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Jordan Glickman  💻 📧 🤓 I do science 🔝 National Record 💪🏼NASM Certified 📹NC Aerial Prod.✈️

1️⃣ Reason your calves may not be growing❗️ 💭Comment or DM any ideas of videos you want to see in the near future! I may have been off my game with these YouTube videos the last few months but I'm coming back even better than before 💯😈
💻Link in my bio

Are you having headaches, neck pain or muscle stiffness⁉️
💡It may be due to your form when lifting. Although I may have learned some of this the hard way, I am hoping I can convey it to some before its too late! With 99% of us spending hours on our phones and computers all day with our heads torqued forward, it is almost imperative in the gym that we do things the right way and don’t exacerbate any posture neurology problems.
💡As you can see in this photo, I am demonstrating a common mistake when lifting, specifically with pressing and pushing movements, by moving my head forward.
💡Being in kyphotic position at the computer and on a phones in conjunction with bad form can lead to our upper trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, scalene and clavicular pec are all becoming over activated. Subsequently, our rhomboids, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, and possibly subs cap are all deactivating and becoming weaker.
💡Long story short, this forward lean in our heads is leading to a compression of the disc spaces leading to a kyphotic curve in the upper back. This results in 50-70 lbs of unnecessary pressure to the cervical spine creating a multitude of neurological problems and PAIN.

🔵A lot of people have a stern position on the idea that they cannot lose weight and that they have tried everything. Yet the truth is, anyone can lose weight. Counting macros, tracking calories, whatever you want to call it–– works.
🔴I am illustrating here a perfect example of a person that eats healthy but cannot lose weight. This person doesn’t know how many calories they are actually consuming because they don’t track or weigh any of their foods, since they eat “healthy.”
🔵In my left hand, I have a 1/4th of a cup, what is considered to be one serving of nuts. In the other hand, I have 1/6th of a cup. 1/6th of a cup is the amount you may grab ~5 times to “snack” on but little do you know will add up to over 600 calories and over 50g of fat.
‼️That's over a days worth of fat for most women and the relative caloric size for an average guys meal.‼️
💡Think before you eat💡
📸: @bitbybitfitness

2017 Mercedes-Benz S65 White Convertible AMG Coupe Promo🔥

Even if the bigger picture seems out of focus, take a step back to find the true meaning of it.💡⌛️

Not the worst that could've happened during my first time using photoshop for business 😅

Finally had a free day and I decided to spend it taking pictures of Downtown Charlotte. Highly considering making a full video of this amazing city 📸
This was made with 320 photos of Downtown Charlotte incase you were wondering. Oh and a few fake clouds☁️🤔

What would you do to survive? Anything ? What if you were as COMMITTED to succeeding as you are surviving. Do you think your level of income, results, or whatever it may be in your life would change? #thinkaboutit🤔

Excited to release this video I did for Nissan of Greenville and proud to say it is very likely a lot of my work may start going on the TV for commercials very soon!

👉🏼"The difference between #GetGlickdTraining and other brands is the passion for real results."
🏋🏽After our second time training together in the past ✌🏼years, my friend @allard15_aka_bull and I have done it again. We've cut his body fat cut nearly in half, in the same amount of time it takes to finish a semester of school.
🤝It's always a pleasure to work with someone with the same level of motivation and determination exerted towards reaching their goals as am I towards helping them make those goals accomplishments.
💭IF you are willing to work as hard as you do to survive, how hard would you be willing to work in order to succeed⁉️

When setting goals, don't become so focused on the outcome, it's a process; just like life. Learn to enjoy it!💯
Amazing job to my long time client and friend @emmilysullivan for completing "Optimal Strength" this semester! It's been a blast watching you go through the process and kill it every step of the way! I can't wait for these last few weeks with you 👏🏻🙏🏼💪🏼 #mcdonaldsgang

🏎Sometimes you gotta take a break from lifting and drive a $100,000 car for the day😎😏

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