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ᴴᴼᴹᴱ ᴮᴬˢᴱᴰ  ᴮᴿᴬᴺᴷᴼᴮᴬᴮᴵᶜ ᴾᴴᴵᴮᴿᴼᵂˢ ᴬᴿᵀᴵˢᵀ ᴷᴼᴿᴱᴬ ᴹᴱᴵᴸᴸᴱᵁᴿ ᶜᴱᴿᵀᴵᶠᴵᴱᴰ 🌿ᴴᴵᴳᴴ ᵟᵁᴬᴸᴵᵀᵞ ᴾᴵᴳᴹᴱᴺᵀ ᴱᵞᴱᴮᴿᴼᵂ | ᴴᴬᴵᴿᴸᴵᴺᴱ | ᴱᵞᴱᴸᴬˢᴴ

Dear GC Lovers 🌵, With effect from 14th July 2018, we will be relocating to 7500A Beach Road, The Plaza. This time in a much bigger space and a brand new concept. Looking forward to see you guys in our new space!
Fin with 💖,
Gentle Cactus

“Love hurts but this won’t.”

We all have a favorite eyebrow.

Healed after one session before minor touch up.

Healed after one session before minor touch up.

Give your lashes a break, try Lash Lift instead!

“I’m lost in those soft brows”

“When I was little, I never thought eyebrows would be this important.”

The stars are nothing compared to your eyes.

The happier you are, the more beautiful you become! :)

We all have our favorite kinda brows.

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