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sundaes are better than fry days

wedding looks of today #MondragonWedding ❤️

macys family❤️

gonna be stuck at work all day, might as well wear a dress

i'm about to get hella deep in this caption bc something just hit me. when i was sent these pictures ((there's more than one, only posting this one- ironically bc i'm hiding my face : keep reading)) all i saw were flaws. i'm super critical about myself, never on others. meaning i'm my own worst critique. instead of seeing things i love about myself, i'm always seeing the things i hate & i never judge others bc that's not my job. but the writing on the wall reminded me that we're all flowers. each flower is unique. each flower is always beautiful. each flower blooms when it's ready. as much as i hate my flaws and imperfections, they make me who i am. and apparently some of y'all like the thins i hate about myself. which is dope. bc then y'all like me for who i am. so moral of the caption, love yourselves y'all. don't forget you're also a flower ❤️
📸: @i.d.k_pics

new face , who dis ?

seatbelts ! so we can be safe .

let's go to the beach each

little dude graduated today 😭🎉

ceviche is the key to my heart

yesterday was filled with a lot of good boys || @i.d.k_pics @ej6_ek_alex @lovh8 @thedr.dirtbag @joekleinkauf

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