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Gesa Bohn  🏃‍♀️🇩🇪long- distance runner|| business facilitator, running& mental coach ⏱10k: 34:55 || HM:1:16h 🍉healthy food lover 📍Los Angeles, California

I am a runner.
What does that mean? Running is so much more than a sport for me. Running shaped me to the woman I am right now. I always loved running with my dad when I was little. I ran my first HM after high- school and I couldn’t stop anymore. I explored the world during my runs. It helped me to connect to people all over the world. It supported me in finding my true passion. I grew and developed through running and it helped me in difficult times. Running opened the doors to my career, to inspire others and to be truly myself. Running introduced me to an holistic lifestyle, to healthy nutrition, to recovery, to mindfulness and to be mentally strong and focused. Through running I found true friends and my true love. Thanks for always being there ❤️🙏
📸 @devinlamoreaux

What a year so far. 2018 is my year of change. I came back from my world trip, started working again and running competitively. At the same time we planned our move to beautiful California. We had lots of farewells and now here we are. I can‘t put it into words because it still feels unreal. I have my ups and downs because the last couple of months were intense. You know what always helped me: my active lifestyle 🏃‍♀️. Running and yoga, meditation, healthy vegan food and spending time with my family and friends. I am so grateful for all the opportunities in my life and now I am looking forward to settling in. ❤️
Big thanks for all the support during the year to @raabvitalfood and @roobar_raw 👍.

Do you know that feeling when you should be satisfied because you achieved something good?
I ran German Championships on Sunday, had great support from my friends and my family and an amazing feeling running in the stadium. Nevertheless, I knew there was more in my legs and my mind. I wasn‘t courageous enough to speed up even though I felt good. I waited too long and then missed my turn. I guess that’s what sport is about. You learn with every race. You learn for life. I am grateful for making such life experiences. Thanks for the constant support to my family& friends! 🙏
📷 @kathyohlmeyer

‚Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts‘ ☺️
Yesterday was race time during the 5.000m South German Championships. I was lucky that Tabea paced me in the beginning. It then took a lot of effort and mental strength to continue the pace in an almost empty stadium and me alone in the front. I know that I am mentally strong and still with a season that started bumpy, you‘ll never know. I am happy that I won the race (yes I took a private picture on the podium 😅) and qualified for the German Championships in Nuremberg💪🏃‍♀️.
As I always say during the workshops I facilitate: We learn most from those moments when we really need to go out of our comfort zone and when we stretch ourselves to get better and better. Happy Sunday everyone ☀️

🌊 The two elements which bring me enormous joy are the ocean and running :).
We started today with thousands of colleagues and runners to create awareness and share our passion.
For the first million kilometers of the 2018 #adidasParley #RunForTheOceans, @adidas will contribute $1 per km to support Parley Ocean School youth education initiatives. Hosted on @runtastic through July 8. Let’s go outside and create a movement.
How many kilometers have you run today 🏃‍♀️?

Amazing to see how many people are already active early in the morning. Enjoyed an easy early morning run with beautiful sunshine along the beach. Great way to start the day ☀️

Spring arrived. Pure joy and so much more fun to run outside 🤗

This picture reminds me of how important recovery is after an intense workout. As an athlete and full time employee, I constantly listen to my body and mind. Am I pushing too hard or not enough. I have learnt from so many lessons in the past and there is so much more to come. Be patient with myself is one of my learnings. Happy Easter everyone 🐣💐

Happy about a good training session I had. 💪 Anyways, I hope warm spring is coming soon so that we can enjoy running outdoors with comfortable temperatures 😅

‚All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point‘. After an intense working week and a short trip to Hamburg, I competed the German Cross Country Championships yesterday. I wasn‘t sure what to expect from my body with only training for 6 weeks. Happy that we managed to finish 3rd fastest team. I am back on track. ☺️

Finding your balance. On days like this, I need to be flexible. I am working full time and if we have full days with a team dinner, there is rarely space for intense running. Luckily, I got into yoga and meditation. So instead of rushing in the morning, I did yoga followed by a meditation and cycled to work 😊. I am grateful that I discovered yoga. It really makes a difference to my mind, body and soul. Happy evening everyone 🙏

The cold weather reminds me of my intense trekking in the Himalayas. Funny enough, it was much colder there but with the sun out, it felt warmer. I just cycled back from work and my fingers were frozen. I am grateful for my warm, cozy appartment ☺️🙏

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