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Geoff Pinkney  Originally from the UK 🇬🇧 Landscape photographer & explorer of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 🇨🇦

There is always a reason to wake up when your camping out in Canada. A glorious Alberta sunrise!

At the beginning of the day the colours in Banff explode!

Waiting for the light to arrive is a surreal and peaceful time in the mountains.

Hazy days in the Rockies. The BC forest fires have given the mountains a thick blanket of smoke which blocks the views of the mountains and gives the sun this red complexion. Whether the causes are natural or is man made it is always a hazard of the summertime and a reason we all must take great care in protecting our awesome environment!

The privilege of living in Alberta is having scenes like this on my doorstep, ready to explore!
Interesting fact: the melt water from Lake Louise's glaciers eventually finds its way to the Hudson Bay. If you look on a map, that is quite a staggering journey!

As everybody packs up and sets off home at the end of their day, that is the best time to stay!

I love going to the mountains to see the sunrise because you never know what you will get to see. Here in Kananaskis, steam was coming up off the water with colour in the sky as the sun come up from behind the mountains.

This cabin was built by Billy Carver. Originally from England he moved to Alberta to work as a coal miner. In 1910 he went off the grid to build his new home and live in solitude. He was tucked in amongst the woodland by the side of Lake Johnson and It is not an easily location to merely stumble across.
He lived there in isolation for 27 years. The only person to know of him was Gee Moy from the nearby mining town Anthracite. Anthracite no longer exists but was located near Banff. I simply can't imagine Billy's life, enduring the long freezing winters with his home surrounded by feet of snow and isolated from human contact. He was obviously a man of incredible endurance.
Mr Carver was eventually found in an ill state of health by some local youths who were exploring the lakeside woods and they notified the authorities. Billy later died in care in Banff town.
While many people may look upon him as a oddball recluse or a hermit, what he did have every morning was a view of the sun hitting Rundle Mountain with its reflection on the lake. He would have had nature at his doorstep and he shared it only with the Canadian wildlife. In fact this was the place I first saw a grizzly bear which was roaming by the lake and that is a privilege I paid good money to see in Banff National Park.

Simplicity at its very best!

A rosy red sunrise at Sandpoint in Idaho!
#visitidaho #idahoexplored

As the clouds closed in over Herbert Lake it looked as if the scene had been splattered with all the blue paints.

Hiking in the Rockies in Kananaskis, looking out for shale with fossilized sea creatures. How mind-blowing is that?!?

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