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Curtrice L. Williams  Passion: to encourage & inspire. Order my book "This Isn't It: Reviving the Woman Within" via Kindle, Nook, iBook, Amazon,

I'm working on something and could really use some feedback from you all, if you don't want to respond below, please feel free to send your response via DM.

Good morning!!! Safeguard your heart. Things change, people change, physical appearances change but a genuinely good heart will forever be priceless. Be encouraged.

It's unforgettable. Learn, grow. There is nothing like personal experience and it's important to try to turn it into something positive. It possible. Be encouraged πŸ’•. || Copies of my book @this_isnt_it_ are available now on Amazon, link in bio! #ThisIsntIt

Today is very special to me. Exactly 1 year ago today my book @this_isnt_it_ was officially released. Words can't describe the amount of blessings and encouragement I've received hearing your testimonies, reading your messages, seeing your comments, emails, texts, DMs, calls! It has been quite the year. I won't be too long winded but just know I'm grateful for ALL of your support! To every reader and supporter I send my love and gratitude! To all who don't have your copy, go grab it 😍, it's available at the link in my bio! I want everyone to know that THIS ISN'T IT! I want everyone to live their best life! There is beauty in transparency! Here's to one year and there's more where this came from, stay tuned πŸ˜‰! To God be the glory! #ThisIsntIt β€οΈπŸ“•

Is there really only that one "great" woman? Thoughts πŸ’­?

It's always best to know where you stand. Take your time, see where your place is in their life, see where things are going. Even if it hurts, it's better to know when a person doesn't truly want you or the relationship, it's better to know that they don't see a future in sight. Be grateful for the room they leave for the right one. Be encouraged πŸ’•.

I got sweet Jesus but never as much as He has me πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ. Ladies make sure your man has you just as much as you have him. You can spend years of your life having a person's back and giving pieces of you to someone who never asked you for it, doesn't appreciate it, and doesn't truly desire it the way it should be. Make sure he got you before you go giving so much of you. πŸ’•

πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΎ. Beautiful right? Ladies, realize that there is a man capable of treating you the way you deserve, that deserves the good love you have to give. These things are so important. What do you need him to be able to do for you?

The outcome is always the thing you need to engrave within your thoughts, it won't always be like this. Be encouraged πŸ’•

To all of you who are hurting...❀️ πŸ“– || Copies of @this_isnt_it_ are available now on Amazon, link in bio. #ThisIsntIt

πŸ’―read carefully & understand. Sometimes the truth hurts but there's nothing like confirmation.

Your time is too precious to be wasted. It's good to be patient but learn to identify when you're wasting your time and steer clear from the individuals that are doing or have done such a thing. You have to know the difference.

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