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🏋🏼Walking Lunges🏋🏼
😈Probably hated by most because they can become tedious and require more effort, but they should be a staple in your workouts!
🔆There is not a huge difference between barbell and dumbbell. If you choose DB then you can potentially get more trap and forearm work, yet a downside can be that your have the ability to swing your arms and create unwanted momentum.
🔆A benefit of the barbell is that your grip strength won’t be a limiting factor, thus allowing you to load more, although now its less of a full body exercise.
‼️Ultimately, I would recommend alternating between barbell and dumbbell.
New video on the tubes about competing with @veronicaparado. 👀 my bio 👈🏻

🏋🏼Barbell Shrugs🏋🏼
💠For most of you guys, nothing feels better than loading up the bar with 45’s and shrugging some heavy weight right? But the problem with this for most is that towards the end when you start struggling, you begin pushing through your calves.
💠What I mean by this is you begin to build momentum from your lower body to complete the set.
By doing this you activate your extensors, flexors and so many more muscles that drive you into EXTENSION. This can cause extreme neck pain and lower back problems.
💠NEXT TIME, try digging your heels down into the ground when you shrug. When you do this, your abs will activate, the bar will feel heavier, which will be due to an even distribution of tension among your core. This applies to shrugs infront and behind your back.
💠Stop risking an injury and start making real results; faster.

Gyms in Bali💪🏼🏝
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I just sold my jeep and I've moved across the world with no return ticket. 😱Go check out my most recent video where I answer the question: Am I scared? 😅
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Fun fact: It's my birthday here in Bali but not in the US yet 😈

Currently on a 1-way plane ticket to Bali, Indonesia. Anyone else recognize the skyline in the photo 📸💯

🤕Shoulder pain?🤕
🏋🏽If you are still benching with your elbows flared out, then you can go ahead and expect a rotator cuff tear pretty soon if you haven’t had one already. By tucking your elbows as I show in the photo above, you allocate some of that weight off of your rotator cuffs and on to your upper back.
🏋🏽Personally, I am a big fan of doing dumbbells over barbell bench as it allows me to give my joints a small break as well as give my muscles a more natural greater range of motion.
🏋🏽I would high recommend dumbbell bench over barbell to those with achy elbows or shoulders. Using dumbbells also forces your body to use its stabilizer muscles in a proactive and healthy way, which can be beneficial if you don’t do this often.

💥30 WEEKS of 0 BullShit💥
✏️30 weeks it took us to do this and we want everyone to know it took 30 weeks. It didn't happen in just a short amount of time, it didn't happen from drugs or any magic tricks, it happened in 30 long, sweaty, hard and well earned weeks.
✏️This girl, worked her ass off day in and day out to reach the goal of stepping on a natural stage looking the best she absolutely can; and if the picture doesn't tell you, I will: SHE DID JUST THAT!
📧If you have an interest in stepping on stage in the near future or reaching any type of fitness goal, I would love to hear from you: GetGlickdTraining@gmail.com

Didn't think I would ever be shooting for a phone store but here I am at 252 Wireless located off of 10th street🙏🏼👀

Working up on some final touches with @veronicaparado, before her show on Saturday. 🏋🏽‍♀️🏆

I could get used to shooting for the corporate world 👀🔑 #Autobell #AutobellCorporate

🏃🏻Non-Motorized Treadmills🏃🏼‍♀️
💎If you look way back in my posts, I have talked about how normal motorized treadmills may not be the best for your body and could potentially do more harm than good! In short, this is because the treadmill is walking you, which can do harm to more than just your knees but also your lower back, neck and hips. In short, this is because the treadmill is walking YOU!
💎Now when you used you “curved” or a non-motorized treadmill, your body is able to move a lot more naturally. As you MOVE the machine, your weight is able to shift from one leg to the other and in short your glutes and hams fire for hip extension as well as your oblique’s to rotate your pelvis one way and your thorax the opposite way. The curved machine also MAKES you strike with your heel which will increase the firing and activation of your ham, glute and adductors!
💎I know not all gyms have this machinery, but if you can’t get on a NON-motorized treadmill, I would highly recommend just running outdoors instead of getting on a regular treadmill.

🤓As much as I love the science of how everything works in my training, knowledge and coaching are not synonymous of each other always. If a great coach was defined by just his knowledge, then every time a new study is published and we haven't read it, we get worse at our job. Coaching is also about the relationship you have with your clients not just the statistics and numbers associated with it.
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