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George Steinmetz  Photographer for National Geographic and NY Times Magazine, creating an aerial perspective on climate change and global food supply @feedtheplanet

Do you ever read the labels on the food you eat, and wonder what it is that stuff? This is the world’s largest farm of #beta-carotene, a colorant in many packaged food products. It’s produced by #BASF from salt-loving algae in this lake on the coast of SW Australia. If you are curious about where our food comes from, follow my other IG account @feedtheplanet

My home for three weeks in Antarctica, M/V Australis, pulling out of an anchorage strewn with bergie bits from calving glaciers. I spent three weeks on board this 75 ft. sailboat to have two days to photograph the declining penguin population on Deception Island. It was the biggest time commitment I’ve ever made for a picture, but sometimes the journey is the reward. Up in the crow’s nest, scouting for icebergs, is first mate @simo_oceanphotography @oceanexpeditions @NYTimesMag @PuitzerCenter #LosingEarth #climatechangeisreal

A rare view inside the main pit of Haerwusu, the biggest coal mine in Asia, with estimated reserves of 1.7 billion tons over the next 75 years. China consumes approximately half the world's coal, which is enough to meet some 60% of national demand. There was nothing inside the pit for a sense of size, but these tires on this truck are 12 feet in diameter. The scale of resource consumption in China is staggering, but coal use has plateaued as the country meets increasing demand with new nuclear, wind, and solar systems. @NYTimesMag @PulitzerCenter #LosingEarth #ClimateChangeisReal #coal #fossilfuels

Abandoned farm house in the Rhine Delta of the Netherlands. After repeated flooding, parts of Tiengemeten Island have been abandoned permanently to become a nature reserve. #risingseas #climatechangeisreal

Nesting pairs of chinstrap penguins take turns incubating their eggs on Deception Island, Antarctica. A recent census of this colony showed the population declining from 85k pairs to 50k pairs over the past 14 years. All of the experts I spoke with link this to warming temperatures, which have degraded nesting conditions and reduced the amount of krill that is their principal food. #climatechangeisreal @NYTMag @pulitzercenter #LosingEarth @oceanexpeditions

I came across this odd spherical trailer at a private automobile museum in the desert of Abu Dhabi, and the image has stuck with me as a metaphor for the preciousness of our special little planet. We are all passengers on this most singular vessel as it hurtles through time and space, and I can only hope that we can learn to take better care of it. #climatechangeisreal

Flyover of the 12th Century oasis town of Chinguetti, Mauritania, which is slowly being buried by mobile sand dunes. It’s an ancient problem that is being exacerbated by increasingly intensive sandstorms that have deposited 20-40 inches of sand over the past 15 years. @NYTMag @pulitzercenter #LosingEarth #climatechange

The ancient oasis town of Chinguetti in Mauritania is slowly being buried by mobile sand dunes, a problem accelerated by increasingly intensive sandstorms that have deposited 20-40 inches of sand over the past 15 years. @NYTMag @pulitzercenter #LosingEarth #climatechange

8 September 2017 Flight over an island community recovering from severe flooding on the Brahmaputra River. The flooding last year was extraordinary, even by Bangladesh standards, where people have learned to use temporary infrastructure in expectation of more severe weather events to come. @nytmag @pulitzercenter #LosingEarth #climatechangeisreal #freeshahidulalam

This is the biggest calf farm in the world, just outside Green Bay, Wisconsin. These young #dairy cows will spend part of their adolescence in one of these little plastic calf hutches, which give them shelter and a place to rest, with a small coral out front. The individual hutches are designed to minimize the risk of contracting an illness from sharing the same pen with their cohort. If you look closely you can see the food and water trucks that circulate. In the past twenty years, the number of dairy farms in the US has declined by over 60%, and the economics of consolidation are favoring mega-dairy operations like this one. A major exhibition of my work on BIG FOOD has recently opened at @visapourlimage, in Perpignan, France. It’s been interesting to see the viewers reaction to large scale food systems that are largely prohibited in Europe.

Coal sorting yard for the biggest coal-fired power plant in China, which supplies a third of the electricity for Beijing. The small red rectangles are 18 wheel trucks, and the blue boxes are drive-through sorting facilities, and the green patches are tarps covering the coal piles. China’s coal consumption has plateaued in recent years, at almost half of the global total. @NYTMag @pulitzercenter #LosingEarth #climatechange #coal #CO2 #energyshift

Vertical view of a rail yard for assembling coal trains near Hohhot, China, with high wind fences to stop the black dust from coating the countryside. China’s coal consumption has plateaued in recent years, at almost half of the global total, as the country invests in other forms of power to meet rising demand. @NYTMag @pulitzercenter #LosingEarth #climatechange #coal #CO2 #energy

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