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“ you don’t see the issue here ? Oh we see it #tazertazertazer #Repost @realdlhughley
#SterlingBrown #ParkingWhileBlack #ThisIsAmerica #ItsTooMuch #TeamDL #Repost @hot97 Footage of #SterlingBrown’s arrest released over a parking violation... #EbrointheMorning

" Please hurry , yes yes , they're still here , please dear god , he just said JELLO instead of Yellow " 😭😭 it can be that easy to wind you up 🤦🏽‍♂️ I was just at the park and Illegals were beating a Donkey , they had him hanging from a tree and they were taking turns beating him #pinchehueroculero #PHC #chingon mean #allright. #Repost @undocumedia
Ugh!! 😤😡 “Ma’am, the reason I asked you for your ID is because I came in here, and I saw that you guys are speaking Spanish,” - ignorant and racist Border Patrol agent.
The ignorance continues! What law says you have to speak English at all times in the US?? This is profiling and bigotry smh.
Via @undocublack
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Story by @washingtonpost: “The incident occurred early Wednesday morning at a convenience store in Havre, Mont., a town in the northern part of the state, near the border with Canada.

Ana Suda said she and her friend, Mimi Hernandez, were making a midnight run to the store to pick up eggs and milk. Both are Mexican American and speak fluent Spanish, and they had exchanged some words in Spanish while waiting in line to pay when a uniformed Border Patrol agent interrupted them, Suda said.” #AbolishICE #not1more #HereToStay #News #Immigration

I need to book #jacksonheightsown Randy Watson for #whoweedinmypoolparty #chingon #Repost @realdlhughley see you tonight at @levityoxnard #therings ・・・
Who did this?!?!?! 🤣🤣 “Mr RRRRANDY WATSON”!! #TeamDL #royalwedding #comingtoamerica #sexualchocolate #arsenio #eddiemurphy #zamunda

“ Gluten Gone Wild “ #Repost @snoopdogg
Sunday nerd fights. This white on white crime Shit gots to stop

This week @realdonaldtrump referred to immigrants as Animals , aside from collusion and a witch hunt , you can’t be president forever #45melapela if you support that bullshit like the runaway lawyee who didn’t want to hear people speak Spanish in a restaurant.. you’ll never eat #comestmebro @roxarroyo58 @momorodriguez @comedygetdown @realdlhughley @cedtheentertainer @eddiegriffin @arseniohall @yasielpuig @alyshadelvalle @bigboy @bigcitric @mayanlopez

Only a few weeks old and he has it all figured out #chingon @comedygetdown we'll see you tomorrow night in Columbus Ohio @eddiegriffin @cedtheentertainer @realdlhughley #therings come together @officialfantasyrings ( thanks @roxarroyo58

" Thats whats up " #charliemurphy #darkness @cedtheentertainer @realdlhughley @eddiegriffin @emancipatedtlnt @comedygetdown #powerful words #thatswhatsup #Repost @willsasso
I think about this scene from @mikeclattenburg’s Moving Day often and wanted to share. #CharlieMurphy was a lovely man, always happy to share the funniest stories, and could’ve done much more dramatic work had he wanted. He improvised the “stomach/mind” bit and it’s remained valuable advice for me personally. Maybe it fits you too. RIP Charlie.

So apparently now speaking a language other than english in public causes people to create a scene and threaten to call @ice #callice we’ll be right here waiting Yada Yada Yada .. #thewall currently #NumeroUno #pelamela I mean “ Peel It 😂😂😂#pelameelmono #peelthedoll 🙊🙊🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ @momorodriguez @bigcitric @roxarroyo58 @michellenbcla @alyshadelvalle @bigboy

Sad the guy who has two wives who are immigrants , he has children from those immigrants , his mother was an immigrant , his in laws are immigrants #anchorbabies #chainmigration he has animals all around him, The only US Citizen he’s around is @thestormydaniels 🤦🏽‍♂️ #vile and no political official has the balls to step to him #FuckHim - When I die I Don’t want him to come to my funeral either #pelosmelapela #45melapela #Repost @kathygriffin
“These aren't people. These are animals." How the fuck isn't this a breaking news story? The President of the United States calling immigrants animals. He's acting like it's just the criminals but he really means all immigrants. I am fucking disgusted.

Orale #UsToo #unidos #Repost @bltw.mp4
(𝙊𝘾 ) esta es américa (another filler)
- song: la chona - los tucanes de tijuana

Apparently its Mas Chingon than I thought 🤷🏽‍♂️ The Wall Recorded LIVE #onetime on @hbo @hbolatino at the prestigious @kennedycenter last August 5th #numberone #thankyou everyone @800poundgorillarecords #chingon @mayanlopez @cedtheentertainer @benballer @troydakpix #chingon #respect #45melapela #oinchepelosdeelote

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