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Geoff W  Personal trainer & fitness instructor in toronto ➡ Proud godfather

Now thats what i call a "suite" view from my hotel room! Congratulations to @matthew41lewis on the engagement, have an amazing time in Jamaica! #goodpeople#goodtimes#goodbachelorparty

Big shout out out to all the ladies who did my @fitfactoryto classes today, you all killed it as always! Happy international women's day to all the strong, independent women out there! Behind every man is a strong woman, so thank you for all you do! Even bigger shout out to my mom! She's not only the person i look up to the most and want to make proud of the most, but also someone that has done everything she can to make me into the man i am today. Im so grateful to know and have so many amazing women in my life! I also want to thank my close friend @stephbrannigan, the mother of my godson! She is an incredible young woman an amazing mom a loving sister and a loyal daughter! She's not only made my best friend's life better, but mine aswell. Thanks to her im blessed with a healthy, happy godson. I hope this day is a good day for all women, thank you for all that you do! #canttagmymom#doesnthaveinstagram#sooldschoolhaha#stillloveher

Reppin' Nike all day everyday, glad we finally partnered up with them! Make sure to go out n get your own Nike @fitfactoryto gear, uh-rah! #feelgood#lookgood#keepingfitinthe6ix#torontotrainer

I can't believe how time has gone by, its been 4 amazing years watching this lil'guy grow up. It's 's been the greatest honour of my life being his godfather n i will do everything i can to be there for him, protect him and take care of him! At this age he has no idea how much he has actually touched me and wat impact he's made in my life. So at this time all i can say is Happy 4th birthday Ben! I love you with all my heart, thank you for bringing a light into my life that will never go out!! #sosmallinthispic#firsttimebabysitting#bestgodson#evenbettergodfather#atagefiveheisstartingsports

Happy family day from my @fitfactoryto fam to you and yours! Big shout out to all those who came out and crushed the class this morning, great work!!

If someone asks for some change and you don't have it, whose to say you cant use debit or credit to buy them a warm drink and/or some food!!? I can tell you the gentleman i surprised at tim hortons today greatly appreciated it!! He wasnt in the way of anyone n was barely asking as people jus walked past. He didnt ask me for anything, just looked up and nodded. I ordered my tea and was about to walk back outside into the cold....back into my warm car. I stopped, waited in line and bought him a hearty breakfast and a warm drink! It cost me a few dollars and a couple minutes of my time. As i handed everything to the gentleman, he asked if it was really for him and why? That hurt me cause in his cup wasnt even enough for wat i had gotten him. I just told him cause i wanted to and walked away. I think, actually i know, that i did it cause i can, we all can! It's not hard to give someone something that you have and they don't or wat you can get and they cant. We all need to step it up n take care of the less fortunate, especially in this cold weather! #helptorontostaywarm#lendahandwhenyoucan#notwhenyouwant

Cant wait to call this home for 7days, the countdown is on!! Never been to Varadero, any suggestions on where to go n wat to do?? #famvacation#adultsonlyresort#cubancigarsandrumallday

If that isnt pure focus, i dont know wat is, haha! She wudnt let go, even after 100 sit ups! Kids are our future and being able to teach them n train them to overcome obstacles in life through teamwork and exercise is a true blessing!! I had a blast the last 8 weeks through @fitfactoryto and @kidsocourse working with 10 little kids after school. They showed me how much fun it was to be a kid but also reminded me of the importance of keeping our youth HAPPY & HEALTHY!! Big thanks to all the parents who put their kids into our after school programs, happy holidays!

After a decade in fitness, i finally had my first live tv appearance! Big shout out and special thanks to @bttoronto for having me n @fitfactoryto on the show the other morning! Also to @missjennylam for helping with the modeling! It makes me proud to live in such an active and healthy city and to see it being promoted through live local television!!

Jus playin around on the ropes #yourworkoutismywarmup

Great night and great photo with some of toronto's most recognized faces!

Takin a minute to cheers the Russell's, congrats Gavin n Kate, wishing you an amazing life together!

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