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Raven Darkholme  -Mutant -Fight For The Opressed "Who am I? That, my dear, is an excellent question. Though not one easily answered." -Elysium -Kik:DC_Comics_is_Life

Mystique sat in the corner of a motel room, her body in the shape of a seemingly attractive blonde woman. Her eyes darted across the room as her red lips sipped at a wine glass. A man lay on the bed, dead and sprawled across the blood stained sheets. It wasn't hard to kill the man, they were all so easily fooled with small waists and large breasts. At least the disgusting, small minded, men like him were. Believing she was now alone in the room, her body shifted, returning to her natural state. Her eyes gleamed a bright yellow as she stepped from the chair she sat in. Preparing to settle in for a night's rest, the mutant's eyes widened in shock as the wall's around her exploded. Men in uniform wielding machine guns flooded the small room. "Shit," she muttered to herself, swearing she had covered her tracks. "Don't even think about shifting out of your true form, Mystique!" The closest man to her yelled. A sly smile slid at the corner of her lips as she spoke, "This isn't my true form sir..." She said loud and clear, "...this is." Within an instant her body began morphing, changing into a large beast-like man. |OPEN RP| #Mystique #RavenDarkholme #Mutant #Mutants #MutantAndProud #Xmen #Marvel #MarvelComics #Elysium #ElysiumRP

Mystique's eyes glazed over the building before her, the sign which spelled 'Antigen' blared back at her in bold letters. The ironic name disgusted her, she knew what this corporation held behind closed doors. They had been testing on mutants, pricking and prodding, even on mutant children who had been captured from their own families. The word antigen meant something different to them, as if the mutant gene was something invasive or toxic. She stood in disguise of the corporation's CEO for a moment, taking notice of the building before she headed inside. Her eyes glared at each and every Homo sapien that passed her on her way to the elevator, taking every ounce of restraint to keep herself from shooting every one of them right then and there. Though they weren't her target, that privilege belonged to the big guys waiting for the CEO upstairs. Unbeknownst to them he had been killed by her own hand 24 hours ago. Stepping inside the elevator, she waited until the doors closed and the machine moved upwards to return to her natural form. Her hand retrieving a machine pistol from a pouch behind her stomach as she did so. Only a few moments passed until the loud 'ding' alerted her she had reached the top floor, doors sliding open, she stepped from the contraption and onto the floor before her. An eyebrow raised, bright golden eyes glared at the men and women who sat at the large table before her. "Expecting someone else?" She spoke, raising the gun and pointing it towards the man closest to her. Without hesitation, she fired, killing him instantly. They all sat still in response to her actions, gazing on in fear. Her hand moved ever so slightly as she pointed the gun towards each man and woman before her. "Now, whose going to tell me where you've been testing on mutants? First one who does won't receive a bullet through their brain." A slight smile curved at her lips, of course she had no intention of sparring one of them. Though she knew the humans all too well, they'd rat on each other in an instant just to spare their own life. |Open RP| #Mystique #RavenDarkholme #Marvel #MarvelComics #Comics #Mutant #Mutants #MutantAndProud #Elysium #ElysiumRP

I wanted to take the time to thank those who have voted for me :3 Given that this account is fairly new, it warms my heart that you already would vote for me as the Best Mystique (,: #Mystique #RavenDarkholme #Mutant #MutantAndProud #Xmen #Marvel #MarvelComics

Mystique had been captured, something that was more than uncommon. The blue mutant who was known globally as a terrorist, something much too overrated to classify her skills and ambitions, was now held captive. Though it seemed the group who had been harming her brothers and sisters this time was prepared for her. Managing to render her unconscious while she hid out in the West, the shapeshifter now stood, blindfolded and tied to a pole. "Get yer' hand off me!" Mystique's ears pricked at the new voice which filled the room. Now tied to the pole next to her, she managed to create a conversation with the man, unknown to his identity due to her current lack of sight. Their conversation consisted mainly of one thing, their shared genetic enhancement. She knew damn well who it was at this point, she couldn't mistake his voice, it was the Wolverine. Though she decided it best to not stir her current turmoil even further. "I was born with the wrong color /skin/," she spoke firmly. "You're black?" Mystique chuckled slightly at his remark, "No, dear, I'm a tad more exotic than that." Her voice now represented a mixture of sadness and anger. "Because I'm different and have abilities they can't understand, these ignorant /peasants/ figure me for some sort of /witch/. But I merely am what I am." | Closed with @snikt_bub | #Mystique #RavenDarkholme #Wolverine #Mutant #Mutants #MutantAndProud #Xmen #Excelsior #ExcelsiorRp

"So..." Irene glanced about the room before her, taking notice of the pictures that hung decadently above the fireplace. One in particular showing the man whom she sat next to in uniform, military uniform. "You are a soldier?" A slight smile tugged at her lips, running a hand along the side of her skin tight dress. "Yes, beautiful, and I do take pride in my field of work." He smiled egotistically, eyes narrowing down to the obvious cleavage that was shown by her cocktail dress. "And what exactly is that field...I love a man whose in charge," her voice was like lace, seductive and silk. "You ask many questions for a beautiful woman such as yourself," he eyed her momentarily, debating whether or not he should inform her of his duties. Although it didn't take long for him to cave, they all did eventually. "I work with many other men to help make the world a safer place. A place where lovely women such as yourself can live free of an ongoing threat to our society." Her finger began to trail along his shoulder, her blue eyes intent. "And what exactly is that threat?" Wrapping a clammy hand around her waist, he continued, "mutants." That was enough evidence for her to end him. She knew it was this man who had been leading strikes on random innocent mutants, though some sources had left her cold to his name. Within a second, the finger that trailed along his shoulder now wrapped around his neck, shoving his face forcefully against her forehead. His hand fell from her waist as she stood to her feet, grabbing the knife which rested on the table next to them. "What...what are you doing? What are you?" He coughed as blood poured from his now broken nose. Forcing her foot against his throat, the image of the petite figure known as Irene prickled away. Her skin transforming to a deep blue, the once brown hair was now a fiery red, and her eyes burned a bright yellow. "Demon! Demon!" He attempted to shout, coughing against her foot which was shoved forcefully against his windpipe. "Yes, there's plenty of them where you'll be going," the shapeshifter spoke in a harsh tone . Her rand raised and prepared to plunge the knife deep into his skull. |OPEN RP|

This mutant has just joined a wonderful group filled with those of her own kind. If you're from the Marvel universe, I'd recommend joining this group. That is, if you'd prefer to have your life spared (; #Mystique #Elysium #ElysiumRp #RavenDarkholme #Mutant #Xmen #Marvel #MarvelComics #IgRp #RpGroup #Mutants

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