sweat through intense bursts of exercise. Yep, we’re talking lunges, squats and more! Be sure to add this quick and effective workout to your regimen, which can be done before or after your #yoga practice.

Are you guys enjoying these videos? If so, comment below with your favorite emoji! 🧜🏾‍♀️

The inaugural @SeedFW LA Summit is this week and @koyawebb is speaking! See Koya alongside 30+ plant-based experts and brands at the Hotel Indigo in Downtown LA May 23-24.
Koya presents tomorrow, May 23rd at 4pm. Join us for a conversation about “Plant Based Nutrition and Wellness for Healing and Optimal Health.” 💫
Tickets are on sale now and each ticket includes VIP access to @eatdrinkvegan on 5/26 and the Seed Grand Tasting on 5/25. #SeedFWLA
Click the link in our bio for tickets and use the code WELLNESS to get $10 off! Code expires 5/22.

Written by @KoyaWebb: “As a traveling #yogi, one of my biggest challenges is finding the time and space to get my practice when I’m in between flights and cab rides. Some parts of my body can get really stiff but #yoga gets them back into their place. That’s why I came up with a small list of asanas you can practice anywhere for when you travel! The best part: you don't need a #yogamat for these!” Get the list at the link in bio!

It’s HERE!!! The #MasteringHandstands challenge with @KoyaWebb @MaxandLizAcro and @RootedinFlowing is in FULL effect starting May 21st-3rd!! To Join: 🎉🎊Tag your Friends and Repost this Graphic 🎉We will help you build your core strength and learn handstands one day at a time. BEGINNERS this challenge and online course is for YOU! You don't have to know how to do all these poses or handstands now. Just do your best. We wanna see how much you’ve grown in a year after daily practice and using our online course. You will be surprised at what your body can do and how much your consistent practice will boost your confidence on the mat and in life.💫
Daily poses and fun variations will be posted the night before by the hosts. Here's what you need to do to join: •Repost this flyer, follow and tag all hosts in each post: @KoyaWebb @MaxandLizAcro and @RootedinFlowing •Tag all sponsors @AloYoga @GETLOVEDUP @ToeSox @Sunwarriortribe (If you don't want to win a prize u don't have to tag at all sponsors. Just enjoy the challenge and your prize is your growth)😉😘
•Tag your friends to join in.
•Post all new photos daily and use the hashtag #MasteringHandstands with each post. ------ •Prizes: 4 winners will be chosen at the end based on having 14 posts and engaging with the community through likes and encouraging comments. Winners will be announced around the 10th of June. 💫
------ •Winners will receive gifts from sponsors:
@AloYoga @ToeSox @SunwarriorTribe and @Getlovedup (digital downloads for international winners with no US address) 💞
------ Don’t wait. Repost this image now! Tag hosts, sponsors and #MasteringHandstands! Invite friends and get ready to get STRONGER inside and out! You got this!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Now is the time to set your intentions for the week. What did you do this weekend related to #selfcare / #selflove and what is one thing you plan to do this week to get closer to a healthy, #holistic lifestyle? Comment below! #selfcaresunday #selfcaresundays

When was the last time you’ve crossed something FUN off of your bucket list?

For @KoyaWebb, it was horseback riding next to the ocean.

Check out her story below: “When I was younger I thought things like horse back riding next to the ocean, swimming with my sea family and flying with the birds in the sky were just fantasy. I would see these things in cartoons and movies and immediately want to experience them in real life. I would ask my parents when we went on trips if I could do some of the excursions offered by hotels and they would always say “It’s too expensive and overpriced...just enjoy nature” and I appreciate those teachings because I have a great respect for the simplest things in life without any extra “bells and whistles” as my parents would say.
But, I never lost my desire for greater adventure or experiences at whatever cost. I wanna fly with the birds, meditate with monks and swim with dolphins. I want to understand different cultures and groups of people and how they live and love. Now that I am a woman and can afford these things for myself or energetically attract them, I’m going full out and never limiting myself because of a dollar sign. I’ll save up and appreciate what I have in the moment but once I’m able to manifest the fantasies that dance in my mind I’m hopping on for the ride and only looking back to give a smile of gratitude to the past that helps me appreciate the present even more.” Again, when was the last time you crossed something FUN off of your bucket list? What was it? Comment below! #weekendfun #saturdays

Written by @KoyaWebb: “Many people ask me why I'm #vegan and if I'll ever consider adding dairy or high quality animal products back into my life...Absolutely not. Why would I when I've tried the vegan lifestyle for 12 years now and its improved my #health, skin and #energy levels? Why would I add something back that is the biggest killer of my brothers and sisters worldwide via congestive heart failure, diabetes, cancer, and many other diseases? Also, the poorest people in the world can't afford high quality meats or dairy that might have been ethically sourced (most aren't, ie. pet chickens that just lay eggs for a small family to consume.) ---- My mission is to raise awareness that you can thrive off a #vegandiet if you choose to and this choice I believe is best for your health, the health of others and the health of our planet. Plus, as a vegan, I eat very well! There is still variety, such as this delicious “chicken” and waffles dish from @SunCafeLA. If you want to create something like this at home, click the link in bio to purchase @SimpleTruth’s Organic #GlutenFree All Purpose Baking Mix. Be sure to take a photo and tag us (+ #GetLovedup). Happy #FoodieFriday!!”

"If the only prayer you say is "Thank You" that will be enough." -Echkart Tolle

When was the last time you jotted down what you are thankful for? Has it been a while? We know, life moves fast and it can be challenging to sit and really reflect. That’s why we like the idea of a #gratitudejar. These jars are a great way to ground yourself in the present moment, and express thanks immediately for what is happening around and within you.

So today, we challenge you to grab a jar and start writing down the positive things that happen in your life. The notes don’t have to be long and detailed. Just enough to jog your memory.
At the end of the year, open up the jar and take a walk down memory lane. We’re sure the captured moments will bring a smile to your face. 😊😍

Happy #WorkoutWednesday! Today’s challenge is @KoyaWebb’s One Hundreds Workout.

100 squats
100 push-ups
100 abdominals

We know what you’re thinking. 100?? That’s a lot! The thing is, you don’t have to do them all at once. So if you’re looking to get strong and #fit, check out one of our go-to #workouts.

This workout is sure to get your heart rate up so add this to your regimen. We hope you like it!

#Travel season is upon us and for most, that brings excitement and anxiety. Excitement because it’s an opportunity to potentially visit a new place and anxiety due to #jetlag.

You see, jet lag happens in our bodies when the internal circadian clock (the one in charge of regulating our sleep cycles) is disrupted by #traveling. If you are also feeling stressed or tired, the jet lag gets worse. While we wish there was a magic pill that could get rid of it, unfortunately there isn’t. However, there are some healthy ways to turn it around and have jet lag almost nonexistent!

Click the link in bio to uncover 5 natural ways to outsmart jet lag. One of them includes #meditation.

We’re almost halfway into #2018. Let’s check in. Where are you with your goals? What have you accomplished? How do you organize your life to reach those goals?
For us, the answer is planning Specifically, the #GetLovedUp planner. The GLU planner is like your best friend and accountability partner all wrapped in one!
Like most planners, you’ll have the chance to write down monthly goals, to-do lists, accomplishments and current tasks.
However, it doesn’t just stop right there. You know #holistichealth is important to us so I’ve included a weekly #mealplanner so you can balance your healthy meals with your more indulgent ones— as well as a water, sleep and #workout tracker so you can see how your energy level alters by week based on your consumption & #selfcare.
Ready to live your best life? If so, we created this planner for you! Purchase at the link in bio! #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the amazing moms out there! How are you celebrating this special day?

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