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Georgiana Burnside  Stannnnyyy '21 ||| the chronicles of the chick with the stix ||| check out dis cool vid bc u know u wanna 🖐🏼♿️⬇️

After this picture was taken Emma silenced the chaos with a sentimental question- "what are we going to do without our only paralyzed friend next year?" 🤷🏼‍♀️😫💙♿️😜 BUT what will I do without y'all💔

We may or may not run a golf course #shopgirl #bagboys

#L8 but so much #luv for the coolest peeps ever @hi5sfoundation
The #silvertiegala was a huge success and we are all so stoked for the partnership with @lululemon
So on behalf of all the athletes, thanks for the awesome gear 😈♿️💙

didn't shed a tear at warrior walk since I'm technically not finished with you LRCA #apexams #capstoneproject

I may or may not have an AP exam tomorrow... #sorrymom BUT LANY I LOVE YOU. Thanks for noticing the stix, Paul. @thisislany @pauljasonklein

Je t'aime, Jacques <3

brb... screaming because I can officially call nerd nation my home #stanford2021 #admitweekend

stix up, step back, we're scholars

just got railed by some CHEATERS #meandmygoodfriends #APpsychquizbowl

fiestafive for NATIONAL HIGH FIVE DAY!!!!!! Today, I celebrate the @hi5sfoundation for all that they do in my life and the life of many other adaptive athletes. Click the link in my bio to purchase a fiestafive to help the fam♿️😈

same colors, 1,824 miles apart, but still a hog at heart 🌲🐷 #stannybound #woopig #homestretch #leggooo

H18BD EMMA DARLING. here's an acronym in honor of your special day:

Everyone's friend
Married #drewbrees🔐
Monica & Phoebe 4ever
Actually a professional dancer
#luvyou #dadsweekend #birthdaygirl #september

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