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Gerri Riddiough 

Full moon reading.
Copy and paste the bitly link on the picture for more detail.

Aurora xxx

#manifestation #creators #fullmoon #fullmoonparty #fullmoonrising #community #goddess #energy #divinemasculine #divinefeminine

Because there's only one conspiracy and it's no theory. 😘

I'll be popping readings, blogs and video links on this going forward too.
#attraction and the real power of it rather than 'buy my stuff' πŸ˜˜πŸ›πŸ¦‹πŸ’ŽπŸ’₯ Aurora xxx

When does life begin?
When we decide it does.
Even if on the surface something appears to have had a knock. Always come back stronger.
Including staying where you said you'd be.

The world is changing and it's up to us to go with it.
Aurora xxx

I woke up in the night. Angel numbers #222
I wrote a blog about it here, copy and paste to open. 😊

It was exactly 2.22am on 22 July
Gerri xx

Attitude of gratitude.

Thank you for releasing me to step into the role I came here for. Roles. TY X 8
Gerri xx

#endofenslavementofalllife #attractionmarketing #workfromhome #entrepreneuriallife #lifebydesign #incompetitionwithmyself See video in bio and my blog at www.gerririddiough.co.uk

Take your money back #birthrights


Currently writing and recording.
Gerri xx

#lifebydesign #lifebydesign #entrepreneuriallife #workfromhome #attractionmarketing
See link in bio 😊

To work on ourselves is the most valuable thing going though most never realise this. Thankfully that is now changing. For more info on working WITH the universe rather than against it, see link in bio.
Search me on you tube as you'll find me under my own name and Pleiadian express productions. Subscribe and I'll be sharing more on the things that happened in my life to make me wake up and that was to everything going on here.
Enter your email in the link in bio for an introduction video to universal law, how to use it and creating a life by design rather than default.

Gerri xx

#universal law #lawofattraction #lawofabundance #lawofvibration #workfromhome #entrepreneurlifestyle #lifebydesign #

Big year this year, I'm 40 in July and gpops is the big 9-0 in September. πŸ’™

Gerri xx

#caterpillartobutterfly #caterpillar #fallaparttofalltogether #online #business #attractionmarketing #lawofattraction #universallaw

Life can be confusing at times, especially when everything we knew or thought we knew seems to fall apart, in time we realise that it was all falling together. πŸ˜‰

Gerri xx

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