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Can't wait for this !! As well as organising the best running and music festival, I'll be giving a little free workshop on the basics of good running form & technique.
If you haven't already, get involved !!! 👇

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#lifelooksbetter watching sunsets with friends and beers.
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The field of dreams !
Did a recce for the @lovetrailsfestival site in Dorset at the weekend. It's looking 👀 real good.
In 6 weeks time it will all be over and hopefully lots of happy trail runners will be heading home happy.
It's been a years worth of planning to get it to this stage. However it's mind blowing to think that this crazy idea is now becoming a reality and supported by the best running crews and now a huge brand in trail running and outdoors adventure. What a crazy adventure this has been so far, cannot wait for the festival !
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When you reach the top of a mountain always walk or run like your a badass.
Photo 📷 by @daniel.varga12
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Despite the lack of sleep, the dream team are looking fresh at the start of the Endurancelife Snowdonia Quarter this weekend.

Proud to have finished a tough ultra marathon running 77km over the mountains and trails of Snowdonia.

This is definitely one of the hardest runs I've done yet. If the elevation doesn't get you then the terrain certainly will.
Without much training it just goes to show how the body will achieve what the mind believes. Keep the head strong and anything is possible.
Special thanks to @alina.manta and @daniel.varga12 who tirelessly helped as the support crew. Not only did they give up their time and energy to support me and other runners, they also summited mt. Snowdon in order to cheer us at the top when it was needed most.
Seeing these guys definitely gave me a lift each time and without it I doubt I would or could finish the race.
Huge Congrats to @marinaonhershoes for smashing for her first ultra, more impressive is she put up with @gregexploring for the whole way. 😛

Photo by @daniel.varga12
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Looking forward to a tussle with Mt. Snowdon again this weekend.
Feeling completely under trained to tackle a 46 mile trail ultra marathon with 4000 metre elevation gain.
I guess half of the battle is all mental tho. Looking forward to running those trails however.
Photo 📷by @davidaltabev from the last time I ran Snowdon @lovetrailsfestival.
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High up in the clouds enjoying one of the most incredible views.
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Tried sand boarding for the first time last week, loved it but definitely nothing on snowboarding.
Felt strange being on a board in the middle of sand dunes and 30 degree heat.
The dune buggy ride was amazing but scary as hell.
Give me a snow covered mountain all day long.
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After 3 days of hiking a natural hot springs was most welcome.
With the mountains in the background it felt like being in Jurassic Park.
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I guess you can call me "Coach" now.
Happy at least one bit of post to open after holiday wasn't a bill.

Absolutely mind blowing experience trekking across Salkantay mountain range and Inca trails to reach Machu Pichu.
I have learnt and taken in so many amazing experiences it's going to take me a good while to process everything.
Sleeping at 4,600m elevation next to a glacier and beautiful mountain was something I will never ever forget for the rest of my days.
The most notable experience was the incredible kindness, happiness and knowledge of the Quechua / South American people. I have learnt so much about what is to be a human being and humbled to have been given an insight into these extraordinary people's lives and ancestry.
It's with a mixture of happiness and sadness that I got to witness and view Machu Pichu with my own eyes.
Happy to be see this amazing spiritual home of the Quechua people and their incredible achievements/ knowledge in building this ancient sacred place. It was fascinating to get an insight to how and why it was built but also learn how advanced the "Inca" civilisation was and their history.
However it's very sad and disheartening to
see to bus loads of tourists arrive each day to grab photo's / selfies especially for Facebook and Instagram without learning about Machu Pichu's history or respecting this sacred place. Of course I am also a tourist, no different and also guilty of posting photo's on social media.
To use an old cliche tho, this Trek was much more about the journey rather than the destination. I'm glad I experienced this in the way I did and time will tell how much of an impact this journey will have had on me.

First night in Lima, still jet lagged but stumbled across this salsa party in the middle of town. These oldies know how to move and have fun.

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