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Geoffrey Samuels (Not Greg)  🙏🏾Jeremiah 29:11 😎Actor based in LA 👊🏾💥Stunts 💪🏾😝Fitness 🎥Producer/Director 👦🏾👦🏾Twin 📸 Mgmt: chrisgiovanni@cgemtalent.com


TFW someone calls me Greg after telling them five times already that I was Geoff...🙄🤦🏾‍♂️#LikeSeriously? #ItsNotHard #TwinProblems #Funny #GetItTogtherPeople #Twins #ArePeopleToo

That look when future bae likes long walks through Chinese Buffet lines😅🍱👌🏾

Alright time to get serious.
GOOD INTENTIONS: Life is very interesting. It can be incredibly rewarding while at the same time be incredibly cruel. And with the recent tragic events in Vegas, it is no secret that life can be incredibly short as well. That is why it is so important to make sure you live life with INTENTION! Go after what you want and don't let fear of the unknown hinder you. Bring purpose and drive into your life, push past the self doubt/pity and intentionally pursue the life you want to live. Tell that girl/guy you've been crushing on for months that you like them, start taking those dance classes you've been telling yourself that you'd take, and quit that mundane 9-5 survival job you've been dreading working at for the past 3 years. • Now there are TWO things I can promise that will happen when you live life with INTENTION:
1- you are absolutely going to FAIL at some point. The girl/guy you like doesn't like you back, you managed to twist your ankle learning the Salsa, and you're having trouble making financial ends meet with your new acting career. 2- However, even with all the failures and obstacles, you are going to feel more alive then you've ever felt before. Why? Because when we pull ourselves out of our comfort zones and step out into the uncertain and risk everything, the SUCCESSES you will achieve are so much more fulfilling then they would have ever been if you had stayed in the safe confines of a mundane life. • Just remember...Life can be rewarding. Life can be cruel. Life can be short. So LOVE deeply, LEARN passionately, and LIVE intentionally and I promise you will feel the most ALIVE👊🏾 Let's get it brah🤙🏾 #Intention #Motivation #LifeIsShort #Live #ButLetsGoBackToTheFunnyCaption #HeyLadies #IfYouLikeChjnese #HollaAtYoBoy

Hope y'all are having a 👉🏾DOPE👈🏾 Monday and remember: Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away. Let's get to work creating those moments!👊🏾

• 📸: btw @amywaters11 takes some pretty "dope" pics💥 and @cramilo_official has some pretty "dope" glasses😎 #MotivationMonday #Inspire #Grind #Dope #LetsGetIt #ThatQuoteWasCheesyAF #ButHeyItsStillGood

Me when I'm trying to stop the microwave before the timer hits zero🏃🏾💨😂👍🏾

So I WAS going to do an inspirational post about how sometimes you can get discouraged seeing other people sprinting toward their goals while you can barely walk toward your own. And was going to encourage y'all by saying to stop comparing your race to others, tie up your laces and start moving. That you may not be able to do a full out sprint right away but even just a small step can be enough as long as you're always moving forward. And that if you build up that momentum, pretty soon you'll be walking, jogging and then running toward the goals you want to accomplish. I WAS going to say all that but was like nahhh the funny caption about the microwave would be better😂🤷🏾‍♂️#Motivation #Determined #KeepMoving #DreamChasers #NowAboutTheMicrowaveThing #TellMeImNotAlone #ICantBeTheOnlyOne

⚠️Warning Long Post⚠️ For those that don't know...I have trouble sleeping. Call it insomnia if you will. Or as I like to call it "Geoff's Work Out Time"😂 Funny thing is for someone that doesn't sleep I have a heck of a lot of dreams. Some of them normal dreams while most of them just freakin bizarre (just ask my roommates😅). Anyway I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that still resonates within my mind. 💭In this dream I had settled for a mediocre life. Settled in my relationships, settled in my career, was just living an average day to day life. Now there's nothing wrong with that on the surface. But I remember in the dream feeling so incredibly sick deep down knowing that I wasn't living the life I was suppose to. I wasn't with the person I was suppose to be with. I wasn't fulfilling my passions or God's purpose for my life. It wasn't a dream...it was a nightmare!🤡 I woke up the next morning feeling so determined to make sure I continued to live life to the fullest and not to settle for anything less then what I deserved and worked hard for😤👍🏾
Life is freakin hard guys. And sometimes we let the negative circumstances we face dictate the type of life we live. I just want to encourage you not to use those circumstances as an excuse to "settle" since the life you want seems unobtainable. If something deep down inside your soul is restless about where you are in life then I'm talking to YOU. Start saying yes to new opportunities. Meet new people. Get involved in community. Find new hobbies. Etc. But most importantly find your PASSION and PURSUE life head on.
Honestly, I'd rather live a Passionate, Dream-filled life and FAIL then SUCCEED at a Mediocre, Risk-free one. Let's get it brah🤙🏾(Also pls keep my family and friends and everyone that's in FL in your prayers🙏🏾) #Motivated #Inspire #FollowYourPassion #WorkHard #ClicheHashtag #IDoubtPeopleReadTheFullPost #ThatsOkayJustLikeThePic

Do you suffer from back pain but can't afford a chiropractor?? Well try the DeadMan Run!👊🏾 Step 1: Tie rope to an unmovable object Step 2: Tie the other end of the rope to yourself Step 3: Run as fast as you can and let the rope snap you back slamming you forcefully into the ground🙃 It's famous for cracking those pesky vertebrae and possible all your bones!👍🏾 Killer training sesh with the fam (the last one almost killed me😅) 👩🏻 @mestiza_ninja 👨🏾@greg_samuels 👦🏾@theluckydavis 👨🏻@thairannosaurus_flex (not featured) #HappyFriday #Stunts #Hollywood #wrecks #Training #WorkHard #MyNeckMyBack

"Anyone that comes against us, we're going to dominate" 😝👊🏾 (even if that means getting covered by hundreds of roaches😳🐜) From Zeros to Heroes🙌🏾There’s a new @FearFactor tonight, and The @samuelsbros ARE COMING FOR THAT 50K! Catch it at 10/9c on @MTV. Let's get it brah!🤙🏾#FearFactor #Hollywood #LivingTheDream #SamuelsBros #DontLetTheBedBugsBite #BestSleepOfMyLife #NotReally #ThatJunkStank

A lil training never hurt nobody...okay well maybe Greg😂 Happy Friday guys! Go kill it today and if you encounter an obstacle just tell it "What's good cuh?! I know you don't wanna catch these hands!" And hit it with the One, Two and throw in a superman punch for good measure and lay that sucka OUT!💥 Then smile and continue having an amazing Friday😜 Let's get it brah👊🏾 🤕: @greg_samuels 🎥: @mestiza_ninja #HappyFriday #Stunts #Boxing #XMA #Fight #Motivate #ILikeBeatingGregUp #CatchTheseHands

So I was going to do a pretty motivational post about the whole Canada trip🇨🇦 but Greg stole my thunder🙄 so I'll have to settle with the deep, intellectual thoughts running through my head while on this rooftop🏙 💭-Dude, all my friends have birthdays this year. If woodchucks chugged wood instead of chucking it, would they chug as much as they could chuck? What if the princess wants to be with Bowser but Mario keeps kidnapping her? -💭
I know, I know mind blowing thoughts right??😳💥Cant share ALL my intellect buttt since it's Monday here's some inspiration for ya: "The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will" Let's get it brah👊🏾📸: @christinewozzphoto #MotivationalMonday #Cali #Motivate #Inspire #Model #And #DontBeAfraidToAskQuestions #EvenIfTheyAreStupid

Out of all the days of the week, Monday has the rep of being the absolute worst one. Which kinda sucks for Monday🙇🏽because it didn't choose to be the first day of the week ya feel? And I'm sure Monday has tried to change that. He's probs been like "Hey Friday, can we switch spots? You get all the fun." And Friday🎉 is all like "Yo brah heck nah...it ain't my fault your boring!" And Monday is all like "I think you mean YOU'RE*" and Friday is like "See! Brah you boring AND annoying!" And Monday is like "Aw man I just want to be loved😔" You still feel like picking on Monday now?! Yeah sure Monday can be a lil annoying at times but he didn't choose this life. Well golly gosh darn guys guess what? I LOVE Mondays. Yep I said it. Why? Because it's always a fresh start to an amazing week that will be filled with countless adventures, opportunities and stories. Monday doesn't complain much so neither should you just saying🤷🏾‍♂️Do Monday a favor and have have fun today! And don't forget to smile so hard that veins start poppin out of your forehead😂Let's get it brah👊🏾 📸: @christinewozzphoto #MondayMotivation #California #Smile #BeHappy #MondayHasFeelingsToo #Model #ThatForeheadVeinTho #DoWork

The small, positive changes you make today will catapult you to a lifestyle of greatness in the future⚡️ Sometimes I look down just to see how far up I've climbed🏙 Who I was 5 years ago is not the person I am today and who I will be in 5 years is going to be even better then my past and present self because I will never stop climbing. That's what's so awesome about life! You don't have to settle for mediocre or average🙇🏽 You can strive to better yourself daily, pursue your dreams, and conquer the world🌎 Okay maybe the last one was a lil extreme but you feel my flow right?! So go climb your mountain!...or building...or whatever tall structure you fancy. Let's get it brah👊🏾 📸: @christinewozzphoto #MondayMotivation #OhWait #TodayIsThursday #hmm #tbt #NailedIt #California #Model #FindYourMountain #AndClimbIt #SoCheesy #ButILikeCheese #DoPeopleReadHashtags #INeedToPostMore

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