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Geoff Duncan  Photographer + Creative Director | Crested Butte, CO

Home, sweet home.

Hey @josephwest, thanks for this dope-ass photo. 👊🏼 You’re just as great of a friend as you are a photographer. Also, call me back. #instatagyoureit

Moonwalking with my favorite gal @heyrayrod #whitesands #newmexico #fujiframez

👽🖖🏼 #roswell

Mi mujer // #peru

Gettin’ that travel itch again. Reflecting on past adventures and dreaming up plans for the future. Thanks for this capture @danieldav_is #wheresgeoffduncan

Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Have faith in the process. #slightedge // photograph by @danieldav_is. Once upon a time in Peru.

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