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George Pitts  Man of God | Family Man | Entrepenuer | Tech Nerd | Love Teaching People about Finances & Building multiple streams of income #monetizeeverything

Because the people of Egypt ran out of money and things to trade. Joseph imposed a FLAT TAX of 20% on everything people earned once the famine was over. This is still imposed til this day. In times of good and bad #BeJoseph Save 20% and put it into places and allow it to grow.

Somebody type “Your gonna be forced to REMEMBER ME!”

Remove the anchors from yesterday so you can elevate into tomorrow.

It’s time to start Monetizing & getting to your next level. Meet me @purposediaries as we discuss how to monetize your message with my sister @bcrisha #imonetizeeverything #believebigagain #successquotes #wealthbuilding #entrepreneurship #dobusiness #wyssu

When the spirit Leads many questions begin to be confirmed. #OperateInExcellence

One of the best spiritual teachers I have ever seen. Can’t wait to bring my family to see you live @lioneljtraylor my mindset has shifted into a Lion after hearing this Man of God Speak

Operate In Excellence

This is my brother . He does Gods will and he pushes me to level up and provide nothing short of Excellence #OperateInExcellence #WYSSU #believebigagain #monetizeeverything #imonetizeeverything

WOW! This man right here! It took me some time to come up with the right words. He has been such a tremendous influence in my life. You look up the word EXCELLENCE and you will see his picture. This Man is the true meaning of a BROTHER someone that will give you wisdom and guidance but will also correct you in areas you need. I can’t say how much this guy has meant to me and my growth as a Man, Father and Husband. @mrfelixanderson thank you so much for this event and the opportunity to speak to those that attended. It meant more to me then you will know. Love ya man #WYSSU #believebigagain

So amazing meeting my Brother in Christ at the Believe Big Again Conference in person. Amazing Man of God and Blessed to call him my brother

Seeing this Man of God speak and meeting him for the first time in person was an awesome experience. Definitely Blessed and Proud to call @rudeco_roberts my brother. #DoBusiness

Wheels Up!!

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