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Gerard Grigsby  Professional counselor, undercover singer, dancer extraordinaire, and natural-born-goofball.

CPS art...

Had to clean it up for picture day at work!

But I drive a Nissan...

It’s official! This space belongs to me now!

Don’t underestimate the power of making yourself known to people!

If You’re Reading This...Just bawled my eyes out in my car listening to this song!

Random singing tip! Learn to make your voice crack...

Tryna get this “breathing low” thing together! I really have to suck air in through my nostrils to get my lungs to fill up. I used to take very shallow breaths because I was focusing on breathing silently, which never allowed my diaphragm to move down. Because my diaphragm was so weak, I was forced to use my chest, neck, and shoulder muscles to inhale. When you use these muscles (instead of the diaphragm) to breathe, you create tightness and tension in places they shouldn’t be, like the throat and ribs. Gonna keep practicing! Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome!

Like the good ol’ days! Last call! Athens #BrewWeek

I don’t think I’ve ever shared my old artwork on Instagram. It’s been years since I’ve actually drawn anything like this, but I haven’t lost the gift!

Another singing tip! Build to a climax instead of using up all your tricks in the beginning. Try to think about singing a song in three sections. In the first section, try to stick to the melody and mainly focus on showcasing the natural beauty of your voice. Toward the middle section, get a little creative and showcase some of your range and agility (using some of the flips and yodels I taught in a previous video). By the end of the song, you can let your ear get crazy and start doing more runs. I don’t always execute this well, but when I do, it makes all the difference between people telling me I “tried too hard” or “did too much” versus telling me that I did some good singing. Keep practicing this formula, and it can help you keep people engaged and looking forward to what you’re gonna do next when you’re singing! (I don’t actually post these everyday, so I should probably say “Random singing tip” instead of “Singing tip of the day,” but you get the idea...)

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