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Katja Venglinskaya  Pardon my French, I am from Brüsseldorf.

I get excited as quickly as I get bored, but every time I see an art work, or sample, a photo or a situation that speaks to me, I can a physical itch to do something similar of my own.

In Paris this time I came to a realization that
A) I’ve terribly missed art as a creative process, an institution and a way of life
B) I blossom in museums
C) I have terabyte of photos, especially those taken in galleries and museums that just sit tight on my hard drive and don’t go anywhere.
D) this is how @lironbeny made me come out with this hashtag. From now on. Life and Exhibitions. #life_and_exhibitions #jeanmichelbasquiat #paris #art #foundationlouisvuitton

After half an hour in the cold, despite buying tickets online and staring at young Americans wearing nothing but summer dresses and fur coats (completely open, no scarfs, no stockings, hardly any undies at +3 - where did they think they were - Barcelona?) and VIP guests and members of the foundation entering from a side door, wearing Louis Vuitton attire head to toes, we have discovered that we could have entered the foundation from the back exit and skip the queue. Like in “completely”. Gr eat, I haven’t entered the building and was already mad as hell.

Then we went to get a coffee outside because “it’s only le restaurant gastronomic we have here”. And of course we got stuck again and had to wait behind a student with a huge backpack, who decided it was just the right time to enter the security check, where they even ask you to take EVERYTHING out of your pockets with a pepper spray in her coat (go figure). And her excuse was perfectly Parisian: “but I never use it”! Enough kvetching, Katja. Now to Schiele and Basquiat (more tomorrow). I suddenly caught myself thinking that his sketches and studies are way more interesting than his larger formats.

And the last one in this selection, Woman with the child is such a well-captured moment that I started terribly missing Léon. Additionally, I started craving drawing and sketching again.
What’s interesting, it turns out that nowadays we only perceive something, if we see it through the lense of the smartphone.

@tatiana.wasabi FYI, thought about you in Paris 😘

I have a strange feeling that Miro knew our dogs. Barking dogs are omnipresent in his art. #life_and_exhibitions

I don’t know, what to say. Just staring and enjoying.

I have now idea how it ended up on my camera roll, but try to guess how old I am here #throwbacksaturday

The center is much better appreciated once the weather is nice, if 🌿you haven't been there for several month and 🌿especially, when you work in the farthest corner of the town with no proper food, coffee and bookshops in it (everything that matters most 🌿the sky is of course the key element, when was the last time I stoped and stared?
#visitbrussels #seemybrussels #bruxelles #bruxellesmabelle #belgium #beautifuldestinations #belgique

Marvin Gaye in Oostende, 1981. He spent four years there (if I am not mistaken) to sober up and write his comeback album. Four years voluntarily.

🌿Практическое пособие по "Залечь на дно в Брюгге" или что происходит, если немного выйти из центра. 🌿Оказалось, что Саша с Ритой не смотрели культовый фильм до того, как приехать в северную Венецию (блин, кто это придумал, Брюгге весь два на два метра), но не суть. На мой вопрос "ну как фильм?"Саша ответил, "как обзорная экскурсия по Брюгге". А я добавила "со смертельным исходом". 🌿Короче говоря, это была сказочка о том, как прекрасно взять отгул, залечь в парке со старыми друзьями и прослушать концерт в исполнении их детей, в том числе песню про грузчика. 🌿Узнать, что детская пицца по-фламандски это кусок теста с болоньезе, пармезаном и ананасом. Комбинация, которую не станет есть ни один ребенок мира. 🌿Времени, как всегда, было катастрофически мало. Но лучше меньше, да лучше.

Настроение вечера. В лесу была, на бранче была, сад вычистила, собак выгуляла, кусты в саду обрезала, на йогу сходила, а на налоговую декларацию, по итогу, ни сил, ни желания. То ли дело соседские цветочки.

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