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The Generation Why Podcast  Aaron & Justin, discuss theories and share their opinions on unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries, & true crime.


Next on Generation Why Podcast: The Circleville Letter Writer. Letters were first mailed out in 1976 accusing a bus driver of having an affair with the superintendent of schools. At first she simply ignored them. Then letters were mailed to her husband. The threats from the anonymous writer prompted the woman and her husband, as well as a few other people, to mail letters to the person they suspected of being responsible, but the letters and threats only stopped for a few weeks. In 1976, Ron Gillespie, gun in hand, rushed out of his house after receiving a phone call. His truck would be found just down the road crashed into a tree and he was dead behind the wheel. His gun had been fired once, but it could not be determined why. In 1983 his wife Mary, the bus driver, removed a sign that had a box attached on her route that seemed to be from the mysterious letter writer. Once home she took it apart and discovered that it was a booby trap. A gun was set to go off if tampered with. An arrest was made soon after. Was it the letter writer?

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Credit to @armourtheater : Next Friday join @generationwhypodcast for a live show at 7pm as they discuss serial killers and their influence on horror. Tickets are only $12!
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Justin & I had some photos taken of us outdoors this past weekend and it was really cold outside then. This morning it was so cold out I wonder why we even complained in the first place. How cold is it where you are?

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October 23, 1989. Boston, Massachusetts. A man and his wife pull up to a stoplight. Just minutes earlier they had left a hospital after attending a birthing class. Things were looking up for them. They were financially well off and expecting their first child. But, according to the husband, they were intercepted at the stoplight by a robber who decided to shoot them before leaving. The husband was Charles Stuart who called police on his car phone to report the shooting. He had been shot in his side and Carol was shot in the head. As the people of Boston became aware of the incident a rage swelled. Carol Stuart, Charles' wife, died. Weeks later, her child died as well. But police had a description of the killer and they stopped at nothing in their pursuit of justice. After an arrest is made in the case, one of Charles' brothers comes forward with shocking information. Charles Stuart had killed his own wife and shot himself to sell the robbery gone wrong story to the police. Did they arrest the wrong man?
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