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heriBERTo  iii make human music .. iii love Stand Up Comedy .. And iii study at Becker College.. 3D Artist


Almost done with this guy. His name is Oxy.. Took me like a week. I am trying to think of ideas for a cool scene to put him in for the final render. #zbrush #maya #mudbox #SubstancePainter #OXY #3DModeling #CharacterModeling

Shootin some pool ..

Got a chance to work the booth Sunday and showcase our game 'Jaywalker'. It was a huge sucess and I am excited to polish the game with all the feedback we got. #Microsoft #Hololens #PAXEAST2017 #BeckerCollege #Jaywalker #3DArt

Almost got beheaded at PAX EAST haha ..

Come by the Becker booth and check out the game we have been working on .. 'Jaywalker' for the Microsoft Hololens !! #PAXEAST s/o to @lazysausage1420 my fucking homie.

Hahahah her first time using VR...

Doing some rigging homework. Been at it now for like 5 hours now. Super tedious but I'm getting the hang of it... Sort of.. #rigging #maya #characterrigging #humanIK

My little brother Santiago lives in Mexico, wish I could hug him.. I will never have his level of swagger.. Love this lil kid.

I made a demonic bug. Took me a while to figure out the baking process..but i got it done. On to the next project.
I need to stop rushing these things because i lose sleep... Go follow @kevinlyonart for some sick artwork also. He helped me bake this bad boy.
#portfolio #maya #zbrush #SubstancePainter #GameReady #timeforRigging

I am glad to be a part of a game called 'Comet Cats'. I got recruited to be a 3D artist for the game and make props and cool art for this interactive game. You exist in a 3D space where you are able to stack stylistic cats. You can stack them forever. You can play it on iTunes and iOS so go check it out!! Or don't.. Its really up to you. #MassDigi #BeckerCollege #VideoGameArt #Unity #Maya #CometCats

Our game 'JayWalker ' is going to PAX EAST.
Come by and play test our game. It is for the Microsoft Hololens and we could use some feedback.
Mixed reality is really cool.
#Hololens #PAXEAST #JayWalker

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