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Inside the Golden Gates

#kyiv #ukraine #goldengates

The Golden Gates of Kyiv (XI century). Одно время я зачитывалась книгами Валентина Иванова, Льва Гумилева и пр. авторами про историю Руси и особенно интересно мне было читать про Ярослава Мудрого. Кто бы мне тогда сказал, что мне доведётся побывать на таких исторических местах😀
#kyiv #goldengates #ukraine

It was my first visit to the Catholic church and it's so beautiful and impressive I must say!
Первый раз я посетила католическую церковь. Должна сказать, зрелище очень впечатляющее!
#Kyiv #cathedral

Several photos of #Burshtyn and a piece of my favourite song "Хрест Іспокон" from the latest album. I liked their performance especially because of the frontman's charismaticness😊

#holydeathoverkiev #blackmetal

The most exciting moment was the meeting with musicians, what I've waited for a long time. Helga (@ginnungaseidr) & Erik (@ginnungagaldr669) are very friendly and nice people! Obviously the quality of photo is terrible, but I don't care because I'm just very happy that I could meet them))
On the second picture is the drummer Arthur and on the third picture is the bass guitarist One Thorns)

#kroda #helcarpathianblackmetal #blackmetal #holydeathoverkiev

Selbstwelt III: Довгий​-​довгий Самотній Шлях (A Long Alone Pathway)
Довгий-довгий шлях, та ніхто не йде навстріч!
Довгий-довгий шлях… Лише осіння ніч!

#Kroda #helcarpathianblackmetal #blackmetal #pagan #holydeathoverkiev

One of my favourite band "Kroda" released a new album recently and performed it on the stage on these weekend. Notwithstanding that I was completely exhausted I was absolutely delighted to hear new songs! Thanks to all members of the band for your awesome music and the magnificent performance!
#Kroda #helcarpathianblackmetal #blackmetal #holydeathoverkiev

Finally we arrived home after our two-day trip at Kyiv. The main reason of it was visiting "Holy Death Over Kyiv V". It was a gorgeous gig. A little bit later I'm going to post some pictures and tell more about the concert:) #Kyiv #kroda #helcarpathianblackmetal #blackmetal #catherdral #gothic #gothicchurch

I'm coming 👻

I can't stop listen to it! The amazing album, now it's my favourite one) So melodic, so atmospheric, so epic! I can't find any suitable words to describe my feelings! Thanks guys for your great work!
#kroda #helcarpathianblackmetal #selbstwelt

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