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Georgina🇬🇧  🐎|Nancy 🐎|Buzzby 🐎|Domino Sharing my story with my ponies💜

He’s so adorable!💎
Sorry I don’t have much to post right now - the weather is really bad and it gets dark really quickly so it’s very hard to get photos
Although I still have some that I haven’t posted - although some of them are a bit repetitive so I’ll try my best haha!!💜
I have some blurry jumping photos but I doubt I’ll post them haha
His ears in this photo!! He’s so adorable!!😍

Spot the horse🤔
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while!
Horse Health have some great deals on right now! Along with @aztecdiamondequestrian and many others! Feel free to comment some below and suggest some businesses that have good deals on!💜
Hope everyone’s has a great day!

Happy Halloween to all of my spooky followers!!🎃👻
Okay, so, I’m having a Halloween photo shoot tomorrow,so my Halloween photos will be a bit late😂
I jumped Nancy and Buzzby today and they were amazing and very excited!! Nancy and Buzzby were both incredible and so fast😂
I love them so much!!❤️
I hope everyone’s had a great Halloween!!
QOTD: What’s your favourite holiday?✨

Love this photo!!
Thank you to my sister for taking this photo!!😍
I jumped Buzzby yesterday and had a couple of jumps on Nancy ❤️
They were both amazing and my sister took a video on my camera but I can’t save it because it’s in the wrong format😫
I don’t know if I can change it or not - I have a canon EOS 1300d, so if anyone knows how to change it on the video or to change it for next time please comment or DM me😅
It’s a really nice video as well😂
I’ve also changed my username! It used to be @georgina_nancy . I now need to come up with a new bio that includes Buzzby, Nancy and Domino
I will probably post again later because I know this is a weird time to post😂
QOTD: Who’s your horsey best friend?💛

I love this photo from today that my sister took😍
He looks amazing in this!😂
Nancy and Buzzby were both amazing today! My sister rode Nancy for me💗
I will probably post a few of the photos from today because I really like them! @uk.equine 😊
He also looks a bit like Valegro in this😅
QOTD: Who’s your favourite horse from Instagram?

I love this so much!😍
I have nothing to post😂 I rode today and my sister brought my camera down, but I forgot to change the battery so we couldn’t take photos🐎
Nancy and Buzzby were both amazing today and we had a really good ride (my sister rode Nancy and I rode Buzby)💗

He’s so adorable😍
I love this photo so much, bless him❤️
I haven’t posted much about Dom, but this is Domino, my 5 year old. He’s so lovely and I probably will post a bit more of him soon😊
I don’t currently have many riding photos, because they’re not the best quality, but hopefully I can get more soon to post😀
QOTD: Favourite colour horse?

She’s so adorable😍
I rode Nancy today and she was amazing!! She was really happy💗
I love this picture so much😄
She is also wearing her @bless.ponies browband❤️
I hope everyone is having/ has had a great day so far!!
QOTD: What’s your favourite movie?

His coat is so pretty 😍
I’m riding him tomorrow so hopefully get some photos that I can post😂
I hope everyone’s having a great day!💜
QOTD: What’s your favourite discipline?

My first ride on Buzzby❤️
I love him so much💗

She’s so adorable😍😍

Welcome to the family Buzzby❤️

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