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Claire Tayler  London writery type in Berlin. Big on adventures, colourful art and ugly buildings. I ride bikes + write about people doing rad stuff on them @de.tour

I think I liked this partly because it’s like an architectural drawing, hovering in the real world. And under the grey sky it was a nice type of almost-pink.

@lupodoro stretching his ankles whilst I unlock my bike. I like that Kevin’s holiday overlapped my last day in London. I like that we went to @1ookmumnohands, and talked about love, and watched @kamasiwashington’s film at 180 The Strand (it is beautiful, go see it, thank you @magkag for telling me to) and looked at some good concrete buildings and ate Korean food.
🇩🇪 Ich habe gelernt das auf Deutsch man soll nur sagen „ich mag das,“ nicht „ich liebe das“ oder man wird wie ein Ausländer klingen, aber ich habe unseren Tag zusammen geliebt 😊

Have been enjoying @super_ordinarylife a lot recently. Tiles and building sites and lemons and everyday beautiful things in Tokyo. Today they were finding buildings with faces.
This is one of my favourites in London, which I saw on Monday and was very pleased - spying it from the glass window of the special singing lift in the South Bank Centre is a very nice combination. #super_ordinarylife

Satisfying to walk down a street I worked on a couple of years ago, and appreciate a nice ugly concrete building as though it was for the first time. #bluesky

The new(ish) Design Museum has a really good roof and also a great illustrative guide on the pose one should ascend and descend the stairs with.

A really fine door I saw today.

Please zoom so we can discuss how this stained glass looks like they’d just discovered Monty Python’s visual style but hadn’t yet worked out how to add in jokes.
Although in another one there was an arm coming out of a flower pot and that was well on the way.

Haroon Mirza’s ‘reality is somehow what we expect it to be’ is humming rooms and colourful fun with water fountain-powered keyboards and a multiple surprise anechoic chamber (a room that absorbs the sound) - and I’ve left that to the end in this colourful carousel because it has a loud noise (and this is your PSA). It was like a type of art I didn’t know I needed and came out feeling very pleased with its existence and nicely filled up. Thanks art.
And it’s at @ikongallery so the building is beautiful and the ride in @martin_creed’s singing lift ever sublime. Good good. #haroonmirza

It was my Dad’s birthday and the thing he was most excited about was when we turned the lights off and a pudding with a candle propped on top entered the room, and he was told he could make a wish. “I haven’t made a wish in years” he said, seeming very excited with this.

The small Bean and @morgannety visited central London for the monthly meeting of the Jolly Colour Appreciation Club. We were jolly and colourful and appreciative, and Morgan briefly clubbed the tiny friend in the eye, so we really covered everything very successfully.

A fine staircase is enjoyed.

Tiny human appreciation club.

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