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Our first annual J.A.H CULTURAL Festival was a HUGE success. Over 2500 attended the inaugural event celebrating Caribbean-American Heritage month at the Riviera Beach Marina in West Palm Beach Florida. Our vision for this event is to be a destination event that people all over the world would like to attend. JAH FEST 2K19 will be bigger and better.

Guy name Aaron loves Kobe. Became a fan in 98. He thinks Kobe is the next Jordan cause of his playing style. He cops all his jerseys and talks about him all the time. He brags about all the championships he won. In 2003 a guy gets drafted by the name of Lebron James. Aaron thinks Lebron is good but he's no Kobe. 2005 comes around and Bron is being talked about with the elite. Aaron gets frustrated with Lebron hype. Aaron begins to hate Lebron. 2008 hits and Bron is questioning Kobe status as the best player in the world. " Kobe has 3 chips" Aaron says. Kobe is still the best. 81 points. 62 thru quarters. It's all media hype, Aaron says. Aaron begins to vent on Facebook how Wack Lebron is cause he can't win in Cleveland. After hearing the news Lebron leaves Cleveland in 2010 to join Miami and to team up with Wade and Bosh. Aaron says " Lebron is a bitch, can't win in Cleveland. He needs two superstars. Deep inside Aaron knows Bron can possibly win a title in Miami and he can't use that against him. The heat gets to the finals. Lose their first trip and then win the next two. Aaron cries in his room cause Lebron now has 2 titles with 2 finals MVP matching Kobe. Aaron says to himself " I can't use that anymore, now I'll nitpick. Aaron starts to get on Facebook and post on how Lebron rips his shirt, looks for fouls, the way he walk, and what he says. Anybody who defends Lebron on his post he calls them dick riders. Coming home after work his girl asks him " why does he get so offensive when ppl on his page defend Lebron?" Aaron says " cause they dick riders" his girl asks him " what if ppl got on Kobe and you defended him does that make you a Kobe Dick rider? Aaron says " but babe that's different. They just hating. " Aaron baby, you doing the same things that Kobe haters do" his girl tells him. MAN FUCK LEBRON Aaron screams out. Aaron faces turn red and he sits down next to his girl. Aaron apologizes for getting defensive and tells her that he was acting like a female by getting emotional. He confesses his hatred for Lebron. " Babe, I really hate Lebron. How can this guy come in the league and take my favorite's player shine away like that? Kobe was suppose to be m


For all the cultures of the Caribbean and Americas. Celebrating Caribbean American Heritage Month #REPYOURFLAG #REPYOURCULTURE

@tmac213 $10000 basketball tournament

Celebrate Caribbean-American Heritage Month Sunday June 24th at the Riviera Beach Marina with JAH FEST. #REPYOURFLAG #REPYOURCULTURE. PRE-SALE TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW.JAHFEST.EVENTBRITE.COM HOSTED BY @wallybritish and @bookeddiegreen



22 more days till JAH FEST. The Ultimate AMERICAN-CARIBBEAN celebration. Pre-sale tickets at

THIS SATURDAY at EZELL Hester Center in Boynton Beach The David Clowney Celebrity Charity Basketball Game ..Doors open at 7


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