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George Rollo  20. Leeds, UK. Blessed as hell. Snapchat: GeorgeRollo

get off the plane and got people droppin off louis, hermès, gucci luxuries. it’s crazy.

checkin in with the boss man of @cncptsdxb and seein the collab come to fruition. crazy to see and pleasure to meet. here jus trying to freshen up peoples feet. all the shoes now delivered and now available.
now on with this timeless birkin. dubai $h*t.

i swear, everyone just book a plane ticket and get outta your hometown and explore and network with other people. i feel as a creative, it’s essential to keep you inspired and to grow your contacts.
had to bless these for my uae brother that’s hittin coachella, @kidsuwaidi.

wus louis my killa. out here, dubai, this uk body ain’t used to the heat.
hand painted louis uzi on wood then hand cut out by my only boy who can cut wood: @luke_2412.

uk -> dubai for 3 week. up super early to catch the flight. crazy to think bout it, last year was studying, now i headin back to dubai for the second time this year. all work tho, don’t get it twisted. see you soon my g, @saifpr!

the DBZ series. on tha way to Abu Dhabi. also headin out to Dubai in 2 days, to refocus and get my head down. @saifpr lookin after me and business as always. let’s get it bro!
also showing more pieces in New York at @212arts again in May. yaaaaaa dig.

they knees give out and they passin to you all of a sudden, now you the one gettin buckets.
been workin on a supa crazy paintin last 2 days, so here a lil throwback to one of the crazy goyard so hards. controversial?
goyard or hermes?

blessed anuva pair heading to the UAE. heading london friday to pick up my ovo package, then ill be headin out to Dubai this week or next to bless some walls and luxuries. uno the deal.

the only thing I did to end up here was put the work in,
and did it with a purpose.
rollo blessed another louis. the cleanest.

I'm only chasing after bags, now I got a game plan.
the dbz air forces. UK8/US9.

yeah we want it all, half was never the agreement
who'd thought the route we chose would ever end up this scenic.
the dbz air forces. UK8. first come.

focus on one thing. and one thing only.
cartoon or real life?
first in the real but fake series.
acrylic on wood ting.
dm to inquire.

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