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G  Aussie, girl’s girl 🌻 CEO 💛 @joybygeorgiagibbs @any.body_co 🎥YOUTUBE #GeorgiaGibbs Bookings; 🖤 LA

First little taste of summer today, get this Aussie 🐨 some sunshineeee LA! Have a beautiful day guys 🥰❤️

Hey guys!
Im definitely not a yogi but I believe in taking from yoga what you need, beginner or expert it benefits everyone. There is no right or wrong way to flow, just feel into what your body needs in that moment.
I had just got off my 5th flight for the week yesterday, my hips were tight and back achy but mostly my brain just felt foggy and a little anxious thinking about everything I had to catch up on when I got home (human thoughts) taking 5 minutes to ground myself, be present and nourish my soul by quieting my mind makes all the difference.
I began this flow with a 10 minute “rest meditation” an extra bit of help to ease my busy mind.
Make 5 minutes and give it a go with me 🙏🏼
Im so grateful to have my travel partner with me always 🧡
G xx

Brought the sunshine to London, had an epic couple of days at work in the sunshine 🥰
Off to Germany now, are any of you from Europe?? If so where? I love how social brings us all closer ❤️

Working hard or hardly working? Love working with my @fifteentwenty family & loved this look! Behind the scenes of this shoot is on my story. Check it out 🥰

Trained with @erikanderson33 this morning🤘🏼 Before flights I have to get a good sweat in.

Today looked like;
Medicine ball slam burpees x 10
Slide board side lunges x 10
Lateral slides x 20
Hip abductor x 20
Band toe taps x 10
Single leg bosu x 10
Repeat 3 times!

I’m loving adding in gym work outs to my at home routine now my favourite US trainers are in LA! @dogpound

I’m feeling stronger every day, remember all the effort you put into your work outs needs to be matched with your mindfulness, Yin & yang, hard at physical work, time spent calming and restoring the mind.
G xx

Walking into the new week like... incoming Europe! ✈️ 🎥 @pixpop @burnt_breakfast

Darling, I was never a diamonds girl.
New work coming 🎥
@pixpop @burnt_breakfast

1 min tip! - ANXIETY.
The anxiety epidemic, more and more people online are sharing their personal struggles with anxiety, if you’ve been following me & watching my YouTube you would know my struggles with my mental health too. So, I’ve created 6 tips that helped me, the full video is on my YouTube now! Swipe up in my story. ❤️
Please remember; I’m not a health care professional I’m always just sharing my personal circumstances and being vulnerable with you, in the hope to help one of you on here.
Love, G xx
#Anxiety link in bio.

Today’s my rest day, I chose to start my Saturday with my @joybygeorgiagibbs short yoga flow and go for a walk to the lookout. Feel into how your body is moving today and your clarity mentally, listen to what your body is telling you. Rest days are so important, to recover and heal so never feel guilty for taking the day off. I may not have got a massive sweat up today, but I felt pretty exhausted from a huge week and some fresh air was all I needed.
Look after you and listen to your body 🧡

Walking into the weekend with my children like..
Coming soon @pixpop @burnt_breakfast

Reaching out to send you virtual hugs!
Did you know ‘hug therapy’ is a real thing? Reach out to those around you and give them ‘real’ hugs, it’s shown to reduce illness, depression and let’s be real sometimes it’s all we need 💙

Flew to Arizona to watch my babe do his thangggggggggg 🎵
Loving exploring the USA 🖤#SecondHome

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