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German Tattooers  Hosting Germany's Best Tattooers. No Ego, No Profit, ♠️ Successfully run by a real range of German tattooers (The GT Phantoms), since Feb. 2014.

Geile Karre @mica_one #lowrider #blackandgreytattoo #blackandgraytattoo 👊🏼 @mica_one @mica_one @mica_one @mica_one thanks for all the fun folks, see you some other time!!!

Old boy @pkdna73 from Essen City organized the historic @tribaltattootour will be stopping @kaiserstadt_tattoo_expo_aachen @andreas_coenen .
let’s see who’s all there and get in line for a new sweet tattoo!!!
@nickcarusotattoo fun all the way @freddycorbintattoos alles klar @larrydavistattoos would definitely be someone to look out for. He is amazing!!!@shaneenholm word up @bradfink crazy good @acmetim has machines with him @tomas_garcia rules @n8harmon entertainment pro @gloyne83 is the best guy ever @chris_howell_tattoo straight A’s @mike_maney old school with mega attitude @eric_perfect has Pigments along with him @oblivioussurroundings @thescottsterling has machines with him @mattvancura is something else @_hearts.eye_ @luckysupplyeurope @luckysupply go get a new one and take part in modern tattoo history! Everybody who misses something here is going to be really missing it in the end. Make it happen for yourselfs...
#kaiserstadt_tattoo_expo_aachen #tribaltattootour and any other tattoo is from around the globe and especially Germany!!!

Not to long now!!! Good news Charlie Roberts is also coming along on the @tribaltattootour @pkdna73 an old boy from Essen City and
@nickcarusotattoo @freddycorbintattoos @larrydavistattoos @shaneenholm @bradfink @acmetim @tomas_garcia @n8harmon @gloyne83 made this Tattoo you de here @chris_howell_tattoo @mike_maney @eric_perfect @oblivioussurroundings @thescottsterling @mattvancura @_hearts.eye_ @luckysupplyeurope @luckysupply @kaiserstadt_tattoo_expo_aachen @thesinnerandthesainttattoo can somebody please tag Charlie Roberts! Es sind noch einige Termine frei und nicht mehr lange bis diese legendäre Tour anfängt. Wer will sucht sich seinen Lieblingstätowierer aus und bucht schnellstmöglich einen Termin. Keine lange Wartezeit!!!
Mega cool mit zu machen!!! Aachen/Berlin/Hamburg/Luxemburg Go!😃

Hello friend told me he was made by @dirkreutertattooer @leibundseeletattoo #traditionaltattoo #germantattooers 👊🏼

German traditional boss @dirkreutertattooer #traditionaltattoo #germantattooers 👊🏼

Dead angle done yesterday at Wuppertal Tattoo convention by @obermeier_p #blackandgraytattoo #blackandgreytattoo #germantattooers #wuppertaltattooconvention #tattooconventionwuppertal ✨✌🏼heute!!!

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