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George Steinmetz  Photographer for National Geographic and NY Times Magazine, creating an aerial perspective on climate change and global food supply @feedtheplanet

Expedition cars navigating the star dunes of the Rub al Khali, Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest sea of sand. There are a number of places that people claim to be the hottest on earth. This would be my guess, but you won’t find anyone out there in the summer with a thermometer. #EmptyQuarterBook #paramotor #notadrone

Waiting for Victoria’s Secret to open after Friday evening prayers last night at the Kingdom Centre Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia #ModernIslam

Expedition cars make their way across the flooded margin of the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. It’s the biggest salt flat on earth, and one of the most surreal places I’ve ever seen. #phogasm at 12,000 ft.

The vicuña appeared to have come for a drink of brackish water, before I saw them moving back toward mud flats of the Salar de Uyuni. Once the providers of soft warm wool for Inca royalty, vicuña were almost hunted to #extinction before #conservation efforts led to a comeback. #paramotor #notadrone

Edible salt lies piled up near the edge of the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s biggest salt flat measuring over 4,000 sq mi. It’s one of the most surreal places I’ve ever seen. The Salar is at 12,000 ft., the lowest point in the great valley of the Central Andes, and floods every spring with melt water from the surrounding peaks. Driving out there with the speakers blasting U2 was an unforgettable experience. On night drives we would sometimes turn off the headlights for periods of time, which was exciting but not advisable ...

Ténéré, Niger, 1997.
We were the first ones to see this vehicle since it had departed across a roadless part of the Sahara from Djanet, Algeria a few years earlier. The passengers, about a dozen local men, women and children, had headed for Agadez, Niger in two cars and never seen again. It was clear that this Land Cruiser had been there for many years as its tires where shiny from exposure to sun and heat. All the spare fuel and water cans inside were dusty dry. Inside we found a few empty glass tea cups, a pair of old Converse high tops, and a lot of sand. We searched the surrounding desert for signs of bodies or skeletons, but found nothing. Apparently the occupants had left in search of water or help, but the rest of their story remains untold. Trans-Saharan travel is serious business.

Bozo fishing village on an islet in the Niger River, near Mopti, Mali. The largest building on this islet is the mosque made of mud, which is rebuilt by the local community at the end of the rainy season. #AfricanAirBook

Herding zebras with an approaching storm, in NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia. The thin grasses here have a rare speckled pattern known as "fairy circles", a phenomena that is quite beautiful but poorly understood. To purchase a personally autographed poster of this and a few other select images, go to link in bio of @geosteinmetz

I felt like I was in a scene from Dr. Seuss as I hiked around this icy fumarole on Mt. Erebus, Antarctica. It was was -10F on the roof of sauna cave at 11,600 ft.. Erebus is one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and there was molten lava in the adjacent crater. To purchase a personally autographed poster of this and a few other select images, go to link in bio of @geosteinmetz 🌲🎁

This is probably my best-known image, which went viral several years ago. I was amused that people in the Middle East assumed it was taken by a spy satellite, while many in the Europe and North America guessed it was created in photoshop. The reality, is that it was taken by me, circling overhead in my motorized paraglider in a very remote part of Oman where camel caravans once carried frankincense to the Holy Land. This illusion of Arabia is now available as a personally autographed poster via the link in the bio of @geosteinmetz

The Vertical Forest, a pair of eco-futurist residential towers (at right) in Milan's Porta Nuova district designed by Boeri Studio. They have over 900 trees on their balconies to help mitigate CO2 and moderate temperatues inside the building. As seen at sunrise yesterday. Always fashionable... Ciao Milano! #BoscoVerticale #Boeri #architeture #urbanforest

Seaweed farming is one of the few ways to make a little money in the lagoon of Tabiteuea Island in Kiribati. #Aquaculture started here over twenty years ago, and the crop grows quickly on nylon ropes staked into the shallow sand. The harvest is floated to shore on small rafts and then dried for export, to be used as an emulsifier in various products. While sunlight and clear water are abundant in the Central Pacific, transportation is not. There are no scheduled flights to this remote atoll, and I had to charter a tri-maran for the two day trip to get here. #sustainability in agriculture is complicated, and will be part of my discussion today in Milan for the @BCFNFoundation

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