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Still laughing together through the madness, exhaustion, and chaos that is Parenting Life. ✨ // #15years

You didn’t disappoint @pizzeriadelfina.
The Butterscotch Budino was 🍮👌🏻🙌🏻

Lunch 🍦 // @biritecreamery

Weekend in the city 🌉

What every F R I D A Y
should consist of. // #weekendvibes .
{@miraval 🍷}

Something’s gotta give. #💯

Her to me: “Mom, I’m so happy I turned 4! Now I can cut stuff with knives!” 🔪
Me: Um what? 🤔

When you wake up early every morning to read in the dark with a cup of coffee before the madness of Mom Life begins ... ☕️😳🌙
Ps, this is a great book for anyone with digestive issues, stomachaches, reflux, or just isn’t livin’ their best life, @drjoshaxe is a wealth of health information 🥕🥕// #genuwellnessreads

📻: If you do one thing this week for yourself, it should be listening to this incredibly brilliant podcast with @goop and @petercroneofficial.
The essence of it is: our only limitations are ourselves and we use words to keep ourselves stuck in the same stories and patterns. Therefore, we can use our words to change our lives.
GROWTH is possible.
CHANGE is possible.
FREEDOM is possible.

It’s no exaggeration to say
I wait all year for this season. 🍅
I also want to formally apologize to my younger (stubborn) self for the 25 years I refused to eat tomatoes.
I’ll make it up to you boo. // #capreseforever

This may just be the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. #foodporn at its finest.
{bread 🍞 + photo 📸 by the fabulous @kalirosepatt @rrdoucett 🙌🏻🙏🏻👏🏻 I want to come over soon and learn how to make this magic 💫}

H E A L T H // I’m of the personal opinion that you’re not truly healthy until you’re mentally and emotionally healthy.
Those actually require a lot more work and discipline than any diet or workout. // #dotherealwork

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