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-Sunset from a few days back-

Hey, everybody. As you can tell from looking at my posts, I haven't been on here or other social media for awhile. The constant stream of negativity, misinformation, & delusional spewings became too much for me. I have been in a much better mindset since quitting fb especially.

That being said, I'm about to be working as a greenhouse grower again so I will try to post some of the beautiful flowers & plants I grow. Hopefully it will provide a little bit of color & happiness in what has become murky internet waters.

This is the main stairwell. The servants/workers had a completely different set of stairs that they had to use.

More of the million dollar mansion....

My first airbnb experience was great. We stayed in this 10,000+ square foot million dollar mansion built in 1898. More pics coming

Well, I survived my first big family get-together in a long time. It wasn't easy but glad I made myself do it. Hope everyone had a great holiday! Here's a metal cactus (great band name by the way)

Colorado 😍

Sun dog! First time seeing one in person. If you've never witnessed this phenomenon, the glare/spot you see on the right was completely visible in person and is not a result of the picture. #noedit #nofilter #sun #clouds #sky #sundog #mocksun #parhelion #instadaily #instagood #instago #instalike #instahub #igers #all_shots #iphoneonly #iphoneography


Long road trip so going through old pictures. Hopefully this will help me keep my sanity 😬 Happy holidays

Check out those colors! Doesn't even look real. #noedit #nofilter

One of the many amazing varieties of Variegated Garden Crotons. To the best I can tell it's from the Petra variety but I've never seen one with fluorescent pink like that.

If anyone's interested these are extremely easy to take care of houseplants and produce some of the most amazing colors and patterns.


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