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I’ll never get tired of seeing progress posts. I try to repost all I can, lemme know if you have a success story. @psychgirl5 truly knows the measure of success doesn’t show on the scales, it shows in your clothes and the way you feel!! Keep it up girl!!!
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When you've only lost 3lbs yet jeans that didn't fit 3 weeks ago now do so comfortably, you know being back in the gym regularly is doing its job. This felt good after my weekly weigh-in. The scale is a good tool to track progress but it is not the only one nor, for me, the most important. How I physically feel ranks #1, & that has improved drastically. Also how my clothes fit, which would go hand in hand with why so many experts tell you to measure yourself (I don't do this, but I probably should). I hear a lot of people say "I want to lose 25lbs" or "I want to weigh 140" & hey, to each his own. My goal weight is whatever the scale says when I feel my absolute best. 🤷‍♀️

Never know what others are going through. We have a great sanctuary of iron that allows us to connect with people and take our frustrations on the weights. Sometimes a quick “hey, how ya doin today?” can make a huge difference in the life of others. I challenge you all this week, say hello to someone you don’t know. Never know, may find a new friend!! #genesisstrengthandfamily #genesisstrengthandfitness #justathought #saywhatsup #makeadifference

What’s she gonna do to you next??? @noranation15 is always changing the game and getting huge results from her clients!!! Come see us!!! #genesisstrengthandfamily #genesisstrengthandfitness #Repost @noranation15 with @get_repost
Shirts are in! If you got in on the first order, I got you boo 💪🏼

Strong, confident woman right here!! @marissa_oliver always puts in the work and it shows also in her dedication to her clients. She definitely gets a return on her time investment with her clients. #genesisstrengthandfamily #genesisstrengthandfitness #Repost @marissa_oliver with @get_repost
6:00 p.m. tonight 👉🏽Let’s lift things up & put them back down •

Women’s Strength & Conditioning 🏋🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
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20 pounds down since March. Her caption says it all!! #genesisstrengthandfamily #genesisstrengthandfitness @hulkmg75 #Repost @lacydtattoos with @get_repost
Working out has given me a whole new level of confidence #bulletprooffitness #boldandbeautiful #selfie #girlswithtattoos

Just wanted to let everyone know the schedule for this weeks punishment. Thanks @noranation15 !!! Hit us up!!! This class is FREE with membership. You won’t be disappointed!! #genesisstrengthandfamily #genesisstrengthandfitness #hurtssogood #shewillkickyourbutt #youllthankherforit

Fitness isn’t a quick fix. It’s a journey. Not gonna happen overnight. Super proud of the work @chasityloy has put in! Keep@it up, girl!!!
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Coming on down. She still fighting and winning. No tricks, no gimmicks..just staying focused and working hard. When she fights I fight harder with her. Week by week I'm right there. We are just going to keep moving forward. 💪🏾
Great job @chasityloy #countrystrong #fightingstronger #iwillfightforyou #bulletprooffitness #genesisstrenghtandfitness

Don’t hate. This is effective immediately. Sorry guys, just following the rules. #genesisstrengthandfamily #genesisstrengthandfitness #dangtaxes

First pic is the @genesisstrength270 fam showin their support for #elliesfight at#operationheartbeat this past Saturday. The second pic shows everyone that attended. If that doesn’t say support, I dunno what does!! Thank you to everyone!!!! #twogymsonecommunity #littlegirlbigheart #genesisstrengthandfamily #genesisstrengthandfitness @relentless.gym

Huge thank you to @hulkmg75 and @noranation15 and @marissa_oliver For the support not only at the lift, but daily in the gym. These trainers continue to bring new levels of training to #genesisstrengthandfitness and always keep us on our toes. Thank you for the continued support. Wish you coulda been there Marissa!! #twogymsonecommunity #littlegirlbigheart #elliesfight #genesisstrengthandfamily #trainersgettinitdone #changinglives #liftingupothers #imtallerbutsmaller

It’s tomorrow!!!! #operationheartbeat is here!!! We are ready to go to war for #elliesfight and pump some iron!!! Gonna be amazing @relentless.gym with @genesisstrength270 in the house too. Come out and support and show love to this little girl!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone!!! Thank you to the sponsors for the banner and the shirts!!! BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR!!! #twogymsonecommunity #littlegirlbigheart #genesisstrengthandfamily #genesisstrengthandfitness #relentlessstrengthgym @chasekarnes @hulkmg75 @noranation15 @marissa_oliver @proinstallzmobilemarine @hendo_fitness_ @texasroadhouse @cowen481 @sergeantschilling @mrmike1992 @sacredinktattoo

SHIRTS ARE DONE!!! If you haven’t paid, please drop money in the black box at the gym with a post it note and your name. #genesisstrengthandfamily #genesisstrengthandfitness #elliesfight #twogymsonecommunity #littlegirlbigheart #liftingupothers

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