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T O D A Y ✨

Despite not being “cat people” we brought a rescue cat home earlier this year and we fell in love with him. He actually makes me laugh out loud every day. No one loves him more than our oldest son.
They have their own language and such a special connection, it truly fills me with joy when they’re together. My son reads to him and talks to him every day.
Yesterday, Rocco escaped and didn’t come back. My son started to panic and honestly, I was beginning to worry too, because I couldn’t imagine his heartbreak if something had happened to him.
So we decided to go look for him on our property and in our neighborhood. We literally spent hours walking through bushes, brush, starthistle, up and down miles of hills trying to find him.
Hot, exhausted,
and covered in burrs,
we gave up and came home.
Tonight, we carved pumpkins
and he carved this cat pumpkin as a “cat signal” to bring Rocco home. 💔😢
I lit the candles in the pumpkins
and came back inside the house and
as I turned around,
Rocco meandered through our back slider (which we had left open in hopes he would come back). V turned to me, grinning ear to ear, and yelled: “it worked!” and then they literally snuggled each other and proceeded to speak in a love language only they understand.
Sometimes the little things really ARE the big things.
Today was a good day. ❤️✨🐱

It’s Fall y’all. 🍂🍁
Actually, more like 85
and sweating. 🔥 // #calilife

We were headed out for dinner
and I asked her to get dressed:
cutoffs and AC/DC shirt for an Americana vibe,
accessories from Europe to keep it classy 😂❤️👏🏻 // #aboutlastnight

Via @taryntoomey 🙏🏻

I was dreaming of pizza.
Then I had this for dinner.
So yeah, dreams do come true. 🍕
// #manifestdestiny

be F R E E. .
{🎨: via @bymariandrew }

Autumn shows us
how B E A U T I F U L
it is to
let things go. 🍁🍂🍃
Gorgeous morning
visiting a working farm
with my Hudson Boy. ✨

Hot Tip:
You’ll never have all
your sh*t together.
Do it anyway.
Do it NOW.
{📷: via @theeverygirl_ 🙏🏻}

The heart of our home.
It’s never this clean,
there’s homework being done,
lunchboxes being packed or emptied,
always a meal cooking on the stove,
and plenty of happy chaos and noise.
I wouldn’t have it any other way 💖 // #genuwellness

Radical Thinking ☝🏻

My mini me.
In every way.
It’s incredible how our children can mirror for us what it is we need to GROW
into the best versions of ourselves.
That’s what this boy does for me.
My greatest teacher in this lifetime.
Thank you V for being you.
And for making me, me.
I was born again the day you were. ✨

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