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Geo  👟Physique Architect/Fit Biz Owner 🍏Nutritionist 📄NASM & NCSF Certified 🗽Proud New Yorker 💪🏻Bodybuilder 🚴Cyclist 👻@geoc1 📬

Every 6 months, the Mayan Ruins of Cobà claims the life of atleast one unlucky explorer who dares to trek through it's treacherous jungle and climb to its steep ascent. I did it on half liter of unfiltered water, running shoes, and a bad hair day. Nice try #CobaRuins , nice try. ⛰

Found a dumbbell in the house 💰#jackpot

Exploring the Yucatán Jungle in dual axle 4x4 while being eaten alive by large insects and suffering limited WiFi and LTE coverage. I survived though. #Barely 😨🌋🕷

Ancient Paradise 👹🏝🗿

legs aren't bigger, shorts are just shorter 💥🇲🇽

everyone's got a plan til ya get rocked in the face - M Tyson

As a native New Yorker always on the go dealing with stress and deadlines, nothing frees the mind like meditation does. Meditate so that your thoughts don't complicate your life 🙏🏻

It is never the size of the sailboat, but rather, the motion in the ocean and the skill of the sailor" - Thomas Jefferson ⛵️

American Muscle 🇺🇸💪🏼

On this hour, of every week, I am akin to an angry, hungry, western lowland silverback gorilla; whose territory has been encroached, and offspring has gone missing. 🦍😡#Deadlift

In times of peace, prepare for war! #TheExpendables

After a grueling workout, I enjoy a nice cold intravenous recovery drip 🙇🏻
#ProteinShake #AminoAcids #ivdrip

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