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George Pitts  Man of God | Family Man | Entrepenuer | Tech Nerd | Love Teaching People about Finances & Building multiple streams of income #monetizeeverything

The shirt says it all #imonetizeeverything

Things won’t move around you until you start to move. Take the steps towards your goals and watch things begin to shift

No matter what I do in life my goal is to make sure your life stays as peaceful as you sleep. To leave a legacy and impact for you to be proud of and never have to depend on anyone but God to sustain you #ProudDad #familyman #myfamilymylife #fatherhood

You can’t expect to receive what you have been believing for if you aren’t in position to receive it

If Your waiting for an opportunity your only going to get what someone else doesn’t want and not what you need. Create your own opportunities and monetize everything

When you settle 4 less you are diluting your value. You become a surplus for people instead of a invaluable asset.

A Lion is one of the only animals that don’t have predators at the Peak of their lives. Some of the most successful Men & Women virtually have no competition. 👀 WHY? Because when you focus so much on competition FEAR sets in and you begin to look at challenges as obstacles you cannot overcome. Lions are defenders and hunters The Male Lions defend while female Lions do most of he hunting. So regardless of what you come against have the heart of a Lion. Defend what’s yours and Hunt what’s missing from your next level and don’t let ANYONE stand in YOUR WAY. Now get out there and ROAR & Rule over YOUR domain

Stop looking to your left and right worrying about what everyone else is doing and look ahead. Eventually there won’t be anyone to your left and or right when your focused

Strive for what you want BUT still be thankful for what you have. Remember there is someone striving to get to where you are and obtain the things you already possess
Luke 16:10 Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much

Change starts with prayer and works. Sitting down thinking, complaining or hoping for change only keeps existing situations current. Be the change and not just the thought of it

The 1st step in changing YOUR situation and the things around YOU is by changing YOUR mindset

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