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I remember my tour group catching up with the tour group from an earlier time in front of us. Each time that happened, I waited for them to get out of the way to take a number of empty shots like this. If you ever visit here, go around December. Not many visits, and the weather is great. Sometimes, patience really is everything.

I remember having my hand out, putting my fingers on the smooth rock/path as I swiped right following the turn. On Tinder that's a good thing. I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious between Lower Antelope Canyon and I. There's my cheesy πŸ§€ joke for the night.

I remember taking sand from Lower Antelope Canyon. Living in FL, I'm surrounded by the water and sand from the beach. Every time I'm at a location where there is sand, I like to compare it back home. Anyhow, my mom and I put sand in our zip-log bag. She then created a gift for my sister using the sand, pouring it in a bottle with a selfie of the three of us in it. πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

I remember thinking back on how awesome it must have been a kid back then while running around this area. The absolute freedom to visit this place anytime you like. It obviously came with its risks, but that's one of the awesome things about being a don't think about risks. Anyhow, the reason why this place isn't an open area is because a number of years ago, hikers got trapped and drowned here during heavy rain fall. Since that moment, this place converted into a tour guide area for safety.

I remember how this place made me reminisce the big playground childhood days of mine. Sometimes, that's what it felt like. Back then...I would let my imagination run wild. One day, I was a Star Wars jet fighter. The next day, I'd invent my own planet and walk around it. Lower Antelope Canyon made me feel exactly that. Each turn and carved rock was a surprise.

I remember my little sister telling me before the tour that we needed to stay in front of the tour group to get the best shots (with nobody in front of us). She really did her research that day. So throughout the tour, we stayed in sister would tell me where to get a shot , then she would get her shot. I had a childhood like moment, when all I can think about was NASCAR. Yes, NASCAR...where you race to the front of the pack of cars and make sure the group is behind you. Anyway...once we got our shots, we would get out of the way for the folks behind us to get theirs. In the famous words of Ricky Bobby: "If you ain't first, you're last".

I remember being overwhelmed by beauty. I wanted to take photos of absolutely everything and nothing. Everything, to save these moments forever. Nothing, to soak in this moment forever. It made no sense. I made no sense. This place consumed me. Stendhal syndrome in full effect.

I remember thinking to myself...this is what Heaven must look like.

I remember looking up, and imagining how it would be like to get shot from above. Let me explain. A Native American told me a couple of legends/stories about this area during my visit. One of them was on how some tribes would use this area to hide from the white folks. Because of the history around the area, he told me how some families didn't like having their family member working in this area (as a tour guide). They'd either call them a traitor or plead with them to get a different job. I will never forget that moment. My tour guide was incredible, loved what he did (despite the history), and (on his side) felt blessed to have his family so accepting to do what he loves...which is to educate and tell the story of his people and this location.

I remember wanting to take a photo of her, but she was with family. I didn't really want to ruin that moment. Instead, I took a photo from behind. I've always liked candid back shots and catching people in their most natural moment. I also don't get to show off my social awkwardness at times in asking strangers to get a photo of them (πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ lol)

I remember telling myself this guy is crazy fearless. A number of the visitors and I was nervous for the dude because he was so close to the edge. Just look at his feet, one wrong move and he's ☠️. Anyhow, he got his photo of his friend going all Lion King 🦁(previous post). I then thought on how as we get older, we will remember our young and fearless days. This (for him) was surely one of them.

I remember

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