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Gensler New York  A window into our office, projects and culture.

The staircase running through the center of our New York office brings energy and activity into the space by connecting the workplace to amenities, meeting spaces, and the Design Center. 📸: @garowland #design #interiordesign #nyc

The Hudson River Trading office in 4WTC features a massive bleacher stair offering vertical connectivity. Since the bleacher occurs directly over the building’s main electrical equipment rooms, it was not possible to support the slab from below. The team coordinated size, location, and orientation of the bleacher to leverage existing shear walls below and formed a stick-built steel truss that cantilevered from two connection points up to the slab level above. 📸: @garowland #architecture #interiordesign #nyc #wtc

Interconnecting stairs serve to physically and visually activate the workplace. The three-story staircases at L’Oreal create a sense of connectivity and community among the more than 30 brands housed in their headquarters at 10 Hudson Yards. 📸: @garowland #design #interiordesign #hudsonyards #nyc

adidas NYC received an Honorable Mention in the 2018 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards in the Retail Environments category. The flagship store creates an immersive shopping experience through the stadium concept that takes the customer through the athlete's journey as they shop. Link in bio for the full story! #design #interiordesign #retail Photography: (c) Dirk Tacke, courtesy of adidas

Delos received an Honorable Mention in the 2018 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards in the Graphic Design & Data Visualization category. The project features two digital interactive screens - one that tracks movement on the staircase and another that displays wellness statistics of the Delos office and WELL certified projects across the globe. Link in bio for the story! 📸: @robertdeitchler #design #interiordesign #digitaldesign #datavisualization

We're excited to announce that the Etsy headquarters was honored with a 2018 Global Architecture & Design award in the Interior, Corporate (Built) category. The project was recognized for its outstanding accomplishments in sustainable design. Link in bio for the full story! 📸: @garowland #design #interiordesign #Brooklyn #sustainability

BH Kitchen & Bar’s rebranded space has several emblazoned quotes throughout the interior, each punctuated by 3D-printed “burger people” figurines. Placed strategically throughout the space, the playful statues bring added personality within the dining, takeout, and restroom areas. 📸: @cwl5579 #design #interiordesign #nyc

The upstairs dining area at BH Kitchen & Bar features herringbone oak floors, textured grey wall tile, and a marble and steel wine display, creating an upscale ambience. Guests are invited to view the streetscape from the two-story glass facade. 📸: @cwl5579 #design #interiordesign #nyc

BH Kitchen & Bar’s redesigned restaurant in Midtown East includes a Carrera marble bar that is complemented by wood and leather stools, glass globe pendant lighting, and blackened steel shelves with framed antique mirrors. Equipped with coat hooks, charging outlets, and screens for live sports games, the bar and dining spaces exude both energy and sophistication. 📸: @cwl5579 #design #interiordesign #nyc

EITC features a 10,000-square-foot event and terrace space on the top floor, allowing the organization to host functions with current and retired union members. 📸: @cwl5579 #architecture #design #education

The new EITC building offers cutting-edge classroom and laboratory spaces that provide elite electrical training for members. The space is designed with a utilitarian, industrial aesthetic and a minimal color palette of yellow and blue accents—the fabled colors of electricity. 📸: @cwl5579 #architecture #design #education

The new Electrical Industry Training Center (EITC) for the Educational and Cultural Trust Fund of the Electrical Industry is a centralized academic facility in Long Island City that is dedicated to the hands-on training and enrichment of past, present, and future electrical industry workers. 📸: @paulriveraphotography #architecture #design #education

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