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Gerard Grigsby  Professional counselor, undercover singer, dancer extraordinaire, and natural-born-goofball.

I went to church this morning and didn’t feel out of place for the first time in a long time...

Here’s another exercise I do to train my ear! Practice singing arpeggios (broken chords) in a given key using the solfege syllables I demonstrated in one of my previous videos. My tonal accuracy improved tremendously after I started hearing chords in my head and learned to “lock” the key of a song into my ear. This helps me avoid singing flat or sharp, and it allows me to take some risks with some of the runs I do because I know I can always find my way back to the key in which I started!

Most beautiful wedding ever! Congrats @crystal.trout and @wrighthm1

When you’re singing, be authentic! Don’t perform, just sing. I post videos of myself looking a hot mess and acting a fool because I want you to see who I am. My favorite singers are folks who allow themselves to be vulnerable, authentic, real, unfiltered. I challenge you to take that risk too!

In the spirit of forgiftness...Take me to the water to teach me grace and mercy...


First attempt at stir fry! Serious about learning how to cook!

You don’t have to do tons of runs to create interesting lines. Just change a couple of notes and experiment with singing different variations of a melody until you find something you like.

Another singing tip! Experiment with singing with and without vibrato when you’re practicing a song. Get a sense of where the sweet spots are in your range and when it sounds and feels good to let your spin come through. When I’m singing higher pitches, it takes more effort to make my voice spin, and my vibrato sometimes sounds a little strained. Experimenting this way has taught me to lean more toward “straight tone” singing when I’m at the top of my range, which feels better and sounds better to me in my head. When I’m singing in the middle or bottom of my range, I’m more inclined to let my vibrato come through. If you practice this way, you’ll begin to learn your voice and figure out all the things you can and can’t do with it. So, love your voice, but also know your voice so you can do your best singing!

Seafood salad, comin’ right up!

When your office is so cold that you’ve had to blast a heater from less than a foot away all summer...

Just be still...

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