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SLADE Global Multiple Biz CEO  Go See Top Athlete's N Model's Rockin my Urban Clothin Line GET COCKY Outta Hawaii . 🌴Locally grown 🌏 Globally known. Don't ever give up.

Much Aloha, Love & Respect to Officially Sponsored #GetCocky Professional #MMA Female Fighter @andythecrasian1 . My Urban Clothing Line outta Hawaii is Blessed to be sponsoring #AndyNguyen @andythecrasian1 once again as she fights again in Japan for #Rizin MMA on September 30 2018. One things for sure it's about to be a slug fest. For you business owners out there looking to get Global exposure of your product or Business ask @andythecrasian1 @andythecrasian1 for possible Sponsorship opportunities. Andy fights all over the World and I must say My Urban Clothing Line #GetCocky outta #Hawaii would not be on the level it is on today without Her help. She has had me on Her Social media fight documentary ,MMA Event's Interviews, wearing my Get Cocky Logos on Her fight skirt's, and Fight Banners for the hundreds of thousands to see on TV,Social media,and Fight venue. @andythecrasian1 and several Fighters have taken my once small unknown clothing line to one of the most recognized Sponsors in MMA and recognized as one of the leading Sponsors for Women in combat Sport's today. If you are a fan of MMA you have seen one of my Logos on a Fighter before. Good luck on your upcoming Fight. Kick some A**. We at #GetCockyNation love you. #Japan We Love you too and Thank you for your support and we stand with you through your natural disasters and will contribute to your cause for relief efforts. (Andy/Slade making a positive difference). #Hawaii #UFC #Fighter #FemaleFighter #Athlete #urban #Apparel #ClothingBrand #Vegas #Bjj #martialarts #NewYork #MuayThai #California #SouthCarolina #Knockouts #VeteranOwnedBusiness #ArmyVeteran

The Reality of Launching my Luxury Handbags is becoming more of a reality. Thank you everyone for your support. #ThanksToAllOfYouWhoBelievedInMeWayBeforeTheShine #GetCocky #GetCockyOnUm #GetCockyNation Be sure to Positively influence at least one person's life through your Success. You about to see the Jeannette & Slade bags hit the Fashion industry hard with several High End Fashion show's Worldwide .... Yes Worldwide showcasing the bags and Jewelry. Alot of Hard work, Money and Faith was put into this. I'd like to Thank God, Family, Friend's, Employee's, Photographers​, Press, Publicist, Event Coordinator's​, Model's, Fashion Event Coordinators and Shop's that are listed to sell our Brand. Celine @hawaiiflossgirls_1 This is a crazy venture,but I'm all in my Friend. Love the heck outta you.... Let's get this money and build this Castle brick by brick. #We All EAT !!!!!!!!

Slade you will Never have International Models wearing your clothing line, Slade Hawaii is Cool ,but the market to promote your clothing line is impossible,Slade you are a Nice Guy ,but to think you can have one of the most recognizable character's featured on Athletes in MMA globally especially Champions is Crazy , Slade you are a big Dreamer, Good Luck Slade ,but I doubt you will succeed I'm only being real buddy , ........... Thanks for the Motivation and the doubt Please tell me something you don't believe I can accomplish as I am on the verge of Launching my Luxury Handbags.... I need the extra motivation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #GetCockyNation Blessing other's since 4/20/2013 . #GodsPlan. I am nothing without God, Family,Friend's, Staff, Employees, Athletes,Models, Photographer's, Event Coordinators, and Yes.... Even the Hater's. I Love you too. I want to Thank every who has supported me from way back when I used to Own Trustworthy Security LLC to my Urban clothing line Get Cocky Outta Hawaii and Several Businesses I own now. The success is not what defines me It's what I am doing to Help other's with my success that defines me. Anything is possible.....And yes it all starts with a Dream. #ThanksToAllOfYouWhoBelievedInMeWayBeforeTheShine #MultipleBusinessOwner #CEO #Entrepreneur #Model #Apparel #Urban #Luxury #Style #Fashion #runwayshow #MakeAPositiveDifferenceInTheWorld

Look what came in the mail .Got couple of MMA Banner's from couple of my MMA fighters I Sponsor along with some Sponsor fight glove's and gear autographed and I got my Robotic Dinosaur. (For those seeing this Dinosaur for the first time see previous posts to see it in action) I don't know this sh** look so Damm real I hope it don't scare the school kid's . I got three schools ready to rent this one and Several carnival games. Wait till you see the giant game's I got .5ft by 5ft Battleship game , connect Four , bowling and a bunch more oh and you already know wussup with the arcades I got that on lock. Yes I'm a big kid. The big game's can even be for adults at Company functions. I'm ordering teather ball and a bunch of other dartboard stuff. Uhhh... Magnetic dart's not real dart's just in case alcohol is involved lol. Email me for details if you live in the Bay Area of California .Stayblessed and oh yeah the Luxury Handbags are about to drop soon . πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° #Birthdays #School #Kids #Adults #Fundraisers #CompanyEvents #Promotions #NetworkMarketing #Fun #Arcades #Games #Carnival #Rental #California #Sanjose #Oakland #MenloPark #Fremont #Dublin #SantaCruz #Milpitas #Sunnyvale

Ooooowee so my cool Friend Vear stayed up the whole night to make sure the Robotics inside the Baby T-Rex hand puppet work's properly . This 3 & a half ft 33 lb T-REX will be one of Three Dinosaurs available for rent for schools, birthday parties, business promotions, churches, Fundraiser event's and more. It's a great Educational tool as well for the young one's. All I'm waiting for is the delivery in Three days here at Fremont, Ca. You are able to Rent these along with Dinosaurs that you can Ride on (Need Flat Surface) . I will also have Arcade Machines and a bunch of Carnival /State Fair game's available and can deliver them to your party. Email #Party #Education #Schools #Kids #Dinosaurs #Amusement #Carnival #StateFair #Games #Teachers #Students #Parents #Business #Arcades #Fun #ThanksToAllOfYouWhoBelievedInMeWayBeforeTheShine

Look how this Robotic Baby T-Rex Dinosaur Hand puppet is coming together.... Talk about Trusting The Process ...... My staff just needs to properly install the teeth and robotics inside the dinosaur. I will have several robotic hand puppets available with different types of dinosaurs. The hand puppets will all have two distinctive roars and also blinking and moving eyes with Head and Mouth Movement. You are able to Control these puppets by placing your hand inside to Control it (See prior video) You will also have Dinosaurs that will be available to rent (Flat surface needed) *THREE hours Max per Dinosaur Rental. These make great Educational tools for children at Elementary schools, Birthdays, Church, Product / Business Promotion and a great for fundraiser events. So if you are anywhere in the #BayArea DM me and we can schedule you a day when you can rent these awesome robotic dinosaurs. #Sanfrancisco #Oakland #Fremont #MenloPark #Dublin #Hayward #Milpitas #pleasenton #sunnyvale #SanCarlos #Fun #Education #Technology #Dinosaurs #Kids #Business

Aloha everyone I'm a little late on this ,but better late than never. On behalf of#GetCockyNation and the State of Hawaii Great win in your most recent Fight over the weekend @andythecrasian1 . It was an action filled Fight against a great opponent. My Urban clothing line #GetCocky outta Hawaii has been Truly Blessed to be one of your official Sponsors for your last Five fights. For you Business Owner's looking for someone to represent your Company ,Brand and or Product contact #GetCocky Professional #MMA Athlete @andythecrasian1 @andythecrasian1 for possible Sponsorship. She Fights all over the World and represents your company Logo in Televised interviews, MMA venue's,Social Media, Documentaries,Gyms Radio, and Televised Fights around the world. Three year's ago nobody knew who Get Cocky was ,but now if you are an avid fan of MMA by now you've seen at least one of my Get Cocky logos on someone's fight banner, Sponsorship shirt, Fight Short's/skirt and now I am one of the leading official Sponsors for Women's MMA in the World . Though I also Sponsor Males I especially Sponsor Women and Children so they get the same recognition as Men do in combat sports. @andythecrasian1 you have been a wonderful Friend and I look forward to continuing to sponsor you for many years to come. Win Lose or Draw we Love you and are proud to call you #Ohana (Family). Business Owner's get that recognition your company deserves and Sponsor @andythecrasian1 you won't regret it Trust me. If a small company like mine can proudly say Locally Grown Globally Known and continue to back it up then you certainly can have the same opportunity. I can't wait to hang that autographed banner, fight skirt and gloves on the wall... Ooooowee. #ThanksToAllOfYouWhoBelievedInMeWayBeforeTheShine #TeamCrasian #FemaleFighter #Badass #Urban #ClothingBrand #Hawaii #Oahu #MMA #KOTC #UFC #Bellator #Gym #Bjj #Boxing #Fight #Athlete #Japan #Sponsorship #Brazil #LasVegas #California #NewYork

Positively influence at least one person's life with your Success. If you are not Blessing other's you are not truly Successful because giving is always better than receiving. It was a blessing Sponsoring this baseball team and having Get Cocky on their Jersey's as well as getting the message out of Positively influencing at least one person's Life with your Success Banner with our Get Cocky characters Eddie (Gorilla) and Harold. (Lil Rooster). If you Change one life for the Good then It's all worth it .Our Clothing line GetCocky Outta Hawaii doesn't only Sponsor well known Athletes .We believe in giving back to the community and sponsoring the youth as well. #GetCocky #GetCockyNation #GetCockyOnUm . Blessing other's since 4/20/2013. #Blessed #Oahu #Maui #Kauai #Niihau #Hilo #Lanaii #Honolulu #Sports #Baseball #Fitness #Sponsorship #youth #MakeAPositiveDifferenceInTheWorld

Aloha everyone ...... 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 My Urban Clothing line #GetCocky Outta Hawaii is proud to continue Sponsoring MMA Athlete @dianna_k_ @dianna_k_ from Greece fighting out of New Jersey . As one of Her Official Sponsors for Her Fight on May 12 ,2018 at Allegany Resort & Casino for @kingofthecage #Kotc I am going to be sending out three paid T-shirts with all the Sponsors logos for @dianna_k_ Fight. This is an awesome opportunity to show your support and possibly win a One of A Kind Dianna Karavas Sponsorship Fight T-shirt. You can also buy Her shirt (Link in Bio) also Link to buy in one of Her Official Sponsors @aperfitness . Shirt's are $25 a piece. Rule's to winning the T-shirt..... Must Follow @dianna_k_ and @aperfitness along with @get_cocky and repost this post. Winner's will be notified near the end of April. Good luck and please post your winnings should you win so people can see we actually send out the merchandise. Remember to follow the rules. For all the previous winner's who participated and continue to Thank you kindly. For you Business Owner's looking for world wide recognition of your product/Business DM Dianna for possible Sponsorship and have your company logo visible at MMA event's, social media, Television, Radio Banner's, Fight Short's, Shirts and more for the hundreds of thousands to see. Exposure is everything and MMA Sponsorship has done alot for the success of my company and it can do the same for you. On behalf of #GetCockyNation and the State of Hawaii we Love you Dianna #TeamDiannaKaravas #Bjj #Naga #FemalePower #MMA #Fighter #Knockouts #Greece #Oahu #NewJersey #California #Apparel #Japan #Rizin #Ufc #Judo #combat #WMMA

Tag your favorite Dj .

Aloha every one I told you I'm back and uh drum roll please.......... LoL 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 First of All It is A True honor for my Urban Clothing line Outta Hawaii #GetCocky to once again proudly be one of the Official Sponsors for Pro MMA Fighter @andythecrasian1 @andythecrasian1 @andythecrasian1 . She fights On May 4, 2018 for @kingofthecage MMA venue at @viejascasinoandresort . As a promotion to that Fight I'm buying several 2018 Autographed calendars which feature @andythecrasian1 and her friend @andreakgblee . You can enter to win one of these jaw dropping calendars by following the rules on @andythecrasian1 last post . You must be following Both Her and I to be selected and repost her last post with calendar. The photos are a Gem and what better way to possibly win some #WMMA memorabilia and show your support as well . You ain't got nothing to lose. Contact Crasian for Fight tickets . For you Business owner's looking to give your Brand or product Top Notch recognition contact @andythecrasian1.She fights all over the world and is a major reason for the success of my Urban clothing brand today. We Love you Girl and Blessed to be part of your Life. #Kotc #GetCockyNation #Sandiego #Cali #Fights #MMA #Bjj #Rizin#ufc #BellatorMMA #Hawaii #Sponsorship #Network #CEO #TeamCrasian

Aloha everyone ...... 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨(If you want to possibly Win a Sponsorship T -shirt from MMA Fighter @mauratynanes @mauratynanes with all Her Sponsors logos such as my company Get Cocky and more on the back look at Her most recent post and follow the instructions.) For those of you wanting to get your Business Logo on @mauratynanes Sponsorship T-shirt, Fight Banner's , Fight Gear,Possible exposure at meet and greet MMA venue's , Social media and more ask her How you are able to work with Her. @mauratynanes is not only a great Athlete winning medal's and winning competition and MMA fight's ,but also a Tremendous person who can do alot to get your brand noticed. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of people seeing and hearing about your company around the globe on Television, Radio and Social media network's. It is what launched my Urban Clothing line #GetCocky Outta #Hawaii to a Globally respected clothing line and a regular on Banner's in 37 different MMA orginizations and represented in 69 fights. Thanks @mauratynanes for everything and on behalf of the State of Hawaii which you also hail from and ALL of #GetCockyNation we support you 100... Keep up the amazing work πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ™πŸπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒ΄πŸŒŽ #BlessedToSponsorYouπŸ™ #Apparel #urban #MMA #alaskafightingchampionship #fights #Ufc #BellatorMMA #destinymma #womenfighters #Kotc #Rizin #Hawaii #Sports #california #Sponsorship #TeamMauraTynanes #GetCockyNation

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