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Curtrice L. Williams  I have a great passion to encourage & inspire. "This Isn't It: Reviving the Woman Within" available via Amazon. Downloadable on Kindle, Nook & iBook.


Today I sat in church and fought back tears until I had to just let them fall. I’m in awe at just how much God cares. This year He allowed me to see some wounds for what they are, He made me realize that I still have healing to do when it comes to certain things and growing to do overall as a woman, He’s pointing out the areas and guiding me on this journey. At times I’ve said some things from my mouth that I never should have. Negative thoughts are never healthy. I read something recently that said “Are you going to boss up or cry about it?” Followed by “First of all I’m going to do both.” My truth is BOTH. Sometimes you’re crying because it’s hard or it hurts, but you know with everything in you that you’re not giving up, those tears are of strength and determination. This woman you see above hasn’t always been the most confident, but with time and God’s loving hand I’m positive that everything is purposeful and I’m going to use this to continue to walk in my purpose and help others. Transparency is something I’m falling in love with as the days go by. I look forward to sharing more with you all. I realized that I was pouring and needed to pump my brakes and allow myself to be filled. I’ve dropped the ball in that area and been stumbling with it for a while. Make sure you take the time to be filled or you’ll lose focus, you’ll feel drained an un-empowered. To all of you encouragers, seek encouragement. I was reminded that more of my time needed to be filled with things that uplift and teach. This has all been a beautiful journey. Being blessed with this platform, sharing my writing, thoughts, and feelings with you, pouring my heart into a book (@this_isnt_it_). Beautiful things are ahead and I appreciate each of you who have stuck around for more. THIS ISN’T IT! I’m currently “Reviving the Woman Within”, it’s nothing you do once, it’s something you do again and again because you know your worth and you know better so you desire to do better. Listen, don’t give up on God because He won’t give up on you. He loves you dearly and wants what’s best for you more than anyone. Thank you for that profound message today @van_moody7! Btw, we got snow in Birmingham, AL! ❄

❤️ Imagine...Be Encouraged! @this_isnt_it_ available now on Amazon.com for signed copies contact me via DM 📕 #ThisIsntIt

❄️‘Tis the season’ to ‘Revive the Woman Within’ ❄️ Signed copies of @this_isnt_it_ “This Isn’t It: Reviving the Woman Within” are available now, give the gift of inspiration and encouragement, DM me for details. 🎄☕️📕

From my book, to the heart of all of the mothers out there, be encouraged. I don’t know your story but I do know that every day isn’t easy, I know that sometimes you get tired, you may feel defeated, you question things, you worry. Sometimes you may feel like you’re doing it all wrong. I just want to encourage you because no matter what difficulties may arise during this journey I know you LOVE your kids and want what’s best for them, so continue being strong, resilient and striving towards being better daily. Mothers you gifts to this world. #ThisIsntIt ❤️ Tis The Season to ‘Revive The Woman Within’, I have signed copies of “This Isn’t It” ready to be shipped out for the holidays 🎄. DM me for more details, books will be shipped out weekly! 📕 #ThisIsntIt

Happy Monday to you all. Discouragement is real, setbacks are real but YOU have to make a decision. What will it be? ❤️

🙌🏾 @iamhe.simple. Hard to say you appreciate the things that may hurt or are very uncomfortable but if you can wrap your head around the bigger picture it’ll make it easy to not only say but truly appreciate. I don’t know about you all but right now I’m saying “I need it for who I’m becoming.” ❤️ #ThisIsntIt

It’s beautiful. ❤️

@iamhe.simple THANK YOU for this! This is golden. I hope it encourages everyone reading who needs this on my page as it did on yours. Continue to let God use you!

🗣 not much else to say after all of that other than be encouraged. #ThisIsntIt ❤️

A very Happy Sunday to you all. @blackcitygirl_ blessed me with this one and I hope it blesses you all. If you’re not currently following them, add them to your TL @blackcitygirl_ @blackcitygirl_ . Read this, take it in and be encouraged. #ThisIsntIt

Shouldn’t. But unfortunately sometimes it does. Unfortunately it hurts, but life will let you see how people truly feel and when they show you, believe them. Just don’t allow it to change you in a negative way. Remain loyal ❤️

Good morning, may the sun shine brightly on you today. There are so many beautiful sights to see in this world, so many beautiful moments to experience. There’s nothing like a beautiful sun rise. Be encouraged on today. Know that you matter, you’re enough, you’re blessed if you’re reading this. Touch your chest, that beat is purpose, walk in it. ❤️

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