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Geraldine Guo  ▶Motherhood | Adventures with Kids ▶Stay-home mum to 3 boys (6,3,3) | A twin mum 💌 gigi.geri@gmail.com 📍 AU🇦🇺 👇 Blog

Did a #toddlerthursday at the Werribee Open Range Zoo with the younger two! #zoosvictoria

Life is looking rather BRIGHT here in Melbourne! #brightonbeachboxes

Mstr 6 is happy to learn a new skill yesterday - tree climbing! He's also super excited when he sees acorns around these oak trees... So we've been collecting them in a huge box... He says can make a square dice by scratching it on the ground.

Happy woof year from down under! No big celebrations but happy to dress the boys in costumes and did video calls with our loved ones ❤。 祝大家 新年快乐 万事如意 身体健康 恭喜发财!

3rd week here, hub has gone to work and staying home with these 2 monkeys the whole day is truly a test of my patience.

Glad this makes settling in a little easier. $2 coffee sold at the entrance of Woolies (love that cup holder ☕) and free fruits for the kiddos (they picked bananas! 🍌🍌)

Did a scenic drive around the Yarra Valley and did a pit stop for ice cream! 🍦🍦🍦

First day of Year 1 for Jaden, he's super excited about it... New uniform, new hat, new shoes, new teacher, new friends. And he's relieved that he doesn't need to "nap" or "bathe" in school like in his Kindy. School starts at 9.00am and ends at 3.30pm.

Brothers were too sleepy in the morning, so we had to drag them out and they had breakfast in the school hallway. 😅 I made my first mummy friend in school - his classmate's mum, and they are from Malaysia 😉 She told me about a chinese enrichment school nearby... 👍

1.5 hours more to end of school and I can't wait to hear about his day! #firstdayofschool

We figured the boys need their playground & ice cream time while running errands with us. We went fridge & washing machine shopping, they almost tore the place down by pressing whatever buttons they can find and opening/closing all the appliances doors 😅😅😅 So better let them release their energy outdoor!


The boys are very happy with our airbnb.. although they are super noisy, I'm afraid they will disturb the neighbours! Rained the whole of last night and temp is down to 18 now. Have an unfurnished home to do from scratch, buy a car, and get the big boy to start school! #101thingstodo

Took a train to the city and someone asked us how to get to Dandenong. We were like "Sorry, this is our first ride!" #noideatoo

One way ticket to new adventures!

Kids are shocked to come home to an almost empty house. The look I get from my 2yo when I said "Sorry baby, your toys & books are on the ship to Australia." 😭

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