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it isn't every day that you meet a group of people that prove to me that age is NOTHING compared to the willingness to learn & teachable moments welcomed with open arms. This group continues to inspire me to grow. They have sparked an urgency in my soul to know Jesus more. Old(er) or young, the lessons we are trying to learn are the same. We want to love more like Jesus. We want to walk more like Him every day. As we sift thru the simplest of thoughts, we defeat the enemy one day at a time, one LIE at a time! We empower one another, encourage one another, keep each other accountable, & challenge each other to #HANDITOVER! With all the love in our little army, this may be the #BestEGroupEver!
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I was a little skeptical at first, but sometimes you just gotta find a way to make it happen! MA DUDES!!!! THESE ARE #GLUTENFREE ANNNND #VEGAN ANNNNND in my opinion, they may taste even better than our regular gluten free #donuts!!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED? How are these so good???? #specialorder #glutenfreevegan #veganglutenfree

• C H E C K
your S O U R C E •
When Y O U think
Y O U are not enough,
remember that H E is
more than enough,
C H R I S T is in Y O U, &
Y O U are E N O U G H.

aaahhh #PUNCHIT <3 ok ok, that #pun was not the best, but 😂 #DOUGHnt ya know, I LOVE my job?! Hahaha - ok, that's better 😂 #boomdone👊🏽

"Shadows look a lot scarier than they actually are. Just like the enemy, shadows can't touch you! Don't let that fear stop you." - @kaelyntompkins
This past week, I've been challenging myself to write down a lot of the chatter that goes thru my head. I have realized that there are details that have been so hidden away that I didn't even know that's what I thought of myself! Lemme tell you somethin - YOU CAN'T CONFRONT WHAT YOU DONT KNOW! Seeing all those thoughts and words written on a page and then taking it a step further and reading them out loud, I was able to declare that all these are lies! If I know what my God knows of me and believes of me, I KNOW that these are all lies. Since I know God is a GOOD, good God, I KNOW that He would NEVER think these things of His child that He created. However, it was not until I revealed what I was allowing the enemy to get me to believe that I was able to confront it all and declare that HE IS WRONG! God knows who I am. Therefore, I should know who I am & that who I am becoming is EXACTLY who He wants me to be.
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killin the game!! #🍩

this brand.
this duuuuude. 🔥
keep doin big thangs
man! #LivePurposeful
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easily one of the best places I've worked 💛

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