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Rebecca Tan 

Happy birthday is one year one time.but friendships is forever.so when we together is a happier..love you all 💋❤️🧡💛💚💙Tammy love you ya

The ones that are the hardest to get over are often the ones that teach you greatest lesson

Special desserts, of course, and my most special people, to taste😜

2017 is over. There are happy people, there are surprises, there are disappointments and there are heartbreaks. But it's all over⋯⋯I hope 2018 is just a happy surprise...happy new year everyone 💋❤️

Han Yu seriously I am so so touching,even you in 🇺🇸 also won’t forget me ..my present,my styles ..love you so much my sister 😚😚😚😚

Happy can have a lots way to make you happy but for me ..only colourful will make me happy ..so happy Winter solstice ya 😁

Yesterday and today is not different what ever you do ..different is your brain try to refresh what is bad think need to remove..what is good think need to keeping

If you truly want to understand her emotionally,don’t ask her what she thinks.ask her how she “feels” about what she”thinks”.

Yeahhh..1st my Christmas gift 🎁 form my lovely friend ❤️Germany ....

Don’t force someone to remember you all the time.just stay silent and let them realise how will they be without you in their life .

I just want thinking my rainbow 🌈 with donut 🍩

Happy short hair ..🤣

Never sacrifice your value just to change your status ..happy November 2017

Talk "to" her and not "at "her ....there's difference

We still meet..cos we love each another

Before cos am believe real love ❤️..am after long time open him the colour closet,you can see very clear the heart actually is black 🖤 ..so when am can finding the red colour heart ❤️ you will am already is a rainbow 🌈

One day ,your partner always said you control him or ignore you ..mean you can ready to leave..don't put effort until to let him feel he so have valuable。cos he just felling into the mirror..

We luxury dim sum now 😂😂🤣🤣

Tan family's short trip ..2 of brothers always love me ..❤️❤️

Miss goh ..faster come back ..need drink again ..miss u lo ❤️💋

Am admit sometimes too over take care everything and over thinking..when I thinking back ,why am make myself over crazy..then the people how to thinking you ..so now already pass and sky clears after rain🌥🌈☀️☄️be happy 😊

Lately celebrate birthday with my 老老,sweet moment with her forever..❤️❤️

Pls help the dogs 🐶 ..they all need us to help 🙏🏻🙏🏻just for the heart ❤️

Mix and match sometimes is depend how you looking ..don't care people how to looking you ..important is you happy...so am so happy for my life now ..

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