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Curtrice L. Williams  Passion: to encourage & inspire. "This Isn't It: Reviving the Woman Within" available via Kindle, Nook, iBook, Amazon, www.gentlemenhood.com/shop


We all can be better. We should be the type of women who actually sparks something within a man to want to do better. Have you ever had that, someone who just makes you want to do and be better? It's very different from trying to change someone, it's just being yourself, loving yourself, respecting yourself and setting the example that being better is always possible. A man should inspire you to want to do better and be better as well. That's the thing, we should complement each other. #ThisIsntIt

Always a great pleasure to have @this_isnt_it_ alongside other greats ❤️ Hope you enjoyed! #Repost @kwiet_storm828 with @repostapp
My reads for the car ride & those late nights & early morning wake ups on the beach!!🌞🌊...just a lil variety...can't go no where w/o my fav blanket & a few good reads!!! 😜❤📚👑 #I❤2Read #BeachBound

Let's talk about it ladies. Which chapter of my book @this_isnt_it_ jumps at you the most? 👂🏾👀👂🏾Copies of @this_isnt_it_ are available now on Amazon and available for download on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.

Sometimes you have to leave it at this. @vspink 💖

I always love posts like this! Thank you for your support ❤️! Copies of my book @this_isnt_it_ are available now on Amazon!#Repost from @leshawnt9 with @repostapp
Can't wait to dive into this @gentlewomenhood I got my book despite my funky address lol thank you #books

Good morning everyone here's a repost from @shawn.mckenzie this speaks volumes. Listen.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well @thedesignerdkg I couldn't keep up with your word count if I wanted to because you've been there through it all and we thank you so much. He loves you so much. To one of my best friends, to Aedan's (@theaedanshow) superhero, thank you for being you, thank you for being committed to this team, thank you for not giving up when we don't have all of the answers. It is my prayer that God continues to lead, guide and provide everything you stand in need of, everything you desire to continue to be the man who our son will forever look up to. Happy Father's Day, ❤️.

Ladies, mothers please feel free to leave some encouragement in the comments to every woman that may be co parenting or needs encouragement to begin this journey. Ultimately our babies NEED us to rise up and do better. I'm not here to argue or speak on anyone's personal situation but I am here to express my thoughts and my heart. Be encouraged. ❤️

I saw a lot of "no" responses in my last post and to those of you who were transparent and answered with your truth I just want to say that in itself is progress and means you're at a great place to either begin healing or continue to work on it. Some people can't even admit that they haven't. I want to encourage you on today that no matter where you are in the healing process, God has not forgotten about you. We are all different and He works within us in different ways at times and obviously we all heal at a different pace. Please be patient with yourself. What I didn't like is to hear some of you say you "never will". I beg to differ because I once said I would not either, that I could not but that negative talk kept me exactly where I was. I will never tell you all things are one way when they're not. Some of the things I've healed from took YEARS. Like actually a long length of them and sometimes I still have certain thoughts that come to mind but instead of keeping me down they now remind me of my progress and God's power. Don't give up on yourself because God hasn't given up on you. Instead be encouraged to keep pushing. I wrote my book to help encourage this world of women so I encourage you all to check @this_isnt_it_ out on Amazon, the link is in my bio. Sending you all love and good vibes. #ThisIsntIt ❤️

Let's be honest, are you healed?

This warmed my heart. If you haven't already check out my book @this_isnt_it_ available right now on Amazon. Thank you so much again @capturemeliston 😊. #Repost @capturemeliston with @repostapp
I will not admit how long I had this book and did not open it at all!!😬🤦🏽‍♀️. I was not ready for Curtrice Williams to tell me about my worth as a woman and to always keep God by your side through the good&bad. From the beginning to end of "THIS ISN'T IT", this empowering book reminds me that with or without a man, financial problems, letting go of friends that you outgrow or not dealing with toxic relationships, I WILL ALWAYS BE "THAT QUEEN" no matter what. Surround yourself with people that want to see you shine. Stay loyal to those people who will support you in your darkest moments. Thank you @gentlewomenhood and my God shower many blessings upon you. We need more women supporting one another . #queens #womenempowerment #womensupprtingoneanother #THISISNTIT #inspired

Ever. There's plenty of room for us all to shine ✨. Tag some of your favorite ladies and encourage them to keep shining. I'll start! Tap the photo to see. ❤️

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