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I'm very excited to share this next series on getculturedkitchen.com's insta! I was away from IG for quite a while this Summer and I mostly have travel to blame! I visited some really beautiful places that are very forward thinking when it comes to sustainability, ethical consumption and keeping things local. So for the next week or so I will be sharing some pictures of my travels, highlighting some truly exceptional people and businesses. Pictured above is Daisy, a beautiful dog I met while waiting in line at Reds Eat's, the home of the lobster roll in Wiscasset, Maine. This is THE place to eat. All they put on their rolls is probably over a pound of succulent, sweet lobster meat and butter. SO GOOD! And it's right on the water; literally doesn't get fresher. Plus they attract cute dogs! :P #icametopetthedogbutstayedforthelobster

Fall is peeking around the corner and I can hardly contain my excitement! I love every season for different reasons. I love the crisp "sweater weather" of Fall... the winter squashes (pictured above!), persimmons, chai, family, jewel toned trees. Although it is the precursor of Winter, a death before rebirth, it is not a sad time. It's a time of abundance, fresh air and love.

The day after the eclipse I took @ian_taylor_bass and our friend Gabe to a secret little oasis in Mt. Hood, Bagby Hot Springs. I had been there a couple of years ago and remembered it being a magical place.

The creek up to the hot spring had impossibly clear, cold water. Fallen trees created bridges across the stream and the trail was lined with greenery. At the hot spring a channel diverted a small hot spring into different tubs, some private, some public. We opted for a public tub and offered to share it with a couple that arrived shortly after us.
After settling into our tub we got to talking and found out that the couple lived just down the street from Ian's mother, whom we were staying with. I was in such disbelieve as we were over an hour from Portland. As we parted ways they graciously invited us to their home and we eagerly accepted, looking forward to continuing this serendipitous encounter.

Back at their place, as we sat and talked about our lives, I found out that Karen, @kiwithetattooedlady, is a health food blogger with an amazingly inspirational weight loss story! Plus, she can make some BOMB popcorn. I'm so happy this trip brought us together and I look forward to our friendship. Check her blog and IG out. She's awesome!

Happy Monday everyone! Did any of you get a chance to see the Solar Eclipse last week? I traveled to Salem, Oregon to see the totality, an experience that's weight and significance cannot really be put into words. Those two minutes of total solar eclipse were a culmination of weeks of anticipation and about 13 hours of travel.  It was well worth the distance and I feel so blessed to have witnessed it!

We gathered with several other visitors at a public park sitting at the edge of a pond. Ducks quacked warnings of changing temperature and over a slow hour the light quality turned from bright daylight to dusk; the horizon like a ring of stale sunset. I oscillated between observing my changing surroundings and watching the sun become slowly engulfed by darkness. A few stars and planets revealed themselves from their hiding places and the world felt impossibly still. I watched the smallest sliver of sun slip out of my eyesight only to finally reveal it's corona in the moment of totality. Light danced around the blocked out sun in wisps of faerie floss. The people surrounding us who had banned together for the occasion oooed, ahhhed and cheered. Ian and I both sat in silence, holding each other. Perhaps a chuckle or two bubbled out of my slightly ajar mouth, releasing an overflow of emotion. Tears brimmed in our eyes and streamed down both of our faces. @ian_taylor_bass put it best saying, "Whatever I was thinking about before the totality was completely wiped from my mind". Those two minutes felt like ten seconds, and just like that the sun peeked out from the other side of the cratered moon's surface and life bustled about once more.

Let's keep rolling with the mushroom stuff, cuz I'm all about these lettuce cups and so is the Pinterest community! The mushrooms bring such a hardy texture while still keeping the dish light for these Summa months. I mean lawdy it was hot today.

Hello friends, I have been away for a while now. Sorry about that. I have found myself going through a lot of growing pains as of late. I feel simultaneously as if I have grown immensely and sort of lost myself in the last six months. I miss you all and I miss @ian_taylor_bass, my long distance partner. Things are still in upheaval right now as I am looking to move up to him soon (yay!), but I'm trying to strike a balance. I suppose I have been overwhelmed by "life happening" lately and I have almost completely divorced myself from the blog. Anyway, taking the first step in the hardest so here I am saying, "Hello". I want to be back if you'll have me. And also do those vegan mushroom dumplings look good or what?! If you haven't checked out the blog yet, please do <3 The recipe is there along with some recent posts about going green and the like that I am really proud of. Thanks for being a constant support. I love you all!

Negative emotions are not always a negative thing, and they are not always irrational. They are trying to communicate something with you! It is what you chose to do with those negative emotions that matters. Listen to your heart with openness and compassion. Seek first to understand rather than to be understood. In conversations with others and in observations of your mind. Have a beautiful weekend my friends! <3

My burly Golden Retriever friend, Toby, and I were just on a brisk walk catching the last of the suns rays when we passed an elderly, frail man. "Hello", he greeted us, "What a magnificent dog".
"Thank you", I replied for Toby.
"He is so beautiful to look at in the light. What do you call him?" I liked that he asked me what I call him rather than what his name is. As if to imply that Toby has an identity beyond the name that was decided for him.
We chatted for a bit longer, and then he thanked me for taking the time to stop and allow him to marvel at Toby.
I feel fortunate to have been graced by this mans presence. He struck me as someone who really appreciates the gift of life. His gentle face was painted with wisdom and his eyes, worn from smiling, were genuine.

When I got back to Toby's house I let him out into the back, caught up in my head about writing this post when I got home. There Toby was, magnificent, eagerly watching my every move with a sock hanging out one side of his mouth and his tongue the other. And there I was, too busy to appreciate this magnificent dog, this magnificent moment. Thinking of the man I suddenly felt inspired to appreciate this beautiful life I have and I charged after Toby. We ran around in circles on the grass until we were dizzy, landing in a big embrace. Both of us with goofy dog grins.

Thank you magnificent man.

I look around my room and I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff crammed in it! I wish I could start over with my material possessions and only own the things I truly need. I wish all the useless things in our home could be unmade and go back to being trees, cotton and other original forms. We often relish the idea of "decluttering" only to fill up our homes again, and decluttering just leaves more in our landfills which are quickly reaching capacity. Clothing donations are often shipped off to third world countries and replace local textile jobs. Other things find their way into the ocean, choking out marine life and poisoning the fish some rely on for food. We cannot escape our choices. So let's WAKE UP! STOP measuring success with purchasing power! STOP deciding our worth and happiness in terms of comparative success. Consume less! Consume less! CONSUME LESS! DO measure success with LOVE and what we GIVE not what we take.

For the last few days I have been able to put food on the table from our garden every day. People are not exaggerating when they say you haven't had a (fill in the blank) until  you've had a home grown one. Our pickling cucumbers are the sweetest, crunchiest I've ever had. Our parsley is so aromatic and boysenberries are succulent and sweet with just the tiniest pucker to them. Our lettuce plants give us a buttery, speckled salad every week. The green onions are in such abundance I've been giving them away to the neighbors in thick handfuls, only to have them grow back within days. Next week I look forward to our first Romano bean harvest. The plants have been gifting us a beautiful crop of beans all maturing at once. I've been pinching back the pepper plants, but they are so eager to set fruit and finally sturdy enough to bare large harvests. Peanuts poked their heads out of the soil this week, and I'm so excited to watch them mature. There is something really magical about the connection we have with local and home grown food. Knowing someone loved and cared for those tender plants. Their lives celebrated and never taken for granted. True symbiosis. No exploitation of the Earth or it's inhabitants. No one killing the diverse world of bacteria, minerals and insects with herbicides and pesticides. Just love. Just balance. Everything in its right place. Pictured on this sandwich are pickles I fermented myself with cucumbers I bought at the farmers' market. This year I look forward to making cucumber pickles with my own homegrown cucumbers, dill, garlic and peppercorns!

"Everything is how it needs to be right now. Look past the illusion, and see underlying order". Remember as we strive to live greener, have more compassion and live a more mindful life that we are ALWAYS enough. Your journey is beautiful!

Say hello to the healthy, fragrant basil at @fieldsforeverfarm! It's a beautiful spot surrounded by redwoods and horses and run by a dear friend of mine. Deep in one of my favorite places on Earth: Humboldt County, CA, be sure to find their produce at the Arcata Farmer's Market!

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