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Gerry Signorelli  I ride 🚲🏍 to explore 🌏 Can you find me? #ifoundsigs Shimano|FOX|Skratch|Industry9|Schwalbe|SantaCruz|Stages|EnduroMTBTraining|EVOC|SuperbikeSchool


Seven years coaching with this crew for the California Superbike School and couldn’t be more impressed and grateful to work with people I respect so much. Thanks for having me on the team, @superbikeschool. The students I’ve enjoyed coaching, places it’s taken me around the world and amount of exploration of riding theory and technique has far surpassed what I thought would happen. Fuck yea! Who want to talk about how bikes work and how to ride them?

Arriving back to Taiwan today! I will get to do more night riding around Taipei with friends again this winter. This video is from last year when we did some laps on Five Finger Mountain.
我今天回去台灣。 我跟我的朋友將騎腳踏車。 我去年在五指山做這片電影。
#taipei #taiwan #五指山 #台北 #台灣

See what I see. Hear what I feel. What makes you feel good?

Hello Wheelie Wednesday. I spent the last two days riding spines, ridge lines and sunsets in the desert. I wore the chesty cam too so look for some edits coming your way. 😎 #wheeliewednesday #wheelie

Have you ever felt what it’s like to feel your best? How we use our vision (foveal and peripheral) and how we train our minds to process what we see has a huge influence on how we feel daily and perform in sport. Additionally, our breathing, movement mechanics, balance, alignment, etc. all influence our feelings and abilities every second of ever day. Dr. Grove Higgins at Colorado Springs Human Performance & Rehabilitation is offering a very sweet class, starting this week, to help you get more out of yourself. I highly recommend it as I’ve trusted him for a couple years now and enjoyed very positive results. Here are a few pics from me working with him last week on breathing and visual skills. He has helped me expand on visual skills that Dr. Frank Puckett, Keith Code, @superbikeschool, and Rich Oliver have taught me too. His work on my movement and health has complimented what my coach Dee Tidwell teaches me for MTB’s as well. I’m very lucky to be exposed to such smart people that research how to make us better. Check out the class if you want the same! Message me for info.

Planning to be back in Taiwan this winter to practice speaking Mandarin. I’ll be coaching for the Superbike School, visiting friends, riding my bike and eating delicious Taiwanese food! I yearn for 小籠包 (my favorite dumplings). .
@css_taiwan @superbikeschool @alicehung0809

I played camera man and got to watch @know34 burn rubber while dragging his knee in the dirt. Riding motorcycles fast is fun. #californiasuperbikeschool

It's all about going through the corners fast baby! I feel a tingle. Time to go to work. #californiasuperbikeschool #superbikes

Friends that wheelie together, stay together. This song is for you you @kal.farmer 😂😂😂! Song is Let's Stay Together, by Al Green. .
#wheeliewednesday #wheelie #AlGreen

How about a little 360 cam on my coach bike at the @superbikeschool? Enjoy your #twowheeltuesday!

Italian Enduro World Series trail mash up! I just raced in Italy last week against the world's best riders and wanted to show you a sample of the trails we rode. This footage is from my practice runs. For the race, it was much crazier with spectators lining the tape, yelling and blaring noisemakers and chainsaws at us as we raced by. Too bad @world_enduro didn't let us race with cameras because I'd like to show you the race day environment. The unique combo of the small town of Finale Ligure, the trails, the gelato and the beach make this place special. #ewsfinale #enduromtb

Sights, sounds and tastes noticed while off the bike last week in Finale Ligure for the @world_enduro 😋

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