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Gerard Way  Last of the seven ancients

She’s the most inspiring person in the world to me. She means so much to us and never ceases to amaze me with her kindness and talent. My best friend, my sweetheart, my missing piece, and the best mother I could possibly imagine for our daughter. Happy Birthday baby!! My wish is countless more days to celebrate you. I love you forever!!

Sharing more goodness today--My good buddy @thebrandonsaller and his band @hellorhighwaterofficial have a new album almost out called Vista and I am loving the single “I Want It All” and the pre-release songs. Just awesome rock and roll. It’s cool to see friends and artists trying different things. Some really cool guitar work, band has a great tight sound, killer vocals obviously.
Check it out!

#Hellorhighwater #Vista

In Stores Now! “Rest In Peace Michael Pembrook”
This comic is loaded with goodness. The main event is the continuation of Cave and Chloe Carson’s story (with Wild Dog of course) and the introduction of a new character from Cave’s past. And it’s a great jumping-in point for the 2nd arc after the strangeness of Issue 7. The creative team keeps pushing and the books keep getting better. There is a lot of pride amongst this team and it is well earned.
Then we have a new “Wonderful World of Rocks” to fill in more background on Cave’s world, followed by a brand new Bane’s Coloring Corner, then a spotlight on Doom Patrol colorist Tamra Bonvillain, where you can take a look at her process— really great stuff in there if you are curious about how comics are colored. Lastly, there is a new editorial written by me, about being on the road for books and music.
Everyone did an amazing job on this one, and it is well worth checking out. Excellent variant cover (on the right) by Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn, and on the left the usual awesomeness from the CC art team of @Oeming and @nick_filardi.

Written by Jon Rivera
Story by Gerard Way and Jon Rivera
Cover and Interiors Illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming
Cover and Interior Colors by Nick Filardi
Lettered by Clem Robins
Variant cover by Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn “Wonderful World of Rocks”
Written by Mark Russell
Illustrated by Benjamin Dewey
Designed by Paul Rentler “Bane’s Coloring Corner”
By Brandon Bird

#CCHACE #DCYoungAnimal #DCComics #CaveCarson

How have you been?



In Stores Now— At your local shop and digitally through Comixology.
Shade in Gotham!
After a really amazing Issue 7 where we got to see more of Loma’s past and how she came to be enamored with The Madness, Arc 2 kicks into it’s main story with Issue 8. We are out of high school and into the open wild of the world. Shade embarks on a new adventure, while we still get to check in with fan-favorite characters living in her hometown wondering where the hell Shade went.
I think you all know how much I love this book. I always get the warm fuzzies from this one. One of my favorite issues, lots of fun stuff inside and an easter egg or two for DC’s Young Animal readers.

We also get a terrific variant cover by Jen Bartel and the usual awesomeness from Becky Cloonan. And a new episode of Life With Honey drawn by Audrey Mok with the usual team.
Check this out at your shop!

#STCG #DCYoungAnimal #DCComics #shadethechanginggirl #Gotham
Written by Cecil Castellucci
Drawn by Marley Zarcone
Inks pages 6-9, 15-18 by Ande Parks
Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letters by Saida Temofonte
Main cover by Becky Cloonan
Variant cover by Jen Bartel “Life With Honey” back up feature
Written by Cecil Castellucci
Drawn by Audrey Mok
Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letters by Saida Temofonte


In Stores Now: At your local comic shop or digitally through Comixology.
It is finally here— the first issue to the first #DCYoungAnimal 6-issue mini-series— Bug! The Adventures of Forager.
I can’t even begin to describe the amount of love, care, and enthusiasm that goes into this book. The Allred family (and Nate!) are killing it on all levels. And I can feel great excitement and buzz out there on this title.
And we are blessed with some killer variant covers by none other than the brilliant James Harvey (@harveyjamz) and the legendary Paul Pope (@comicsdestroyer) and incredible Paul Maybury (@playbury)
We’ve got a couple releases today (one of which I will be posting about soon) so please go and check these books out. We are trying things and experimenting and just overall trying to tell great stories in a pretty unique way. The support from the Young Animal audience keeps us going so we really appreciate that.
#BUG #DCYABUG #Forager #DCYoungAnimal #DCComics #Allred #Kirby
Written by Lee Allred
Drawn by Michael Allred
Colors by Laura Allred
Letters by Nate Piekos of Blambot
Variant covers by James Harvey, Paul Pope and Paul Marbury

As you already know, my dear brother @mikeyway and his wonderful wife @kristincolby brought an amazing little person into the world, Rowan Louise Way. We are so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful family that continues to grow. Seriously, if you had asked us when we were young if our lives were going to turn out this way, we wouldn’t have believed you. Bandit is super excited to babysit her new cousin (who she is head over heels for), and Linds and I are overjoyed at being an Aunt and Uncle. Here is an awesome pic they sent us. Lots of love!
#cute #RLW ❤️

A couple of weeks and this album is still holding strong in my player. Check it out if you haven't already.

There were 2 of these chaps outside my office window but you can only see one here

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